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Directions & Projections 2022

2021 was a year of big changes for me and also my career. I went from being blurred to unblurred, started onlyfans & started Pornography. At points in the year I had questioned what career I prefer and what career I wish to take full time.

I would miss escorting if I was to take a different path, this is a huge part of my social life and many of the gentlemen I spend time with I do develop close friendships with and of-course enjoy our intimate moments together. Pornography as fun as it can be at times is a lot of work, and not just a self reliant business. You have to rely on others to be able to make scenes & collaborate. Unlike escorting where I can just stick to myself, my clients and a few selected people I have networked with & vibe with I need to get out there and mingle. There are dramas & it can be a little bit like a headache when trying to navigate what moves to take. For me this just generates stress & I will never really understand how some people just seem to love drama. haha.

I am about a stress free life. That is why I escort- not to waltz around in Louis Vuittons and designer gear. I just like to live a peaceful life, I am very introverted and I am very happy just chilling with my animals, reading, playing GTA/ Tekken, watching a show or studying linguistics. I love privacy, something I feel the pull to diminish if I want to take my online business to the next level. I have experienced stalkers and very unfavourable circumstances in the past so I am always very cautious of who has access to me and personal things about myself. I think sometimes people can forget the fact that not everyone is good in the world and I myself can forget the fact that not everyone is bad.

I do not regret going face out at all, I for once feel accepting of my career as an escort. Onlyfans helped me a lot through times of lockdowns and for now I will continue with it & dont see myself giving it up, but escorting is my main career and It always will be my main focus. Going forward in the year I really hope to get back to holidays with clients, dinner dates, overnights and just enjoying the time we have together. I had some pretty big things happen in my personal life and they really put into perspective for me how important it is to spend your time with those you wish too, spend your time on those who equally care about you as you do them. Don't let people use and abuse your time it is too valuable. What is important to others doesn't necessarily have to be important to you, it is okay to be unique and live your life the way that makes you happy as long as it isn't hurting anyone else.

I am asked quite frequently when I will be touring x, y, z - Unfortunately I need to think about my choices to travel very carefully until its clear in regards that borders will no longer shut, I have responsibilities at home and am incredibly independent so it's just not worth the stress or financial gain if decisions change half way through a trip. I will be working on my base & hosting experiences this year in Brisbane as opposed to focusing on interstate travel. International travel for tours probably won't be happening until 2023 now as situations are still too unpredictable. International FM2Y & holidays with known gentlemen will be available when situations are easier.

For 2022 I really want to focus on my happiness and doing what makes me happy, less what is "expected" and more of what I want. I also would like to make a new connection & possibly start a new arrangement ( haha the closest thing I will have to a relationship these days) with someone I find enjoyable to spend time with & who understands how to treat & look after a woman financial needs. Men want sex, women want financial security- I prefer to skip the marriage/ kids leverage & keep things honest. I want to start getting back into my hobbies & spending my free time doing things that are of value to me & my path instead of wasting my time. Embrace personal changes & growth as opposed to worry how that will impact things in my career. Allow myself to have personal privacy still & re-establish parts of my personal life I felt I had to switch off due to my career choices & them becoming more public.

I hope you have had a magical start to your year and that you are not too stressed with all going on.

Hugs & Kisses

Armarni Bulkani

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