• Armarni Bulkani

Keeping On Brand

Something I, and I think many escorts struggle with throughout their career is 'keeping on brand'. I believe the hardest part of this is we are actual people, our occupation is built around who we betray ourselves as an individual.

Years ago when I first started this job, hid my background for privacy reasons & pretended I enjoyed partying (I don't even drink and unless you count the rebellious teenage time of 14 I never have). I tried to create an 'alter'. One of the first things said too me back in my 'baby hoe' days from a more experienced girl was, 'one day you and your alter are the same person, this job becomes your real life'.

(you have to know the film clip to understand this gif lol this is not some cocky remark haha)

In this country for me, it definitely has. I don't really have a life outside of this job here. I don't date in this country, I don't go clubbing in this country (English music is not my thing), Im pretty introverted here. Although I am uber confident in the bedroom & in my zone, I used to go on stage with nothing but a string back & I was fine, in my element. In the 'real world' I feel like an alien here, I cannot go to Woolworths without every woman staring at me with the worlds angriest faces & every time I go anywhere I am whistled or annoyed by some mans remarks. These are not things I enjoy, I just enjoy my peace in real life, & unless a man is paying me I don't really want their opinion or remarks.

I think it can be hard because the 'brand' is then you, so as a human grows and changes so does the brand. Then there is inner conflict & self discovery, when that is going on in a brand it can make things confusing. My brand is Me now, we are the same! lol.

For example my 'Like a Pornstar' experience I brought out, well I am getting more adventurous & enjoying things I hadn't for a few years. But its completely off brand & I will be removing it.

Why? lol since I Brought out that I have had review board guys galore messaging me asking for 'inclusions'. This service I wouldn't even allow someone too book it without me knowing them, like I would only book a passion gf, as if I don't know someone & they turn out to be a piggish human I just couldn't do it. Its something I have to be into, I have to enjoy that person. I also cannot stand a what can I get for this amount type of guy, that sex to me is the most robotic brothel like experience you could think of, I feel like having this is attacking them, and its freaking me out. "put that thing back where it came from" that is referring to list men, if your reading this you can enjoy life with the available now guys only present in my nightmares and mute folder.

Like damn, if you want something in particular just say, I am not going to provide a menu, I list things I do not do. I am by no means a dominatrix, I do not provide pegging or anal services on others- just not my thing people after that are better off finding someone else. Also , note there is a lot I will not agree to without meeting you and common sense prevails, eg if you have poor oral hygiene I will not kiss you- while I am passionate its common sense, if you have a sti or std I will not provide a sexual service to you. Like I cannot believe these things need to be spelled out but clearly they do).

But back to the point, I only do somethings with people I have developed connections with, while I am enjoying new things I also cannot guarantee that I will want to go to Greece with

you. Maybe your too rough, too big or Im just not feeling it. This especially I need to be into it to do & also needs way more notice then other things, being a professional I will not provide such without thorough enemas & preparation. I just cannot & its not very healthy to always be ready for such as it puts electrolytes out. If you don't know what enemas are google it, then you will understand why professionals ask for notice particularly anal, it keeps things a bit more mess proof.

I see it a bit girls changing branding & names like the seasons, each to their own. Personally for years I have kept my brand & name because well it is me. I have gone through changes, experimented and adjusted with the times and so has my brand. I have always kept myself offline in regards to video services, but in the future I do predict possibly providing paid video calls, I have a lot of lovers who had to go back to their home country & several who had pre-organized international FM2Y dates pre-covid. And well I have a phat booty, and Im often asked to play online. This is still a big decision for me so I am sleeping on it, not just for a day either. its something I have been thinking about for months. In regards to subscription based stuff I don't think so, not OF anyway. I think if I did that I'd do it from 'real me' I wouldn't associate it with my escorting business as it's too risky for them to remove you due to people not reading the do not ask for meets because we all know 98% of men do not read.

I think something many people do not understand about escort branding is in a lot of cases (some ladies have very seperate lives) but in a lot of cases the escort & the 'person' merge, people in 'real life' know about work life. I don't know what I would talk about if I couldn't talk about my job, since COVID its become my life, now I & my friends cannot travel & see each other. Things are due to change & fluctuate as time goes on, sometimes I wish when I first started I didn't use this name because this is the name I want to keep & well- I honestly was no where near as good as I am now. I was not on the same level I am now, so it is hard to sometimes show that things have changed over the years & get people too respect new rules & understand the 'real you' & work you are now one.

Things I would do & put up with years ago I would never do now. I cannot be bothered taking peoples word for it, no deposit= no booking. After all a deposit has a 99% effective rate in preventing car accidents, unbelievable traffic situations, freak tornados, family deaths, avalanches, alien invasions & car break downs- why would you not want to pay a deposit? The only ones who don't are usually people who love having the above happen & enjoy having to cancel due to the above reasons or what ever else they can come up with. Also concerned about 'pri