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Ettiquette with Brisbane Escort Armarni Bulkani

The importance of Manners & proper communication when contacting Brisbane Escort Armarni Bulkani is Extremely important. Armarni is  a highend, low volume escort & takes on very few new clientele due to her loyal Gentlemen and her desire to only engage with gentlemen who are well mannered and plan efficiently.


Hygiene is very important to Armarni, if you are not hygienic & did not follow instructions to have a shower due to lack of respect your booking will be terminated & no refund given- it's just rude & Armarni will not put up with disrespect & disgusting behaviour- she has security & they will handle any further conversations on the matter.  For Incalls Armarni provides a detailed description on how to prepare for a booking printed & laminated for you to follow properly. Simply washing with soap & water is not enough- she supplies fresh washcloths for both the body & face to wet, lather with soap & scrub your body EVERYWHERE- its actually sad how many do not know how to wash themselves properly. Oral hygiene is also very important, listerien + disposable shot glass is supplied & disposable toothbrushes are available.  Deodorant sprays are also asked to be used.


Although it may be hard to realise Escorting is a career and a business- I am sure you do not message your doctor Daily for chats outside of appointments and expect their time for free? Please understand it is the same for Escorts. This does not mean Armarni "doesn't like you" but she respects herself, her professional boundaries & personal energy levels. This career path is a lot more about mental and emotional connection than physical. Armarni loves her own company & solitude so outside of paid interactions she asks that you respect her downtime so she can be refreshed for those whom respect her & pay for her time.  ​ Requests for meetings should be professional (shows respect), containing all necessary information and also not too long winded. Please also refrain from excessive use of pet names.  Everywhere states SMS only - so please ensure that you follow that request SMS should include: name + age + city date & time seeking booking Duration & booking type  Incall/outcall(suburb & accomodation type)/virtual deposit method- Beem it, Osko, Smart ATM cash deposit (note photo ID may be required for cash deposit) Messages without will either receive auto response or none at all- Armarni prefers to see one man a day & will happily accept no bookings than a rude/ disrespectful one. She's sitting pretty x


If a breach of Armarni's Policies occur during/ before the booking the booking will be terminated (without refund) if required security will be engaged if required proceeding with blacklisting. If occurrence is after the booking security will be engaged immediately & blacklisting. If required follow up security interventions or Legal enforcements will be made. Its rare Armarni has to discuss things like this especially with her background it is usual apparent that she knows how to take care of herself and is also well looked after in these affairs when required. Armarni Offers policies on her website for a reason- Please read them x infact the more you read the better. Armarni is sweet & a good girl, but she has a vast life experience & knowledge beyond many in regards to such matters.

Armarni Bulkani
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