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Exclusivity- what is it & why it is so good?

More often than not I meet men who find themselves wanting me all to themselves, they crave the deepest of connections as well as too know they are the only one I am giving my time, energy & sexual chemistry too.

I offer Exclusivity on a monthly basis at a time where a lover can pay a fee upfront for me to close my books for a month- The amount depends on variable factors, like travel involved, the amount of time spent together & the level of connection one is seeking.

I do prefer to base these connections in Brisbane/ Sunshine Coast/ Gold Coast as I do enjoy being home more these days. Some people really do just enjoy the feeling of knowing their relationship with their escort is more exclusive and more intimate than the usual setting.

Do I enjoy exclusivity? - 
Currently yes, I enjoy arrangements and exclusive arrangements because I do enjoy deeper connections. As an escort that is something I struggle more with, I find that I use a lot more emotional and psyche energy in my work as an escort now than I did years ago. The connections I form with people are so much deeper and authentic and not only on a sexual level. Because of this I do find myself a lot more low volume and arrangements do allow me to focus my energy more directly on those whom make a commitment to me and my time so my energy spent feels more appreciated & reciprocated. 

I did go through a stage where I felt like experiencing more, and immersing into more experiences, meeting more people and engaging in more work- possibly this was due to lockdowns and the like as well as seeking to experience more avenues in my industry at that time. In 2022 currently I do feel a desire to limit my engagements to those who deserve my energy, further more than I previously had and focus my passion more exclusively on those I create deeper bonds with.

I am frequently asked about arrangements / exclusivity but however I do not discuss these prior to an overnight / weekend booking as these sort of things do require a larger financial commitment, and also require me to have an even deeper connection with the person. An overnight / weekend is a way to ensure that I am comfortable in your energy and want to pursue things further.

Showing you appreciate my time by not needing to be told that dates/ coffees & social outings are a part of my job & are paid for are also something I need to ensure you understand. See many men think my job is just sex- no my job is making a person extremely comfortable in a short amount of time in an extremely intimate setting. Its making a person comfortable to share their deepest desires, to talk to me about things they cannot talk to their wives or friends about. To provide a safe space where someone can just sit in my energy & feel cared for and like their stress is relieved. Ensuring that a person understands this, that the sex itself is an easy factor of my job that is a lot more in-depth and complex than a lot of people would understand is extremely important to me prior to going into an arrangement.

Probably due to how many men think they are gracing me with offers of taking me to dinner/ coffee etc and think they are above having to 'pay' for a date. No this does not make you 'desperate' it actually shows you value my true profession of providing companionship & appreciate my time.

If someone cannot appreciate and understand this concept I do not think they would be suited to an arrangement as they do not value me as a person, they just value the sex. Which in such a more intimate than a booking setting does not sit well with me. In arrangements its also largely about the social time spent, the communication between meets etc & well I would need to ensure the person understands that it is an effort on my behalf and not only the time spent between the sheets is the time that we share together.

Financially for a majority of the population it is seen as a large sum, but for many its seen as the beginning to something a lot cheaper than marriage, an affair or a divorce and something much deeper with someone who is incredibly skilled in all things seductive. A lot of people these days are becoming more aware of their assets and the commitments they find themselves in, arrangements are ways that many find themselves able to have that level of connection with both parties on the same page. Most who seek these arrangements are well and truly capable of having these connections for "free" in their personal life, but have usually learnt that those ways can be a lot more costly emotionally, mentally and financially and well there is still no guarantee of their sexual needs being catered to.

In my personal opinion arrangements are generally the most healthy relationships you can have- All parties are usually happy & well catered too.

So if you are seeking to ramp things up or feel like possibly you would like a more intimate relationship with me. Arrangements are where they start- I do offer Exclusive arrangements where I shut my escorting & online service books for new appointments- Originally on a monthly basis. Or I do offer arrangements where I do still accept a few appointments within the duration of the arrangement outside of our usual more intimate schedule. Get in touch to organise our Overnight or Weekend together- Please remember first impressions count and that contact should be made appropriately (see contact page) & you should already read my Policies & Deposit policy as those who try to negotiate or more around this (not respecting my right to safety in the work place) immediately loose my respect anyway.

I find generosity very attractive but I find gloating very unattractive there is a tip to impressing me.

Hugs & Kisses Armarni Bulkani


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