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I love how he fucks me

My longest lover and I have had a connection from the first time our eyes met in the room. A type of electrical current that came between us and pulled us closer with a tingling feeling in every extremity.

A touch that has always made me willfully submit too all his dominating mascular desired & needs.

The way he fucks me isn't just sex, it's passion, dominating yet loving all at once. The tenderness yet the exploration and endless hours of mutual pleasure and eruptive endings.

Over the years my body has become accustomed to his touch, it opens in ways for him that it hasn't done before. Desires his touch in every inch of space in my being, and he loves to fill it.

I melt with every stroke.

Our bond grew through time and our endless exploration was due to our openness with each other about desires, feelings and needs.

Communication is a fundamental in all great relationships, including these ones. Our relationship only got hotter when I told him my naughtiest fantasies and he told me his.

The way he contorts me and pleasures me to the point I am begging him to slide inside me is something that I cannot even begin to explain. The pleasure it brings me to climax so many times and the feeling when he finally slides inside me is out of this world.

I don't really know if he will ever really understand how greatful I am for our bond and connection. But I am, when he light's up my phone I smile & know a night full of orgasms will be coming soon. I have true care and love for him a desire for our moments together and miss him when he is gone.

If you're looking too build a truly intimate sexual bond build a friendship first. While the sex will still be great the sex after we started to develop our connection and become so comfortable and open in communication is what made our sex so much more intense..

Create sexual memories and live your fantasies as those memories are something you will always keep with you, somewhere in the back of your mind and that fullfilling of your desire can be a memory for you to enjoy sometime.

I am so greatful for my lovers in my life 😘

Armarni Bulkani


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