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Arrangements and Investing

Time is the worlds most valuable asset- the time we spend we cannot get back. That is how I engage about my days- who I invest my time and energy into is somewhat strategic, based on the level of respect and enjoyment I have when with a person.

I think one of the most challenging things for men in modern society is how our work life balance has changed, the independence of modern women and the constant need for improvement and drive to obtain what they desire. Modern dating world is generally filled with hidden agendas and expectations for both parties. Arrangements when done properly remove these hidden agendas, ease the stress in trying to navigate relationships and enable gentlemen to focus on business & self development goals, knowing their intimate needs & connections are taken care of in a less demanding way. Freeing up this stress enables them to reach their goals quicker whilst not blocking the right person from entering their life.

The modern world of social media, telecommunications and instagram lifestyles has put a strain on expectations from relationships- we see what others are doing and get a sense of the 'perfect life/partner/ treatment and relationships', this places usually unrealistic expectations on our partners as we have not yet developed ourselves to be the perfect partner, so therefore can not yet attract it.

Personally I see that arrangements when done with a professional who will not lie, manipulate feelings or take advantage of someone- can help a person progress in their life and develop themselves to be the perfect partner and attract their person into their lives.

Armarni Bulkani Brisbane Escort Companion

I believe in the law of attraction and if we are in a lacking mindset where we are craving or in desperate need of something, we ultimately repel what we truly desire and chase away what is healthy for us. Men in particular need sexual and physical intimacy. For a man to truly connect - be vulnerable and open with someone sexual connection is usually necessary.

In my experience I know more about a man in a few visits than what wives or girlfriends would ever know, than what friends, therapists or anyone would ever know. A blessing of my occupations stigma is that people feel I am in no position to judge- therefore are more open, honest and willing to tell me their downfalls, faults, flaws and imperfections because I will not judge them. The beauty in this is knowing, accepting and caring deeply for someone regardless of their downfalls, habits or issues in life. In knowing something that they would be too embarrassed to share with a partner whom they met organically and still caring for this person- being the one person that knows all of them in a world where usually different people know different parts of them.

Personally I love this because the way I ultimately do my career and why I have such a small circle is I connect with people authentically. I aim too improve the lives of every person I take on long term in connections, help them heal, develop and understand themselves. So ultimately they can achieve goals within their lives, their relationships with others and their careers.

My sexual skills whilst amazing, are simply a bonus and something that enables a man to truly be open with me and for us both to have the needed release together. The way I engage in my career now, I find extremely satisfying as I am connecting with my lovers deeper and enjoying my sexual experiences so much more.

I stress that arrangements done right are beneficial, as just how men go on tinder and use women for sex with false words of adoration and or promises- there are women with a money making agenda that hide this behind feelings and false love.

Personally I do not exchange feelings for money, I will never pretend to 'love' someone for money value or manipulate someone emotionally- these are my personal morals and I do not bend or negotiate (I've been offered money for marriage, love and relationships I do not offer). I am a heavy believer in Karma, the law of attraction and what goes around comes around- I have been heart broken in the past and do my best in life to ensure my impact on others is that of a positive nature and where I am transparent about my future visions for life and the roles that others will play in my future and myself in theirs. In arrangements nothing lasts forever and its not my goal to have a man tied into a financial arrangement with me forever- I want my single lovers to find love and happiness if that is what they seek in their right time, with the right person and when they are in the right frame to attract such. I am and always will be transparent about my views on love/ relationships with my lovers because I only ever say something if I mean it. I like having this moral as well, because those in my life I have been vulnerable and expressed deepened fondness of know, this is from a place of truth and that ultimately I value the wellbeing and happiness of others over my own financial interest.

Armarni Bulkani Looking out the window of W hotel Brisbane
Armarni Bulkani Brisbane Escort Companion
This statement in particular is something that always shocks not only men in my life but women in my life too- "I value the wellbeing and happiness of others including them over my own financial interest".

But those who truly know me at a soul level would understand it to be true. Some state things like "why would I care about others that do not care about me?" "why would I not put my own financial interests first?". Because I believe money is an energy, if your always chasing money with a lacking mindset you will never have it- if your always valuing money above the happiness and well-being of others you yourself will never be happy. If you are selfish you will never be abundant. Similarly if we focus negatively on others success and are in a place of envy and anger towards others achievements we ourselves will never achieve our highest success and fulfilment. If we are not grateful for what we already have we will never achieve more. Whether you believe in god or not, these statements are 100% true and if you observe not only money as an energy but all things, you will see a massive improvement in your life by adjusting your view points of this.

When you do good you will always be rewarded in the long run.

Seeking an Arrangement Specialist- Armarni Bulkani

So I stress to those who do want an arrangement, know the person well before getting involved. Trust is something that is developed in a connection and a persons objectives in the arrangement should be made clear- this may feel 'cold' or clinical in the beginning process going through expectations, payments etc but this keeps things transparent and hopefully will ensure that the arrangement is enhancing your life.

This is an investment not only in your financial investment but your time. You can either put your time and money into a situation that's going to develop you and help you achieve your goals or you can put it into a situation that may rob you of finding true love and connection in your life by falsifying feelings.

There are many companions who are happy to offer arrangements and I do suggest going the route with a professional who carries this as a career rather than a hobby to ensure that you are being led down correct paths. Most professionals enjoy boundaries and transparency because we ourselves also have other connections, relationships, goals and desires that we do not want to negatively impact either.

The modern world is a different place in a lot of ways women are finding power in a sense of financial liberation and independence. However, it is getting harder to have authentic relationships as we are all busy and having a hard time juggling professional, financial, personal and romantic goals. In my personal opinion too have the best romantic relationship we need to be our best selves. Humans and men in particular do need that added sensual and sexual connection and release- in order to optimise success in other areas and lessen unhealthy habits therefor that release and touch is necessary. Having an arrangement enables this in a way that doesn't take away time from working towards their goals or place too much expectations in the way of contact and time required like a conventional relationship. Again arrangements should be seen as an investment for a period of time and any feelings of love should only be authentic in nature to ensure a positive impact for both parties.

There is no shame in paying for sex, there is also no shame in paying for companionship and most men seem to be more comfortable in accepting they are paying for sex over they are paying for companionship. Humans are busy these days, but we all do need that connection and it is completely common for me to spend time with men where there is no sexual intimacy at all- where its simple things like conversation, dinner, holding hands and being someones ear.

It's about the mutual understanding and respect of the flow of time and money that make the arrangement work. Being honest and transparent about needs and expectations and both parties coming to an agreement on these requirements - it does also require a sense of emotional maturity to be able to hold these discussions and understand that although a companion usually does and also should deeply care for those they connect with, their profession is that and although our job is more rewarding in many aspects than that of a doctor, lawyer or psychatrist (in a sense as we can also obtain great experiences and pleasure too). Ultimately, this is our business that is also taking time from our personal goals, relationships & studies/ other investments. Respectful men whom understand business do understand this and have no issues in understanding that time is compensated just like with any other professional relationship. This gives them the freedom they seek, with the level of intimacy and connection they ultimately desire.

Again as with all things and in modern society so I do not offend- this is my personal opinion based on my own personal experiences, observations and understanding of stories. Every individual is just that and so is every situation. Things can change, do not get me wrong- I personally have had a client I fell for deeply. These things can happen and its up to each individual to assess people in their connection and see true intentions and motivations of each party.

If you are seeking an arrangement with me personally, I do like to spend time getting to know each other prior to discussing arrangements as I only engage in these relationships with people I know I can be transparent with and that have the emotional maturity and intelligence to handle such arrangements. Gentlemen that do understand that my time outside of paid companionship is spent on self development and Trading, so therefor I do value my time. Dinner Dates are recommended as they specify to me that you understand that social aspects of a connection are important and specify time for such as well as understand that the companionship and social connection are a major part of what I do and physical intimacy is enhanced by such. Transparency is key, I don't pressure arrangements and I prefer to let someone organically state that they are seeking such, so we can outline our expectations and desires accordingly and come up with an arrangement that is beneficial to us both.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope I helped open your mind to a different view point or help you see things from another perspective.

If your out there in the normal dating world "may the odds forever be in your favour" lol Hunger Games.

Hugs and Kisses,

Armarni Bulkani


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