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The Slippery Art of Edging

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Too many people try to rush, that is why in so many ways I love to take charge. Laying you down on your back, I know you're already eager and hard. I can see by the look in your eyes and feel with my tongue your penis begging to dance and explode. But I back off and let you control your urge.

I make you so wet with my mouth where its so warm and inviting, letting your imagination drift away about similar places you wish to inhibit. Capturing all the sensuality of every kiss and lick on the tip of your head as I Slide my lips down and the suction intensifies. My tongue teasing you before you feel the back of my throat, the wetness & pace intensifies.

I can feel how badly you want to release so I pull back and slide your wet cock between my soft natural breasts & move slowly up your body kissing your chest all the way up to your neck.

I lean in and kiss your neck as I slide your hard eager cock inside my thigh, grinding my wet pussy and clit on your body. I tease your tongue with mine as the grinding becomes more intense and tempting. I moan with pleasure & my pussy becomes wetter with the stimulation on my clit brings me closer to climax. I can feel the determination in your cock. I can feel how badly you want to be inside. To have the pussy grab and squeeze your cock until he explodes.

I know you want to but I stay a little longer kissing your neck sliding your cock still wet between my thigh. You beg me saying your ready to go inside.

Then finally I let you in, the pressure when going into my wet tight pussy when you are already so close to exploding puts a whole new level of pleasure pulsating through your body. I love to ride and take you in nice and deep moving slowly at first with my hips. I quicken my pace & make every inch of your body start to shake you like how warm & inviting it feels inside me.

But I do not want you to cum yet, I want you to pick your favourite position and hold on to give you the biggest orgasm with my slippery wet pussy or warm wet mouth.

What position do you want babe?

For those men who wonder how else an hour or two can be filled ~ its not the orgasm but the journey to the orgasm that makes it great. Anticipation & Temptation are the most sexy things in Edging for me. Non- rushed bookings are my preference and I love Edging.

Don't just have a lonely one, get in touch with me Now so we can enjoy a slippery moment together xx

Hugs & Kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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3 comentarios

13 mar 2022

Your writing is always fascinating!

Me gusta
25 mar 2022
Contestando a

Pleasure is all mine.

Me gusta
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