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ANAL- my truths.

Do you know in my whole life I have had anal sex with 3 people!. Yes 3! In total! My lover right before I started this industry, a boyfriend I met in the business and a lover who I've been seeing for about 4 years.

Personally for me anal is something I require alot of intimacy for, it is something I need not only alot of notice for but something I need to be completely relaxed and comfortable with my lover for. I find it very deep and passionate but it requires alot of trust & comfortability for me and that is something that takes time to develop.

My profile says I offer ANAL- well I do, but only too those I'm acquainted & certain sizes, for additional fees upfront with 24hr+ notice. I like too be clean and I find many men that ask for this actually think either - I don't eat at all, sit around enemaed & prepared or I'd be okay with not being properly prepared 😳.

In most circumstances when it comes to my tight booty hole so many just wouldn't feel comfortable for me😬.

Maybe that's been a good thing as those 3 people in my life that have been in my booty hole are probably the people I have had strongest bonds too.. maybe that's why I let them in my booty hole, or maybe it was my booty hole that made the bonds 😳😬 lol.

Even years later I still miss my booty lovers it's a special bond for me that only those with a glass slipper size can attempt. I crave them so yes it's a great feeling when it's with someone you trust and that is the right size for your body. But I crave them everywhere too and possibly it's the passion and trust I had in them caring for my body.

People make so many presumptions in life and so many about people in my industry. Just as being a non drinker, non smoker, non partier fluffs up peoples tails and makes their eyebrows reach for the ceiling - so does my very exclusive booty hole entry list.

Outside of my career I've only had long term relationships. I haven't ever used tinder etc ever.

Stereotypes are sad things and honestly never make presumptions about anyone.

Read, Ask, listen, learn your interactions with those you meet and how they view you will be enhanced in a very positive way.

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