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Package Updates- Explained..

My recent update maybe confusing to some, so I just wanted to write a short blog to outline

Some of the changes I have implemented Regarding my Incall fee's...

Those whom are familiar with me would be well aware I am 'low volume' meaning I do not sit there waiting on available now guys & work via appointment only- Its not a matter if I am working today, its a matter of- do you have an appointment pre-booked for today?

One of the hardest things about being an escort is trying too 'please' everyone, I have some gentlemen whom are more concerned about keeping costs affordable with a focus on quality time with me in modern, comfortable surrounds. Then I also have some Gentlemen whom, are happy to pay more for that Luxurious feeling & ultimate experience in 5 star accomodation.

(this GIF made me Laugh so hard, had to use)

Generally my Incalls are via appointment only and there for are what I call Exclusive, I book the accomodation just for us and check out & go to my home when we are finished spending time together.

Even my non luxury incalls are well-known chain hotel/apartments, they just don't have the robes, slippers, deep tubs/spa's or an iconic view. They are still 4 star accomodation- just not the 'best of the best'.

I work accomodation expenses into my Passionate Girlfriend fee's this is why you will notice my hour may be: $600 for Modern- but my 2 hour is $850- 3 hour $1100- or 10 hour $2,000. My hourly rate also includes my getting ready fee- nails, hair, pedi, make up, outfits etc. It all takes time, preparation & I prefer too look and feel my best.

Short Notice fee's are there because I have to rush, and as a planner ( non-spontaneous woman here) I cannot stand rushing- It makes me feel like I am getting older due to stressing and being frazzled- So I charge a fee for that so I can put it towards making myself less stressed in a pamper treatment like float pods the next day lol.

(should have planned ahead lol)

I have also re-introduced social dates, for those in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast pre-booked & between the Hours of 10am-5pm.

There are so many activities we can do during dates or Social only dates- you can find these fee's in the locations page under Brisbane or Sunshine Coast.

Maybe you also Noticed I've been bitten by the travel bug... Somewhere on my tooshy I believe... haha. But as usual I am not interested in back to back appointments and the 'Available now guy' (cringing as I write that), So I have introduced Holiday Packages. My holiday Packages are pre-packaged including, accomodation, my travel fee's, my company fee, some of our activities, or snacks etc.. I know many people have been dying to get away from home, separated from family and just wanting someone to go enjoy places with and have some great sex at the same time.. Spend your holidays the right way, relaxing & getting hot and bothered with me :P.

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