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Is this my new favourite Hotel?

I am usually a little bias... The golden detailed mirrors of the Emporium had me captivated in watching my own live real life pornography scenes unroll before my eyes and well the double spa with the mirror in front just = bath play all night if I'm not entertaining.

However recently I decided to try a place that screamed totally me even though it was not equipped with so many mirrors. Colourful, detailed and so unique in finished it comes across a little quirky and weird. I stayed at the W and honestly I think my hotel dreams appeared.

This place is extremely me, the colour the brightness, Egyptian scarabs in neon lit elevators, pink glass 🍍 on the bright minibar fridge, mood lighting with the most beautiful detail in glass allowing filtration of light when in the shower or bath. And a large shower with a very practical door for photography and shower sex (haha if you know you know). The views are in my opinion unbeatable in Brisbane.

The things I enjoy the most about this place too is -

  • 24hour indoor pool, when I travel this is a great feature I enjoy swimming at night in a more chilled environment. This pool has the best vibes I have seen. The details are amazing.

  • Mood corridors- nothing is worse than blinding lights on the way too the elevator- the elevator is also cool too an important feature for me lol.

  • Ample restaurants on site- great for dinner dates many places too choose from without requiring an uber.

  • Pet friendly- my cats and I can have a holiday ☺️🐈🐈 the even have a pet room service menu, a little dream of mine to pamper them.

  • Decor is next to none. I love decor, bright- expressive, bold and different. I feel this is very me and I feel very comfortable here.

  • Views - night and day the views are immaculate of the river, buildings and lights.

  • Staff are all friendly, welcoming and importantly not overbearing.

  • Parking- Wilson's parking is underneath when pre-booked online excellent rates- so you don't always need vallet and don't have to park on a different site.

  • Day spa with incredible views - looking forward to being pampered here (hint hint)

All in all this hotel really ticks my boxes I was pretty much converted then this threw me over the edge. I was sold.

The flamingo straws in my morning iced oatmilk latte got me. I'm obsessed with flamingos.

The bath is actually a decent size too and is beautiful, I really like the shower it is like a little room haha I close myself in there and steam myself 😂. All in all I believe this place highlights my best parts and compliments not only my looks but my quirky personality.

We should plan a little weekend vacay, with flamingo straws by the pool, delicious lunches for two and days high in the sky getting our knots from excessive amounts of sex and foreplay massaged away in luxury.

Yes I guess you can say this is my new favourite hotel in so many ways 😘

Hugs & kisses

Armarni Bulkani

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