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Abbreviations PSE or GFE seem to be well known amongst most men whom indulge in some naughty fun. But do you want the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or Pornstar Experience (PSE)?

I will be honest I dislike using these abbreviations all together, I find it compartmentalizing and impersonal. For me it is merely from a marketing stand point a smart decision. Because at the end of the day each person's definition of what is GFE or PSE is completely different and so is what every provider offers.

I use it in a way to gauge what a man is looking for and too break up my more inclusive (PSE) to my less inclusive (GFE) in suitable price brackets. For some it is more about connectivity and light sexual play where as others want to be able to get lost in the moment and fully indulge.

Will I always keep these abbreviations? Probably not, I will keep them for SEO purposes. My PSE is basically my more inclusive and customisable experience where both myself and my lover can let more loose. I prefer this as besides things like filming (maybe additional) or anal, which is off limits too 99% of people in my life and not even discussed before properly acquainted it includes everything I offer read more about Anal & my truths here.

I prefer this as I don't like things too feel like a 'service' infact I feel ill when people call it that. For me it's an Experience not just something I am doing to you - but something I am present in and experiencing with you.

I'm a very unique person and I do find abbreviations too be abit too compartmentalized for me. Eventually as I have spread my petals a little more I will be bringing fresh names and moving away from the allocated, conventional things all together. Similarly too how I through the hour bookings in the bin.

In my inclusive Experience I prefer notice because I want to tailor it too the person I am with, I want to make them feel amazing because at the end of that is what make me feel good.

If you have a particular thing you like for example feet- tell me in advance so I can ensure I have enough time to make sure my pedicure is 💯. I feel best made up with my hair, nails and make up done- when I feel my best I give my best. Notice & patience assists with a calm, pretty Armarni 😘.

When will I ditch the abbreviations... To be honest, it has taken so much willpower not too do it yet. It is something that annoys me but I have a set plan in place but I feel I may push my review up to January.

For me authenticity hasn't just been about the world seeing Armarni, but it has been about me allowing me to be me. After many years of burying parts of myself and closing myself off I am finally gaining the self love and confidence to allow myself and the world see me for who I truly am. Even though I am weird even though so many parts of me I cannot even explain.

My career and the amazing people I have connected with in it has allowed me to love the things I used to consider flaws and now see as some of my best traits.

But when the time is right Armarni Bulkani is going to be exactly what she is - me. Not just a career, a brand or a hobby, this has been a form of expression for me, self discovery and although i was always told too keep it seperated my life and career have morphed into one.

I'm not ashamed of my career, I'm proud of it and I have no shame when someone asks me what I do to tell the truth (sometimes I still play pranks and make out I'm a spy for a laugh). But most of the time I say I'm an escort or I make porn. It keeps things interesting.

I am really looking forward too the new ventures and side paths I will be incorporating to what I offer in the next few months. It really makes me happy having so many amazing connections with people and the gratitude I feel for everyone of my lovers who not only shower me with financial appreciation but also care and attentiveness so greatly appreciated and please know I do always genuinely care, appreciate and hope the best for my lovers too.

GFE or PSE? I don't know I guess for right now I'll leave that choice up to you.

Hugs and kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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