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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

What is Included In your Dates?

Welcome to Queensland, lol if only I could give you a straight forward answer however legislation prevents me from doing so even though this profession is legal there are many grey shades within the Laws and Legislation's surrounding the industry.
I can inform you I respect myself, I care about my sexual, physical and mental health and the gentlemen I spend time with as well. In my Passionate Companionship you can expect professional skills and thrills without stress or unnecessary stress on your personal life. I can provide you more direct information on this after you have contacted me via my contact form clarifying your of legal age or via my online Booking System.
Due to legislation though most details are only discussed in person upon meeting. Rest assured I will look after you and inform you of what is and what is not allowed.

Do You See Couples?

Yes, I do see couples- however I am quiet selective of scenario's I will participate in and require a phone call with the lady involved prior. I also do only partake in couple bookings with mature minded people. I do also require both parties details and numbers prior too accepting a date because I do Screen all dates for safety.

Do I need To Pay a Deposit?

I'm Glad you asked this- YES 100% of my bookings for unknown gentlemen or those who tend to be late, or reschedule are now on Deposit only bookings. In this industry gentlemen underestimate the preparation involved- I do not see men everyday, I don't want to be but I do want to try and be in perfect condition and my appearance immaculate for our date- this does take time and preparation although I am always maintained I do prefer to be fresh for dates particularly longer dates so planning is very important. I do not live in Brisbane and drive from Noosa Heads for dates. I also never host at my home- so even if you are seeing me in Noosa or a surrounding suburb i will book accommodation, and I do not really like hotel rooms I prefer nice apartments- talk about over heads. My deposits are to cover these things and to ensure your commitment. If you don't want to pay a deposit you are not looking for a professional companion.

How Do I Pay Deposit?

I have several options for deposit- Beem it app- a discreet app ran by AUS banks that is instant between all banks, free and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. I prefer this as no details are shared between eachother or our banks. Instant transfers may be available for some bank accounts although not preferred as this does not protect your personal information aswell Smart ATM cash deposit- a discreet convenient and instant method you enter the money directly into a smart atm and use a reference code I give you. Easy.

What If I Need To Cancel?

I play this by case scenario- but generally cancellations are made last minute and I have already paid accomodation, got ready- appointments cost $$, started driving and turned away other bookings. Although I am accomadating i do recomened ensuring you try your hardest to keep your scheduled date. I am generally flexible and try to ensure I can work with you to see you at another time but I am a smart business woman. If I needed to cancel due to unforeseen events (hasn't happened but the world has been a different place) I would refund 100% of the deposit either via beem it or via a ATM deposit (which ever is more acceptable). Generally refunds will be done the same day.

What is a Phone Consultation? How/Why Should I Pay?

I had a thought during lockdown because so many gentlemen request a phone call prior to comitting to a booking. Sadly though many gentlemen are not just checking my accent and ensuring I am me- I had ceased all free phone conversations due to privacy while home and also the amount of time wasted on phone calls of heavy breathers was equivalent to an average of half a day- it adds up. Its not convenient either, due to the nature of the business there are times it is completely unsuitable for me to answer certain questions. I offer free SMS and Email correspondent but that also only goes so far before i allocate someone to a time wasters folder. Some people have nothing better to do then message companions with no intentions of ever meeting.
Anyway my solution you can have the phone call where i confirm my accent, you ask me questions and I am compensated for my time- My phone does not accept calls only makes it- After paid for via beem it or via smart atm deposit I will call you at a set time we can have our chat and hopefully schedule our date.
If we do schedule our date the $50 phone consultation fee goes towards your booking fee- you just pay the deposit and on our meet pay the remainder fee minus deposit and phone consultation. So if your serious it costs you nothing. If your not and your wanting to breath down my phone at least I am being compensated for my sexy voice and time. xo

Do You Tour?

I think touring lifestyle suits some, i have pets and a beautiful home on the beach i enjoy being home and I really don't enjoy spending my time in hotels waiting around as I prefer to be fairl exclusive in who I see and in saying so prefer to limit the amount of bookings I have on the same day.
I personally prefer extended dates and my rates do reflect that, while I am aware that some gentlemen cannot make time for extended bookings they are my preference. I travel interstate, within Queensland and even internationally for extended bookings.
I do suggest fly me to you as most tours do not seem worth my expense of being away from home. Melbourne i cannot tour due to not wanting SW on my personal international record- licensing laws are ridiculous and i cannot risk my future.
Although I will not rule out touring completely if I did it would be a short tour- maybe one or two nights and I would need a certain amount of extended bookings to make it worth my while- I just really do prefer quality over quantity

Do You Have VIP Arrangements? If So What are the Incentives?

In this industry you get asked this a lot- I have a VIP program that is nearing towards an arrangement, currently I am taking new applications- this is a business, it is what I am good at and gentlemen I engage with know it. After gentlemen have spent a certain amount of time with me many are seeking to take it to the next 'level' and have a more intense connection. Of course each experience is different with every person and it is tailored to suit their individual needs.
Gentlemen are required to have a certain amount of time available for our arrangement varying how many dates we have within the month scheduled there is different pricing. Some Gentlemen pay their VIP monthly (cheaper) this covers a certain amount of dates within the time frame. Other benefits include a naughty birthday present of an extension of a scheduled date with a special surprise.
I do not go into extreme details with gentlemen I do not know, and even if I know you it is similar to applying for a job you could say- I have a online questionnaire that you answer privately in your own time- I then go through the answers as well as answer questions you may have and draft a 'contract' as such. It's basically to ensure you know what your getting and paying for and I know how much you are paying me and how much you are expecting- it makes things a lot less complicated. For example if you are looking for additional things outside of our agreement or additional meetings we already have a system in place for those things. I also find this method has worked very well for the gentlemen I already have as VIP as there is of course different levels of commitment between some gentlemen and I.
I also do not offer this arrangement to just anyone- So I need to know a man well or have a few extended dates or overnights before I am willing to agree to a certain level of intimacy and commitment between a man.
So if you have seen me a few times and would be interested in trying this form of arrangement I welcome you to contact me via my What's App or SMS and inform me you are interested in my VIP program- Generally if I have seen you more than once this means we get along because if I don't like someone I will not see them again. I require honesty in the application too as it will work out better for the both of us. After you tell me your interested if we are known to each other I will send you through a link to a questionnaire of mine- your results are anonymous no email or phone required once you have answered a few questions and listed some for me I will sit down and work through the information provided, I then will inform you of estimates, inclusions and details- before I write up any agreement to this I generally have a brief phone call to clarify with you a few things and ensure that your happy with the agreement and want to proceed.
I then write up an 'contract' and our pricing structure- I notify you it is ready and then email it to a discreet email account you have provided me on the form.
From here we can then sign and start payment structure- upfront monthly has the best saving, Fortnightly also does and I do have a upfront weekly option also. But VIP programs are about a level of commitment- upfront payment is a part of that and VIP treatment is also a part of that. Then we can have our first most intimate meeting.
If you have not met me before I would suggest an extended date or an overnight to ensure we get along well, If we do and you would like to proceed you can follow the method above after our date has ended.
If I do feel as though I need to know you better first please dont take offence to this I may just need to ensure we are a good fit and sometimes this takes a few meetings to develop that trust.

Is There Anything I should Know Before Booking?

Yes before booking I like to state i preform all safe service. I require deposit for all new clients. All time wasters or rude enquiries are Black listed. Any intentional damage or disregard of my rules requests during a booking will possibly result in legal action. Any scams or non payment of that agreed by will be perused legally.
I preform a visual health check prior to our intimate time if you present with clear symptoms of a sti or std i will refuse service, if you have symptoms or think something is not right see a doctor not me a doctors opinion will cost less and if you have clear symptoms and indicate you have zero respect for me there will be no refund due to your negligence of the law and others health.
Always have additional funds ready incase you seek extension or upgrade. I do not except non instant bank transfers as all transactions must be upfront. I accept cash or beem it for extensions.
Also a friendly reminder all of my images, content and text are under Copy Rights. Please ensure you remember this as I have followed up breaches to this legally.
Discretion is super important to me and also those I spend time with- Please do not approach me in public, I would never do this to gentlemen and I expect the same treatment- if you must let me know you seen me a friendly sms or twitter dm is suffice. xo

CV19- What Has Changed

Due to CV19 all New Suitors must complete a CV19 questionare (electronically, Stored on a secure cloud seperate from contact details- I am super discreet & educated in keeping personal information secure). The questionare asks how you will update me of any changes & what contact methods is best and most convenient for your personal life if the situation was too arise where I needed to preform contact tracing. A number is filled with your completed response. I then attach this too the seperate completed contact form/ booking request. The information is Secure & for the purpose of complying with CV19 legislations. (much more secure than having your contact details laying around on a sheet of paper in an apartment)


I do not engage in Posting phone screen shots of phone numbers etc on social media. Your name, Phone number and information& what happens in a date is secure, kept privately between us- except of course in the event where my safety thas been affected then relivent information would be handed too relevant authorities.

Do You have Reviews?

Yes, I do please see them below. Reviews Due to the nature of this business most reviews are privately between Armarni and her volume of returning happy clients who tend to be cultured business men desiring complete Unanimity for their time together. Armarni does not share text messages to ensure confidentiality. If you do wish to review you are encouraged via the advertising platform above. Any website feedback is appreciated via the contact form. Thank-you Kindly for reviews and feedback, Armarni B xx