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I have the best lovers.

I just want to create a quick post because as most of you know I communicate better via written communication. I truly am greatful for all of my lovers new and existing that have made my first year in Brisbane such a great year.

I am really looking forward too having another great year being based in Brisbane.

Thankyou too everyone being so understanding in my fee changes also, having the two hour minimum and fees set at a base of $1,000 has enabled me to work how I like and ensure I give my best self.

Of course pre-booked appointments always get my very best as this ensures my sleep schedule & preparation is at its best (my sleep patterns can be bizzare and all over the place). For example those whom have a foot fetish pre-booking ensures I can be properly pedicured and prepared.

Not needing to see more than one person a day ensures that my sexual energy is kept at a maximum for each lover and that each of my experiences are at its best.

So thankyou so much for understanding and from feedback the improvement to our time together has been great also and also the ability to extend has been appreciated.

I am truly so blessed to have to connections I have had lately. I do have the space in my life to take on one new arrangement currently. For me the bonds and friendships I have established with my lovers are priceless and with time and comfortability things only get better as with more trust true desires are more easily shared.

Hope your July is starting off well 😘

Hugs & kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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