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Changing Course

I have been an escort since 22 years of age, I've recently turned 29. I have remained Armarni Bulkani and she has developed and grown just as I have. My body has changed, my face, my tattoos & my intellect but I have always kept my name. Possibly because despite how I believed in my first few years, Armarni is not a character but a part of me.

When Miss Bulkani awoke in my life I was originally broken, I had experienced deep loss and sadness. It was through her I developed strength, confidence and resilience. For years I did struggle with my choices in career, I was paranoid about people recognising me and I held alot of judgement towards myself. Coming face-out oddly enough changed that, I personally don't find myself thinking ,"I wonder if they recognise me" anymore if someone's staring. I personally don't care about that anymore which was liberating. When people ask me what I do I will usually straight out say it and if anything I love watching their face at my honesty lol.

I became face out primarily because of covid changing the landscape of my business and requiring me to take things virtual. I put in a bit of effort with my OnlyFans, I invested the money on professional filming etc and spent alot of my time that I could have been escorting filming.

Alot of people find success in content creation, but I think these people enjoy the process, lifestyle and social aspects that come with it.

I feel like for me right now I need to resign from content creation or collaboration so I can work towards what I truly want in my personal life.

OnlyFans is in a very different direction to where I truly want to go. I'm not throwing everything out the window because what I want is very specific & I did not think I still had the ability to achieve what I want. But I am taking baby steps in my personal life to allow what I truly want to come to fruition.

Escorting is something I excel in, not only the sex part- the connection building and being someone's safe place, I'm very good at interpersonal relationships & being intensely engaged with someone one on one. It is also something that funds my other ventures, studies & projects.

But OnlyFans for me to do properly and profit enough from takes too much time (I also find it incredibly boring- as it's just not what i enjoy) my interests outside of this industry are keeping me in books, disciplined and engaged so I am truly enjoying learning more and perfecting that area of my life.

My solo things for Onlyfans I will be keeping up for now, but as I'm hoping things in other areas of my life blossom chapters inevitably will slowly close.

I receive many collaboration requests and me no longer desiring what's at the top has made my drive and desire to invest my time in this part of the business very low. I hadn't really been certain on what direction I wanted to take things and I wanted to be sure before making any final decision.

I've made great friends from collaborating and know many people who love that part of the industry and the rewards it reaps. For me though at heart I'm introverted to the core, a bit old-school and complicated the lifestyle is just not for me. I'd prefer to read my text books, trade & spend time in learning.

For those who read this thinking I was out completely out of the business- I tricked you lol. But as new ventures and personal life goals progress old chapters will be closing out and as I'm excited too slowly be letting walls down to allow the progress I seek on my personal life, so who knows 🙏.

Thanks for reading,

Armarni Bulkani

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