The importance of Manners & proper communication when contacting the Curvy Sunshine Coast Escort, Armarni Bulkani is Extremely important. Armarni is  a low volume escort & takes on very few new clientele due to her loyal Gentlemen and her desire to only engage with gentlemen who are well mannered and plan efficiently. 

Booking Etiquette

When Making Contact With Armarni.

Armarni only interacts with gentlemen seeking to actually meet her as a person. SMS or CONTACT FORM only I prefer contact form as I ask all the questions I need answers too IF SMS Introduce yourself with:

  • name
  • age
  • line of work
  • what your seeking (pigish answsers are ignored)
  • How long for and the LOCATION your seeking company
  • Oh you also have to talk like a human- if you seriously just list it off she will ignore, maybe your looking for a fleshlight? lol. Be a gentleman or go elsewhere
Deposit Required FOR EVERYONE NO EXCUSES If your not wanting to pay a Deposit Go away, Armarni and all escorts & companions have the right too feel safe at work. If your into giving bogus names & dont want to pay deposit, Armarni will just end up blocking you. Deposits prefereably via Beem it- takes about 4 mins to set up ran by the big 4 banks & keeps our details secure. Paitience- Armarni Minds her own phone & email As an independant, she does take time to respond as she doesnt answer her phone in company. She doesnt have a phone minder, and she also has little paitence when it comes too improper etiquette. So if your one of those who message 5 sms that could be sent as one sms- I suggest you send everything in one message. In saying that if its 10pm or later & Armarni has never met you she will not respond too you until the next business day if you provide a enquiry of significance, as above. Mostly otheres are ignored. Contact hours 9am-10pm Armarni does not wait around for appointments, she will not be ready to go, if you want Armarni at her best prebook. Armarni is acutally super sweet & funny, Sadly though in particular Queensland seems to have cultivated a culture of men who think escorts are all available now, sit around waiting for their calls all day & have next to zero manners. This lifestyle is not attainable escorts need sleep, exercise, beauty appointments, friend/ framily time- most indipendant escorts are not available 24/7 without any notice Hopefully your not one of those ill mannered men & Armarni can show you why she has a 100% return rate.

Inclusions List & Deluxe

Armarni hates feeling so clinical, is a menu really necessary? Her Passionate Girlfriend I believe speaks for itself of what is inclusive but it can also vary depending on person to person. In Queensland the not so smart state lol, for some odd reason Due to legislation Escorts in QLD cannot inform you here what is included.. and a man asking me for a menu makes me feel like im in a parlor or something, not the feeling or vibe I am going for. I don't offer a 'standard service' I think Being a Passionate Girlfriend should explain the type of connection I create. Some things are not offered without proper oral hygine or personal hygine. Other things like Deluxe Upgrades are only offered when Armarni wishes with who she wishes. The rest of the Date Armarni Preferres to have a open communication if there is something you would like to try ask- you should never just go do something anyway, same as you shouldn't in a real world date- ask if things are okay. You wouldnt appreciate it if Armarni just stuck her finger up your butt (she doens't do this btw) A much easier list Things Armarni Doesnt Do:

  • Rimming on you
  • Strap on/ pegging on you
  • Dominatrix stuff- eg. whipping, ball torture etc (not her thing)
  • Golden Shower on her.
  • Unsafe sex
Things Armarni Doesnt Like
  • Fingering- Most of you have no idea how sensitvie a vagina is- your nails are scratchy- a penis is smooth for a reason. Fingers hurt- Armarni Much preferres other methods of stimulation like external stimulation.
  • Her underarms being licked- expect a mouthful of deoderant & not getting anymore kisses. Ticklish & doesnt like it. She wont lick yours either. haha.
Most other things in person Armarni is willing to discuss, please understand though not everything is offered to everyone. Greece trips need proper notice and are an additional $500 (overnights/ dates see all inclusive fee)

Low Volume Escort?

Armarni works via Appointment only. In honesty Armarni doesnt like to see more than 1 man a day, she enjoys longer dates, and her rates reflect that. Think an hour date is too much $$ do the maths and see the overnight & date fees. That is her preference and it is priced in a way too reflect that.

Reasons Armarni May Cease too Accept bookings from you.

Armarni is pretty straight up and honest but to avoid being put on her list of Gentlemen she will not see again here is a few things she needs you to understand.

  • Possessive behaviour is not tollerated. eg, messaging off multiple numbers pretending to be someone else when she is not responding to you. Asking who she is seeing, where & when she is going specificall (boundaries, my privacy & others- I will never tell you those things & asking concerns me). If it continues after Armarni confronts you & informs you she will not see you again she will inform authorities.
  • Stalking is not tollerated- Armarni will go straight to the police- this includes sharing personal information or addresses on review sites I will report such.
  • Outing- is actually against the law as it can endanger her life she will go to Authorities, do not out an escort especially if you wouldn't like the favour returned.
  • Tampering with Prophylics/ Sleathing- This is hugely illegal & in this profession lands you rape charges- if your into sleathing please understand Armarni uses the full force of the law against those who attempt such acts & well thats if your lucky- you just dont want to go there. You will regret it.
  • Threatening Behaviour- If Armarni feels unsafe around you she will not see you..
  • Black mail- lol all the review board guys trying to get unsafe services & threatening bad reviews we looking at you- (yes this is what these guys do) please be warned Armarni is always 100 steps ahead of you, not only does she not really enjoy the company of said men (best not to tell her your a hobbyest thing lol ) but she has met a few 'respected' members who tried a few things like requesting Natural sex & when refused a tantrum was thrown & a negative review was threatened.. and well lets say, Armarni does have a Russian background & cyber intelligence is a thing. Armarni may look 'dumb' but that's a part of being smart- Don't go there.
  • Keep asking me for free photos/ videos- Photos & videos are paid for, so are phone calls. Respect my Boundaries.

Personal Hygine Before a Meeting

wash properly- with exfoliating mits or scrubbing brush, soap etc you should be scrubbing your whole body, if you go to the toilet you need to return to the shower and do it again. (yes i need to write this as I find culturally here as many men dont do properly). I know if you haven't- if you go to other countries like the ME you will see people dont smell in shops etc its because they wash correctly after the rest room- TP is not sufficent that is meant for drying only... Brush your teeth & Floss an hour or so before our appointment- then Use mouth was provided on arrival. Deoderant- you may not smell it but we can I recomened roll on clinical protect rexona mens. It works well & prevents bad smells, I will not be into a booking if you stink. Trim- keep things tidy there... Wash private areas properly- if you dont I will not see you eeekkk cringing if you have any symptoms of STD or STI- Go to a doctor as I will not see you intimately. We all have google. Guys go to a sexual health clinic, they can keep all your details seperate from your other health records so you can get tested . Do not rely on females to do it for you. I know plenty of 'normal everyday women' who see more men on unprotected 'tinder' outings than i see in safe protected clients in a year. I also know alot of women who think because they are in relationships they don't need to get tested, as its monogamous... and well we all know that's not always the case. Who is to say that she isn't doing the same thing. Get tested. Armarni gets tested, swabs, bloods & visual every 2-3 months & has a sexual health cert. This is not required by private workers in QLD but you will find most girls will carry their cert with them. Heatlh is Paramount. We should all know our status.

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