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Slipping In & Out

When things are hot & heavy maybe you just cannot decide, do you want to pull out or go in deeper this time? Do you want to give it your all & finish deep inside or do you want to hold off until the perfect time?

I got you there didn't I? You thought I was talking about something hard & indecisive something that compulsively wants to go In & out. Lol. Maybe just to grab your attention.

I have been a little distant, I guess I have been very caught up in my mind this year, with many things occurring away from what is seen by the public eye. Maybe a level of exhaustion not so much on a level of personal connectivity but on a virtual level. Possibly from a few years becoming more glued to devices and televisions than ever before, Loosing touch with actual connection that now that's all I seek and nothing more.

For me my mind has been a little bit like a dick, pulling in and out. Very indecisive ,hard to control; then one minute standing to attention & ready to pound away; At other times sulking, flaccid and hiding in the dark. My mind is being a bit of a penis these days.

To say I have no idea what I want or what I am doing somedays is very much true- some days I feel like I am going East & others Like I am going West and well Some days I just go North for the sake of it & well we all know I go South very often lol. I have always been a little loopy, a little indecisive and bizarre but its always been something that has appealed to those I meet. My quirkiness and well yes it is still active and alive, Just from the worlds of social media & virtual reality I have chosen to hide in recent times.

I guess the news is rarely positive & when I see things I see so much fake, so many things different from what I really want to see. I love nature, animals & the sound of birds I have spent so much time over the past few years looking at a screen- a screen filled with very un-natural things. Posing & angling cameras as I put my dildo in with a smile. I guess my mind just felt soft for a while.

I have been having a media detox, and is it over yet? personally I do not know. I think maybe as I come back into the modern era of Social media & clones I will use the KYG jelly and ease myself into it this time. I won't push myself past the brink of exploding then just keep going until there is no shots too give, as well this is not sustainable on a daily basis.

I will take the time to do things that give me joy in my personal life as for me yes money is great to have and I am very grateful for every cent I make but it is not my god & am very aware that days are numbered. Money flows but time is something you cannot get back.

Something I think most realise when it comes to contacting me is, respect is a two way street, if they do not contact me correctly & do not show me the level of respect I require I just will not bother with them, I just mute & move on. I believe this is the best way to be as I only give access to those who make an effort and deserve to spend time with me. Saying that though I turn away 98% of enquiries (when in Brisbane) I am very lucky and grateful that my 2% that do make it through are always return lovers. Time is too valuable to spend it on those who do not respect you.

So in the next few weeks I will be continuing to love myself & will probably still stay clear of my socials a little. When I am refreshed & back into the swing of things I will be making a more set schedule & planning things out to prevent myself becoming so drained virtually & so I am not glued to my devices.

Sorry for my ridiculous references I just feel like its the best similarity I could use to take such a load off haha okay I will stop now.

Anyways if you would like to meet me in person I am still available via appointment, I am still on a little down time from media & virtual right now with an aim to be back into it by April.

I will be finalising my thoughts & directions for my Onlyfans & other virtual options & making it known & effective in April xx.

Armarni Bulkani

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