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I'm Opening up Like a Flower

Hey, what a year it has been so far! If you have been here a few times you may have noticed I have given my website a little bit of a re-vamp. I personally have gone through so many changes the past 6 months within myself and my career and felt like I needed to express that with a slight but subtle change. I have finally found the confidence to take my career in a way that I envisioned, to purse in a way that I enjoy immensely and it has had a complete ripple effect in making me enjoy everything that much more.

I have felt like my mind, body & soul has been opening like a flower. I find that my intimacy levels have increased also, as I am so much more receptive in the way that I am working and engaging with my lovers. I have finally found the balance and how I enjoy my career and I have had nothing but great feedback from my lovers about my even more increased attentiveness, passion and enjoyment of our intimate moments together. I feel like by making it clear I only like to see one person a day and having things set up in a way that it is feasible for me to do so has enabled me to really relax and let me open up during my bedroom time. I am not the type of woman that just has one orgasm, I have multiple and if I truly let myself enjoy ones company I do not have the energy to give another the same attentiveness (on a normal day, if I am ovulating haha look out).

I have become a lot more positive and that is mainly due to discovering what brings me joy in my purpose- I love making others happy. I am so many of my lovers safe person that they can share their truths with, so many peoples person they can share their fantasies and enact them with, I give love to others when they need it and in return they give love to me. It may sound corny, but sometimes the intimacy I share is so much more than just sex (just sex can be great at times too) but I truly love connecting with someone and making them feel amazing because I am there, I am present and I am being authentically passionate with them. Because I only see people whom respect me this has been incredibly helpful because every time I meet someone we truly have a level of connection and I am truly into our time together.

I have learned to love my body and care for myself even more because at the end of the day it is my body that is helping relax so many others bodies. My mind and my soul I also pay so much more attention too, because I try so hard to install positivity into my lovers and try take away their stress I watch what I am absorbing and engaging in. I get a "readers Digest" view of news events- I don't read into it. I don't pay attention to the economy etc as if you have a negative view point and believe all things are going belly up they will. Instead I try to focus on dreams, goals and plans for a positive future and try to engage that more and provide a positive spin. I love seeing others happy, so I work hard towards ensuring that my mindset is at that level and I do my best to give my lovers advice- because shock horror- I don't take "notes" on my lovers, I actually do remember you, the stories you tell me etc because I have small circle and if you are regularly in that circle I classify you as a lover of mine lol one that understands that for honey Armarni needs Money lol.

But I feel like I am starting to truly blossom into who I truly am and let the world see me as someone who is unappologetically me. I am face out, I am proud of my career and I am pushing myself intellectually, financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically to new heights and in return I am helping so many of my lovers I truly care about believe in their dreams too.

I am also so greatful for the love, respect, care and support my lovers give me too, you enable me to have a very happy comfortable life and for that I am incredibly grateful.

I have so many exciting things going on too, I am in the process of resetting up and am looking forward to sharing my passion and space with you.

Hugs and Kisses,

Armarni Bulkani

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