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Armarni Bulkani Experience

You will not find another like me, I captivate & create experiences aimed at immersing you in the moment. I like to delve into what someone truly craves, their deepest desires and edge them too a new level of intimacy. I find each person to be different, therefor each experience is different. I connect with people on a much deeper level than the physical, I guide people in more ways than just the intimate. I am incredibly good at what I do, hence why I am so selective on whom I give my sexual energy and attention too. I do not provide a "service" I provide an Experience that is immersive & organic in flow.  If you are wanting to connect deeper, and have a heightened level of sexual chemistry in your sex life we may be a match. My Passion filled with eroticism can be addictive I must warn. ​ Please view Inclusions as Limitations opposed to a checklist. Things are all at my discretion between two consenting adults & is about enjoyment and comfort of both parties. ​ I do not offer lower fees- my minimum fee is already listed~ I recommend pre-booking I am highly sought after & have loyal long term friends- I will soon be ceasing accepting new friends so if wishing to acquaint I suggest Promptly organising a time together.  xx Armarni Bulkani

Pornstar Armarni Bulkani
Brisbane Escort Armarni Bulkani

I come to You

When based in Brisbane Outcalls rarely incur a travel fee as they are my preference when in my home city - however depending on your suburb and if there is parking available at your location a surcharge may be incurred or a minimum fee requirement.

Outcalls to 5 star hotels or tidy residences only-

Environment is very important too me & I cannot provide the same level of WOW in a non suitable environment- I do suggest pre-organising with me an Incall if your space is not tidy & mood..

I will not stay in a messy environment.

Please note my Deposit policy always applies.

I take a minimum of an hour to ready myself to leave- Then travel time. I am never available "now" I show up like my photos I have standards for myself regardless of your eagerness.

Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba & Gold Coast incur travel fee / minimum Duration &  notice. I take a minimum of an hour to ready myself to leave- Then travel time.

You Come to Me

When based in Brisbane Incalls are based in a 5 Star hotel via appointment,

Incall is to be pre-booked - Same Day Incall May incur a fee of $500 (discussed at time of booking)

Usually W Hotel Brisbane , X Hotel Brisbane or Emporium Hotel Brisbane-

Please note my Deposit policy always applies.

Unless I am actively touring (hosting) a minimum of 2hrs notice will apply for incalls- Same day +$500 for rush paid at time of deposit.


I Provide all the essentials for refreshing hygiene & oral hygiene & luxury bath products & soap free products.

Hotel Slippers, robe, refreshments.

There are plenty of Restaurants near by from all locations for any Dinner Date or Overnight dining.

Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Incalls can Be arranged- Depending on Notice & Duration these will likely incur a Fee unless I'm actively Touring.


Touring- When on tour Incalls are preferred & in rare cases I may have same day availability. Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast are some places I tour.

Incall is NON SMOKING- would have to smoke outside or simply book the hotel in your name & have an outcall- I value my relationship with hotels.

Armarni Bulkani
armarni bulkani
Armarni Bulkani.jpg

First Impressions Count

When contacting me please ensure to introduce yourself with your REAL first name, age and what you are seeking.

I find it insulting to my intellect if you use a bogus name & I think you have ill intentions.

I see all ages over 18+ (as long as respect is shown, follow my deposit & contact instructions)

As well as all nationalities- I adore different cultures.

Please note I do not go into details of what my encounters contain- each experience with each individual is different and is at my discretion. I offer an outline of things I do not engage in & encourage you to inform me if there is something in particular you are seeking. At this point in my career I am interested in developing connections with my lovers & engaging with people who want to meet me, not tick off boxes so to say xx.

Deposits are non negotiable please do not bother contacting me if you are not prepared to pay a deposit- my policy will never change & my safety is more important to me than money.

I also find men who try to negotiate those terms rude & non respectful of my safety.

Please ensure you Read my Deposit Policy.

Date & Overnight Policy

On dates and overnights all Meals, activities and bar purchases are to be payable by you, Armarni is a human - she eats and sleeps. Overnights are preferred in 5 star accomodation - Incall's may incur a hosting surcharge- all in calls are non smoking environments due to high end hotel policies, I value my relationships with hotels and do not allow smoking in rooms under my name.

On dates and overnights there will be times I require privacy and time freshen up & my fees are inclusive of my private & freshening up time. Multi-day 24 hour dates are inclusive of 'armarni time' where I will have private time away for freshening, checking in & answering my personal phone, errands (usually an hour) - depending on booking type, I encourage those I am with to perform their errands and phone calls in this time also so we can be focused on each other .

Overnights have minimum of 6 hours undisrupted sleep included. 

Armarni Bulkani.jpg
Brisbane Escort Armarni Bulkani.png


All bookings made with Armarni Bulkani require a deposit of a percentage of the booking total- this covers business expenses such as travel, accommodation to host, preparation time and also allocation of time.

Armarni's time is extremely valuable and to ensure it is not wasted due to gentlemen getting cold feet, not prioritizing their scheduled time with her, prank bookings- Armarni a professional companion- like any other smart successful service based business requires a deposit for her time.

Armarni currently offers 1 appointment a week on a Saturday- So deposit is non- refundable. Holding this time for you means that she has turned away other meetings or going out to dinner with friends etc. She does not entertain flaky time wasters & this ensures that. Deposits are paid via several different options dependant on booking type (see below)- via Beem it app, Smart ATM card-less deposit or other means of instant transfers.

This is for security and safety reasons and a part of the screening process.

Base Deposit Policy

Brisbane Policy- Deposits are non refundable in the event you have to cancel, I am extremely low volume.

In the event that I for some unforeseen reason have to cancel (illness etc) I will refund 100% of the deposit.

Payable by Beem it, Osko (direct Deposit), Smart ATM cash Deposit-

AUS Fly Me/ Drive me To You Deposit Policy

Australia Policy- Deposits are non refundable in the event you have to cancel, I am extremely low volume. Fly me to you Incurs costs of Flights, accomodation & other necessary fees associated with travel. These costs are worked in during the time of deposit & are also forfeited in the event of cancellation to cover the expenses incurred & my time that has been set aside in planning and preparing.

n the event that I for some unforeseen reason have to cancel (illness etc) I will refund 100% of the deposit.

Payable by Beem it, Direct Deposit, Osko, Smart ATM cash Deposit

Deposit Policy

Armarni Bulkani.jpg

Armarni Bulkani is a highend Brisbane Escort, companion and courtesan. Specialising in long term connections. Having experience in Porn, dance and being naturally feminine, caring, loving and attentive armarni will surely make your stay in Brisbane or business trip memorable. Armarni also attends Fly me to you rendevouz Australia wide. Armarni is extremely low volume & is only accepting one meeting a week. Armarni is currently only available Saturdays.

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