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The Night I finally let him go to Greece

He had been waiting for so long, inching the plugs just that little deeper. Making me hornier & wetter than he ever had.

I've always loved the feeling of his breath on my neck as he would slowly caress my naked skin.

The smell of his cologne always lingers in my hair long after we have parted, just like memories of our time together remains.

He had been patient as I over time slowly got my body ready to take him on the journey he has yearned for.

It was a rainy night with the sound of waves gushing onto the shore. Candle light and incense flickering in the breeze. I watched as he walked towards my apartment. I could feel how wet my Pussy was with anticipation, throbbing as I knew tonight was the night I would let him inside.

He was smiling and I could see the bunch of flowers in his hand & chocolates. He makes me smile he always goes out of his way to make me feel special. It had been some time since I felt his strong manly arms wrapped around me. As our lips connected I could feel myself loosing control.

I withdrew and led the way to the kitchen. I seen him place my fee on the counter as I placed the flowers in a vase bending down in my skirt so he could see my new diamond butt plug shining through the side of my string back G-string.

Before I could even stand up I could feel him move behind me and slowly start rubbing my wet Pussy through my panties. My legs were already weak as I leant forward onto my knees. He knelt behind me still rubbing my Pussy and lightly pulling my hair as he kissed my neck.

I moaned softly as he slipped my panties to the side. "your Pussy is so wet babe, I want to be in you already but I want to tease you until your begging for me to put it inside"he whispered into my ear. On the kitchen floor I was on my knees moaning feeling the need for him to insert his penis deeply into my Pussy as he started to slowly move my butt plug in and out teasing my ass and Pussy more.

He helped me up and pushed my chest to the counter as he slid my panties down. On his way back up he kissed inside my legs slowly working his way up my thighs as he separated my legs with his hands, pushing one up onto the bench as he gently kissed my Pussy. He began licking my clit slowly as he gently slid my but plug in and out making my body start to move, my pussy wanting to ride his beautiful cock.

I was on my tippy toes with one leg on the bench and my chest pressed on the beach. My clit was swelling and I could feel my Pussy begging for him as I grew wetter and wetter. He inserted his finger and slowly massaged my gspot as he continued to lightly suck my clit.

"I need it, give me it babe, please" he kissed my butt cheek and span me around so I was facing him with my feet back on the ground. We kissed so passionately, I could taste my Pussy in his mouth. I guided him to the bedroom as I rubbed the outside of his pants feeling his hard, thick cock so eager to be pushing inside my tight wet Pussy and ass.

"not yet" he told me as he pushed me to the bed. "Show me that new toy you brought". I reached for my new clit stimulator the satisfier pro 2 and placed it on my clit and turned it on as he started to pump my butt plug in and out of my ass a little faster. I moaned and could feel my feet contorting as my legs were contracting and I squirted while my body jolted uncontrollably.

I rolled onto my belly as he stood at the end of the bed and unzipped his pants. I held the stimulator to my clit as I continued gushing and cumming unable to control my orgasms.

I sucked up from the base of his shaft up to the tip of his thick hard cock. Pashing the head of his penis with my plump wet lips as I used my tounge to tease him. I could feel My Pussy contracting begging for him to Be inside as I came again.

I took his cock all the way to the back of my throat making me gag a little so his cock was sloppy and wet. I used one hand to rub his balls as I massaged his cock with my mouth. Making him bite his lip as he looked down at me gaging on his cock as I took him deeper and deeper. My Pussy was so wet and begging to be penetrated. I sucked his penis harder as I wrapped my tounge around his cock slowly while moving in and out deeply. "stop or I'm going to cum".

He moved behind me and rubbed his warm cock on my wet Pussy. Feeling how swollen my clit was as he applied the stimulator again as my body started to shake and grind his penis. He slowly stated moving my butt pug in and out that was drenched in my Pussy juices. I pushed back onto him as he slid inside I came all over his cock my body moving uncontrollably as he pushed in and out of my Pussy harder & faster. I squirted again as he pushed me down onto my stomach and continued to pull his dick out and out it back into my Pussy while turning my head & kissing me passionately.

"I'm ready for it babe" he gently removed my but plug and slowly. My ass was gapping only a little bit as he slowly slid the tip of his penis dripping with my cum into my ass. At first it hurt a little as he stretched my tight hole. He kissed my neck and told me how much he had missed me and how badly he had longed to fill all my holes. It started to feel really good as he gradually went faster. I could feel my Pussy getting jealous begging for something inside while he deeply went in and out of my ass.

My Pussy was dripping wet as reached under and slip my dildo into my Pussy. I reached down with my other hand and held the base of the dildo as I stared to move back and forwards on his dick & the toy making us both moan in pleasure.

He started speeding up as I could feel myself cumming clitoral, gspot and anal orgasms all at the same time. Loosing control of my limbs as I felt him cumming while in my ass.

We were moaning so loud and I felt the feeling of euphoria rushing through my body. I rolled onto my back & he laid on top of me kissing me and caressing all of my body.

"definitely worth the wait"

I hope you enjoyed reading about the night I finally let him go too Greece.

Hugs & kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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