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He knows how to make me extra wet...

I love being teased, caressed, cuddled and he knows it. The smell of his cologne makes me remember familiar times & opens my senses even more. His smile and laugh are always so warming to me as I greet him at my door. I had missed him and so had my pussy as I could feel the anticipation knowing what will soon come. Tonight we had decided to spend some social time just enjoying each others presence it had been sometime since our scheduled had been unaligned.

It felt so good to see him & be in his presence. We were watching a series as I kept forgetting we were taking things slow, I felt my hands constantly edging towards him. He laid down and I snuggled in with my back pressed against him. I could feel his eagerness by the stiffness in his pants pressing into my back, making me move my body slightly feeling my panties rubbing onto my clit. He was breathing softly onto the back of my neck making me get slight goosebumps, with my back to him I ran my hand up his thigh lightly caressing his hard penis through his pants I could feel his heart rate increase.

I returned my hand and tried to continue focusing on the series feeling my pussy getting wetter and wetter wanting his penis inside me & knowing how ready and eager he was. His facial hair kept rubbing near my ear giving me goose bumps running down my thighs. I could feel him lightly start caressing my thigh, slightly sliding his hand into the split of my dress. I could feel my pussy lightly starting to throb as I tried to force myself to stay still and focus on the show.

He started to caress around the side of my sheer, net G-string so gently and lightly, starting to slide under my panties then continuing to slide on on the outside, making me start to move uncontrollably wanting him to rub my clit & slide inside me so bad. Still on my side he lifted my leg & moved it so my legs were spread on the couch and started rubbing my clit through my panties while kissing my neck. I was so wet you could feel it through my panties, and he knew he had me. He knew how badly I wanted to be F*cked right there & then. He pulled my panties to the side, rubbing his finger on my wetness & then focussing on my clit. teasing it and rubbing me on the outside. As I begged him to slide his finger in me. He finally did making my body shudder with delight. My body moving uncontrollably begging for my pussy to be filled more.

I looked up and noticed the open blinds & suggested we move to the bedroom, I love kissing him its so passionate as I sit on top of him and rub the outside of my pussy all over his hard cock while kissing him. He lightly bites my lip and I work my way down his body kissing all the way down and kissing the tip of his penis. I suck the side of his cock & slide all the way down to the base licking back up, watching his facial expression as I turn up the suction and slide him all the way into my warm, wet mouth. Making it extra sloppy as I push it down into the back of my throat, enjoying every inch of his cock, imagining it inside my pussy. As I built up speed and used my tongue to pleasure they tip of his penis he pulled me up to kiss him and started to slide his hard cock on the outside of my pussy again.

I was so warm & wet as his penis was sliding & gliding rubbing my pussy. He slowly pushed it in and I felt my pussy clench on to his cock and start to massage it as my hips started to rock back and forwards faster and faster, feeling myself on verge of cuming as our kissing grew even stronger.

He positioned me on my back with my legs, knees bent & toes together as he rubbed his cock on my clit making me beg him to put it inside me. He was just putting the tip in teasing me while running my clit with my wetness all over his fingers. He pumped the tip of his hard penis in and out of my pussy really fast making my G-spot so swollen. He pulled out then pushed all he way in thrusting more and more making me cum & gush all over his penis. He leaned down and kissed me as he pushed his penis all the way deep inside me, making me beg for it. I cum again as I felt his cum start to move to his shaft as he pulled out. I felt his warm cum drenching my stomach all the way up towards my breasts as he leans over & kisses me.

I hope you liked a glimpse into how he gets me so wet,

Come have some fun with me on my OnlyFans, book an online session or Request to visit me in Brisbane.

Hugs & Kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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