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Sexual Energy

This is by far one of my favourite chapters of Think & Grow Rich "The Mystery of Sex Transmutation".

People often become misconstrued about what my occupation entails. What I mean by it being far beyond physical. I think being a more in-tune person I struggled deeper within my early years not understanding the importance of seperating others energy from mine.

Much like the physical skills I possess- how everyone has a mouth but most certainly not every one can give a blow job (there is an art 100% lol), you can give anyone scissors and they can cut your hair but not everyone will be good- then you have hairdressers then celebrity stylist.

There are levels to everything, near everyone can have sex but certainly not everyone is good at it and I'm not only talking about the physical- the energy of sex.

Everything is energy & matter. The thoughts- the energy that is created and magnified is what shapes all that is. When you know how to create sexual attraction, desire & manipulate the energy you have the floor.

I have cultivated this, I can walk into a room modest & have more sexual energy & attraction than someone near naked in the same room. Its energy & not always the physical.

Again I find myself electronically flipping through the pages of this book & having a moment of somewhat amusement. Very few people would know what it's about in reference to my personal life because currently, I just don't want the evil eye 🧿.

But I still chuckle, I was originally writing in my journal & thought it's been a while since I composed a blog so thought I would share. But if simply seeking the next article of thots are us & exchanges of intellectual thought & theory are not for you -possibly you are in the wrong place.

I have been in a state of reflection, insight & observation for a vast majority of my adult life-( 30 in a few days ) healing intensively for 9 years- haven't had normal relationships for that duration.

The past few years 3-4 in particular, I have learnt so much that I won't lie I feel spirituality & mentally I have got to know my innerself so profoundly -that I rarely meet people I find I can look up to in that retrospect. I find myself more and more connected with nature, animals & myself. But people that are not connected with themselves, I feel like a different species altogether. Whilst this I know we are all on our own journeys & I love seeing others embark down the roads of self discovery & reflection too. At times it does feel like people have blindfolds on. How is it people are walking around not noticing the beauty around them? How can they not see the truth about some things? How are they not smiling at the birds flickering in the car park? Nor feeling of sun hitting their cheek? How can they not feel the sorrow of another when merely catching their gaze? And if they do- how do they not pay them a compliment, acknowledge their existence & be a glimpse of hope in their day?

I find myself moving different- it's why I just can't bring myself to do porn anymore. I cannot see the positive I am putting out. However in companionship & escorting I know when I move in the right frequency I am helping those who wish to receive what I can truly do for them.

Anyways, back to the point - I read this book a lot. I read a lot. I don't know all the new shows people watch & I dont care for it to be honest, I see it all as distraction. I have many things to be doing & although I relax from time to time with something playing the the background each day seems to end faster than that of the day before. Maybe this is aging. Lol.

The thought that sprung to mind eventuated from a conversation in 2022 with a long lost friend. It got me thinking about a few topics & I found the answer when re-reading this book for the millionth time in start of 2023.

The gist of the conversation was about when I retire, when I fall in love & when I marry- how I will be able to differentiate not only to me but to them about what we share being "special" & different from that or my work- how will they know what we have is real.

I'm someone if you have read a few of my blogs or you met me you know outside of my work I do not put time into "dating"- I date for marriage & I'm extremely particular in what I want because I know what I bring to the table. Sure sometimes it can get "lonely" but there is where my job comes in lol.

It had been 9 years since I put actual effort in & by effort I mean even having a free phone calls even - talking about life etc (I'm intuitive what can I say I know what & who I'm looking for because I usually know before they even arrive). But yes I am that bad - I've not even accepted a coffee date I'd just give a business card or pretend I don't speak English 😂.

My plate for the table -
When you have harnessed the ability to project sexual energy, when you combine that with love energy it's incredibly powerful.

When someone connects with someone they have both sexual energy & love energy in equal exchange- all their efforts flow easily, projects boom & new heights are reached faster & life in general becomes more bountiful..

But being a woman I know you need to ensure your partner knows it's give & take or you dim your light to amplify another without any coming back. Femine & masculine energy are the yin & yang - when balanced they work perfectly & in relationships they support one another.

So while yes I can influence a man to change his life in my job & he may pick up the anti and I may be his muse for a while. Given if he is intelligent & invests in the exchange it can be extremely helpful for all areas of life- especially when honest as I will purposefully try to assist in areas.

But the combination of Love energy- that's a whole new level. I'm a big believer in magnetism- we are all energy & when an energy is drawn together it's for a reason.

Ofcourse sometimes people seek the physical & introject themselves into your life (I have had this a lot- I spot the difference now). Energetic pulls though, they are something different. If both energy simultaneously protect sexual energy & love energy the development of one's projects can be enormous. However with all things it's a give & take.

I have always been someone who no offence to the many people who read this and find their muse outside of their marriage - for me it makes no sense. Why would I want to sign up for eternity with someone that I would still need to seek from external sources? In my mind it would be selfish as I'd be denying them the same what I would be denying myself. There has been temptation over the years to just "settle" but my freedom & knowing I'm moving in life with nothing but highest intention. I believe in good money & bad money - I only want good money= honest money. I straight out will & do tell clients to their face there is no chance. May seem mean but go ask the many men who have been toyed with how they feel & well although it doesn't play into the fantasy fake feelings are against my moral.

Fun fact I've turned away $5k extra because I refused to pretend I am in love. My own personal reasoning I just don't think it's healthy.

When two are connected romantically, sexually, mentally, spiritually & energetically it's a power dynamic that can effectively amplify energy to levels that can shape all around you. When people find ways to keep the fire ignited within their relationship- I like that. Too often in my opinion, people marry what society expects, family expects or out of their own predetermined idea of what makes the "wife" & the "good time". I find it almost comical that some haven't figured out that you should be looking for those that can be both.

When I was originally asked this question- I didn't have an answer. I look back at my answer I had gave and it was more of an explanation of paths I have taken rather than what separates & differentiates. I realised the differences but had never really observed them as intensely as recent times. Or understood how I would prove it - but I have realised as long as the person is aware too they will be able to see, sense & know all that is meant to as they will be able to see how the love energy combined with sexual energy has directly impacted all that is. I wouldn't need to explain this but ofcuse the fact that I don't would be the most strangest of things to me.

I think in today's society we are all to often concerned of what others will think, I do this alot too. There is also a healthy level I think - for example a project I had been working on I had to remodel it as my priority & hopes for my personal life not so much changed but reignited making me think outside of the scope of how things affect myself as an individual.

I don't think that we as individuals understand the true impact of choosing a partner at times. I also think people vastly underestimate what sex is. Sure it's physical, but it you are actually in tune with what is going on it is so much more.

It's actually amazing when you think about everything from a broader stance what we really are, we are all energy & matter. Matter can never be destroyed it just changes form. Thoughts are Energy- energy directly impacts matter. Lol I think of so many things example- honey, originating from the pollen of flowers but how those flowers formed that pollen from pulling nutrients through the soil that soil nourished from the rain & energy from the sun, animals all of which was needed for that flower to grow. The pollen harvested by the bees, honey formed then harvested and ingested by humans. Amazing & crazy all at the same time.

We are in an age of rapid evolution & while off original topic I think it's important for concluding- people waste so much time. Your time would be better spent staring at a wall wondering how it got there opposed to watching mindless Netflix. At least the act of staring at the wall and thinking how it got there could start to make you appreciate that wall before you. People need to read more, listen more not only to external voices but that within them. Learn your body & energy don't just use it.

I'm grateful I finally figured out the answer to that question that's been in the forefront of my mind for 2 years. Whilst I knew the answer I wasn't sure how I could "prove it" but I never took into account that they would be able to observe & see. 🧿

Thanks for coming to my crazy blogs- these days as you know I've really started stepping into my authentic self and stopped always pretending - like I am a person with hopes and dreams Armarni is my job, those I vibe with I don't need to explain they get it so writing blogs like this that are probably too authentic don't really scare me anymore as I learnt I attract more. Of what I want when I am more "me".


Armarni Bulkani

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