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Un-Blurred Gallery

Evening, this year I have been going through acceptance that I like what I do for a living and have absolutely no desire to change that. I enjoy being an escort and due to the virus my plans of leaving the country have changed. I had been back and forwards on the issue due to living in a smaller community and feeling like I stood out too much, my own internalised stigmas of who & what I should be.

I am very unique so undoubtedly I will stand out, but now I am in the city and around more peers I feel as though I am ready to experiment with being face out. I will not be putting full frontal on advertising profiles until certain. However I have added some images un-Blurred to my websites Home page, additional in websites gallery.

If your curious head over & check it out, If I enjoy it I will get my make up, hair & things done for my next shoot- This is just how I do mine daily :P... I have just moved (unplanned really) so I do not think I will be doing so until September or so, but have some great Ideas up my sleeve.

The main reason I am doing this I think is because I am tired of being hidden when my work is a major part of who I am, factually Armarni truly is me, all that info about me is true. I don't have biological family I am close to here & all those whose opinions matter to me know, they are proud as I can stand on my own two feet. I don't need to be in a relationship or depend on other people.

My life has been far from easy, but the easiest my life has been has been putting my energy into my work and not worrying myself with relationships or other careers that do not allow me to be who I truly am. I am a little cray cray lol & that is what my clients love about me, I make them laugh and well I am truly good at what I do.

My job enables me to live a lifestyle I prefer, maybe I will feel too exposed but I will see how it goes.

Now I am in a better place in my life with a clearer head & new surrounds I feel its a better time to give this a go :)

Hugs & Kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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