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  Policies & Information 

Sunshine Coast Escort Armarni Bulkani has specific Terms & Conditions as well as policies. It is recommend you become familiar with such 

Policies, Terms & Condtitions & Laws

Respect Policy

Armarni Bulkani's Respect Policy
Armarni has the right to say no, to any activity or situation that may occur just like any other human being involved in a intimate setting. The right to terminate the booking, arrangement, phone call or contact is within Armarni's human rights if she feels threatened, intimidated or in danger at any point of the booking she has the right to terminate booking and will contact security personnel or law enforcement if necessary.
​Armarni's services are operated on the fact she is being paid- if under some circumstance Armarni has not been compensated the agreed upon amount or a incident occurs where the amount owed has been tampered with, or fraudulent funds have been provided Armarni has the legal rights to pursue legal action and will do so where necessary. While this occurrence is rare this is a warning for those who do prey on women within the companion industry providing fake receipts, counterfeit notes, charge backs or simply theft Armarni will not tolerate such acts and will follow up with all means necessary and to the full extent of the law. Please keep in mind that consent is based upon compensation.
Consent can be withdrawn if respect is not given to health regulations, such as failure to pass a visual health check Armarni will not undertake any services with someone presenting symptoms of STD or STI as outlined in the Health Policy. Armarni's health and well-being are to be Respected at all times if she says something hurts or is uncomfortable it is to be ceased immediately- treat Armarni with the same Respect you wish to be shown.
Armarni is a non drinker, non drug user, non smoker, non gambler and asks you respect her choices and her decline of offers it is your responsibility to view and understand these things prior to arranging a booking and she will not be coerced or pressured into such acts- if Respect is not given and there is an amount of pressure and begging that becomes a hindrance to Armarni's mental well-being or temper a warning will be given then complete termination of booking. Most gentlemen love this about Armarni because they read, sadly many others have to be constantly informed she does not like offers of these things and feels it is quiet discriminatory, rude and degrading to constantly try to pressure these substances or activities.
The same goes to the refusal of Natural Services- not only is it illegal for her to perform and for you to ask it is also extremely dangerous and shows disregard of her health, as well as your own- Armarni Respects the gentlemen she sees, and asks the same from them.
Armarni does her best to always ensure only a positive mental, emotional and physical impact is made on gentlemen she meets with she asks for the same Respect and consideration from gentlemen she engages with.
by following the Health Policy, Privacy Policy, Law, Deposit Policy, Cancellation Policy, Discretion Policy, Content Policy, Phone Consultation/ Communication Policy. Both Armarni, clients and potential clients can have peace of mind and a more clear understanding of what is acceptable.

Health Policy

Armarni Bulkani has a Health Policy in place to protect her health and well being, as well as the Gentlemen she engages with.
Prior to engaging in any intimate settings Armarni does preform a visual health check as per Queensland Health and also to ensure her own safety and that of other gentlemen she engages with- Most gentlemen appreciate and understand this is for all parties safety.
Prophylactics are worn for all intimate activities- this is due to state legislation and also due to Armarni's personal choice. Her health is of uttermost importance to her and she will not negotiate this policy.
As per mentioned in the Respect Policy consent is only given with the compensation being provided- Consent is only given for safe services and consent can be withdrawn due to failure to pass health check, and any tampering of prophylactics- the attempt of secretly removing these items and engaging without proper verbal extent is as you would imagine rape- men have been prosecuted for 'sleething' and any attempts to do so with Armarni will be followed up with all correct legal actions.
In most circumstances none of the policies have to be mentioned to Gentlemen engaging with Armarni as she attracts many well mannered, educated and sympathetic gentlemen who have a genuine care for her needs, health and safety. However it is to be mentioned to inform those who seek ulterior motives that these practices will not be tolerated by this companion and law enforcement will be engaged.
Armarni does get routine Sexual health checks done every 2-3 months she possesses a Sexual Health Certificate and encourages all gentlemen to check their sexual health regularly- there are many free and discreet clinics available in Australia with the ability to keep all testing anonymous from other health and hospital records ensuring your privacy- Many men neglect their sexual health and Armarni urges all gentlemen to care for themselves better and enjoys seeing her Clients health certificate too as it is nice to see men respecting their bodies and hers by being checked regularly. Peace of mind.
CV19 questions or a questionnaire is asked prior to a booking during current times- if any changes to your health occur within two weeks you will be required to provide updates and so will Armarni to you. This can be done via discreet email or via SMS when completing your form you will be asked to supply how you wish to receive communications and verify the email address.
Armarni always has operated on a no illness policy- so if you have cold/flu symptoms or feeling unwell you need to inform Armarni prior to arriving at your booking. It is unacceptable to arrive with sniffles, cough or fever symptoms particularly in recent times

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy and information is Important to Armarni- she will never provide your information to third parties and does not engage in the sharing of phone numbers on social media. Your name, identity, address and personal details are always protected and not talked about with any other parties or members of the industry. Armarni does not engage in gossip or sharing of personal details of dates. Before ever posting dinner dates or social event photos she will ensure the photo is suitable to your standard, you agree no personal objects or identifying features are in the image and complete consent is gained. Your privacy is important to Armarni and she asks the same. Armarni will not engage talk about you on forums or posts and she asks for the same respect and our intimate time be kept soley between us.
Discretion policy is combined in the Privacy Policy and Armarni asks you always uphold the Discretion policy especially in public, Armarni too has a personal life separated from her career Armarni will never approach you in public, or on your personal social media accounts without consent or permission- She asks from you the same- if you see Armarni in public continue on your way, if you stumble on her real social account continue on your way- do not try to add or engage with Armarni as it is likely she will not feel comfortable with you after this event and terminate any professional relationships with you.
Stalking is taken seriously, Armarni's Privacy is important and so is yours- please respect her boundaries as she respects yours.

Content Policy

All of Armarni's Intellectual and Visual content is protected via Copyright- in the event of unauthorized sharing or reproduction of any of her content Armarni will engage the rights within her Copyrights and pursue legal advise and action. This also includes the policies listed here- Be unique not a copy.
Unfortunately some gentlemen need to be reminded of the consent involved when filming and that production and sharing of unauthorized pornographic content is a crime. If you are caught recording a meeting with Armarni, taking non-consensual pictures or videos or sharing those agreed upon without consent (that would never be given without a written contract) Armarni will take legal action and as it is a crime those involved would face prosecution. Armarni is cultured- she does not have an only fans account or offer any of those forms of services due to concerns of her privacy- Please ensure you abide by the law and remember Armarni will not be subjected to this form of treatment.

The Law

The law within Queensland prohibits me from stating or listing all inclusions in my services. The law in Queensland also states prophylactics be used during all activities making it illegal to offer or ask without. While this form of occupation is legalized, taxed and recognized by the government there are many grey areas in the industry. Within my state it is legal to be an independent escort (which I am) however it is illegal to be in an agency, have a receptionist or manager. In calls can be more difficult in Queensland as hotels and real estates can discriminate against people in this industry and unfortunately some do. In saying this discretion is extremely important, not using names in lobbies, intercoms or in the hall are always thoughtful and appreciated, no one needs to know about what we will be getting up to other than us. For Outcalls you have nothing to worry about, you are ordering a service- completely legalized and you are not able to be discriminated against.

Deposit Policy

All bookings made with Armarni Bulkani require a deposit of a percentage of the booking total- this covers business expenses such as travel, accommodation to host, preparation time and also allocation of time. Armarni's time is extremely valuable and to ensure it is not wasted due to gentlemen getting cold feet, not prioritizing their scheduled time with her, prank bookings or a week full of cancellations resulting in a loss- Armarni a professional companion- like any other smart successful service based business requires a deposit for her services.
Deposits are paid via several different options- via Beem it app, Smart ATM card-less deposit or other means of instant transfers. The key being instant- Armarni does require the deposit to be cleared prior to arranging a hosting location, prior to getting ready for a date or making travel arrangements. Sadly due to the ill nature of some people in our society receipts cannot be trusted.
Armarni understands some gentlemen get concerned and worried about depositing money to someone they have not yet met. I understand this and there are many options available for gentlemen who do not wish to deposit but Armarni is not one of them- Armarni has been in the Adult Industry for 5 years now- she knows how it works and has over the past year or two implemented a no deposit no booking policy- She feels safer during bookings, has had 0 problem clientele, 0 no shows, and very few cancellations. Armarni is flexible and understanding, she knows there is traffic and that things happen she does not work back to back and has rates that reflects this, although she does not allow her time to be wasted she is not going to penalize you for being 10 minutes late- a simple message to let me know your in traffic is suffice.
Fly me to you is non refundable unless Armarni has to cancel which 100% of the total is refunded as travel costs money and also requires deposits or upfront payment. General bookings depends on the time frame and whether the accommodation has been booked and how much time is available for Armarni to arrange another booking to take your place. In the instance enough notice is supplied a partial or full refund maybe offered or a partial credit to a booking at a future date. If Armarni has to cancel for any reason 100% of the deposit will be refunded.

Cancellation Policy

Timing is Key when it comes to cancellation or rescheduling our meeting- Armarni is a very generous companion but she is also business minded in her approach to having her time wasted. Armarni's exclusivity allows for slight changes in schedules such as traffic problems etc but in the case of complete cancellation generally the deposit is fore-fitted unless ample time is given (more than 48 hours) and no prepayments for accommodation or travel has taken place.

VIP Policy

The nature of VIP arrangements are more intimate- the terms are for the paid period, if terms need to be changed they can be altered for the next payment period and additional bookings and extensions can be applied separately. If you need to cancel your arrangement please inform as soon as possible so the next payment schedule can be cancelled. You may either use the remainder of your bookings or fore fit them.
In the event Armarni needs to cancel the arrangement she will inform as soon as possible, she will partially refund (all unused dates). If Armarni falls ill or is unable to provide the dates agreed upon due to personal commitments etc you have the option to either reschedule dates for a time that is convenient for both of you or for when she is recovered. or to have the value dates deducted from the total of the next payment cycle. The date's can also be added to the 'Date Bank' in the event of extension request, or an additional date is requested within a payment cycle it can be done without the need of additional compensation by using a date from the 'Date Bank'
The point of a VIP arrangement is for funds to be paid in advance giving Armarni security in your 'relationship' as essentially that is what an arrangement signifies an agreed upon relationship- different from a romantic relationship as Armarni is not seeking marriage, a home or children within the relationship- she is being upfront in saying she seeks a certain amount of compensation for her efforts in the 'relationship'. A lot less hassles and of course guarantee of intimate time from a professional who knows what they are doing.
The amount owed is determined in the initial draft of the agreement, if this needs to be altered it can be done so after informing Armarni of the alterations needed for the upcoming payment cycle. The amount of time given in the benefits will vary depending on the commitment level of the arrangement, as for the dinner date and intimate time on the 6 monthly arrangement anniversary the amount of time gifted will depend on the commitment and generosity that has been shown.

Discretion Policy

Discretion is extremely important. Never approach Armarni in public, and she will observe the same respect to you. When meeting ensure not to say her name loudly in lobbies, in elevators, at dinner- it is not acceptable to discuss her business on dinner dates to try to limit Armarni feeling uncomfortable that other people may be listening to our conversation. When arriving to incall's please do not use names over the intercom, you never know who is listening and discrimination is legal in Queensland opening doors to being evicted from accommodation without reimbursement of funds. The same discretion also applies upon arrivals, remember the name you are saying very loudly is not the name that the hotel or landlord has, generally silence until you are in the apartment with the door closed is appreciated. In the event of Armarni feeling 'outed' or disrespected after warning she will terminate the date or booking and no future dates will be offered.

Safety & Important Information

Armarni is a Human and the normal human rights apply.
Meaning she has the right to say no to engaging in intimacy with anyone without an explanation of such. She has the right to decline certain acts, positions or anything she feels uncomfortable with.

Violence, Stalking, Blackmail, Harassment, Fraud and robbery are crimes and will not be tolerated.
Armarni does have licensed security personnel that she checks in with upon arrival and prior to extensions, security remains outside of the premises unless duress is raised or there is a concern for her safety.

Health Questions must be answered prior to obtaining a booking and will be asked prior to obtaining a booking- if your health status should change after our booking (up to 2 weeks) please inform me via sms. This is particularly important in times of CV19. Armarni will be doing the same and asks for a discreet email if the sms option is not suitable for you- If in the event Armarni had an important health update she would send a discreet message of 'Health' so you can gain contact for details.

Mouth wash prior to the commencement of booking is a necessity as it helps limit exposure to certain infections. Disposable shot glass and Listerine is supplied for In calls and carried on out calls if you do not have any for personal use.

Armarni carries condoms with her and they are the condoms that need to be used- if you have any allergy or brand preference please include this and your accurate size, or if female internal condoms are preferred and she will purchase prior to our date as it is necessary to ensure proper storage and suppliers to help ensure both your safety.

Phone Consultation Policy

Armarni's time is valuable and in reality that is what she is compensated for- Armarni charges for her phone consultations to ensure that her time is not wasted and offers them as many gentlemen like to ensure her voice and accent. As sadly many were partaking in prolonged questions and heavy breathing all phone calls are compensated upfront- In the event of the consultation leading to a booking the Phone consultation fee of $50 is deducted from your booking fee- After the phone consultation you would pay the deposit amount and when arrived at the booking Armarni will collect the fee minus the deposited amount and minus the phone consultation fee- if your serious about making a booking it works out to be free. If your seeking phone chats Armarni is rightfully compensated.
Armarni also does not engage in free SMS ping-pong- all enquirers are to provide the information needed to make a booking- eg, name, age, location, in/outcall, service type, duration and how you will pay deposit- no deposit= no booking.