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A Little About My Photo Shoots & Upcoming Move

Something I love about my photoshoots over the past few years are the comments I receive from gentlemen when we meet. Also I feel a lot less anxious posting so many photos of me in positions that I find unflattering because you can see things I feel are flaws (funnily some of my regulars pic these as their favourite photos because that's what they love most about me), I don't feel like will he think I'm too fat, will he think I'm too short, My hairs not 'blow waved' and I didn't have a professional make up artist on set before a booking. When I do my shoots I don't hire Louis Vuitton shoes or things like this, because simply I would prefer to save for a house or put it towards a holiday. I am not super materialistic, I enjoy my make up and having long hair but I don't really care too much about brands. I do love colours though, So I try to incorporate certain colours and themes I like.

But my favourite shots are usually me nudie, with a piece of silk sheets, making coffee in a g string & sometimes even laying on the floor lol. Simplicity is something I like because I feel if I created too much of something glamorised it would be expected all the time and well for me that is unrealistic particularly in Queensland where notice is very unlikely for bookings.

I have been a blur maniac over the years because I had intentions of starting my life in the Middle East where honestly I didn't want escorting to be something that comes up on my passport. But now due to changes I don't see myself permanently leaving the country anytime soon. Parts are also starting to become more accepting due to the way the virus has impacted the economy. Another major reason is particularly after my December release I was approached several times around the Sunshine Coast as Armarni when I was simply trying to live my life. It made me paranoid as I currently live in a quiet small community and I didn't want to be viewed as a predator for peoples husbands haha, I don't know why so many women think like this but escorts don't want to steal your husbands you will find in our personal dating lives we are more fussy than most.

So anyway my year on the Sunshine Coast has been rather confined, not due to covid but due to feeling like an alien at times in shops etc. Some men need to learn that most women do not appreciate gawking, cat calling or being outed as an escort. The men that approached me I have never met, so it made me paranoid as. In honesty this year I really wanted to step it up a bit, wanted to come out a bit but I felt like the area I live is to small and I am not your blonde bikini babe that blends in to the rest of the surrounds. An old nail technician of mine said before she left Noosa, one that I am the best client she had and "I am like a highlighter in a Draw full of led pencils". I hope she is doing well one of the sweetest things someone has said to me.

Moving to the big smoke I think I am going to ease off the blur on my ink see how I go, I am unique but I have acceptance and in honesty I am tiered of living my life in hiding. Lots of big changes are coming but the one thing that is staying and will be even more tightened up- Screening and Deposits. I will not risk myself, wellbeing or time because your scared of loosing a $100 or so and think your discretion is more important than my safety- men like that don't deserve my blow jobs even if they pay for them. Because no amount of money can replace manners and manners to me is one of the most beautiful things.

After I am settled & situated I will be doing a lot more selfies as I will have a dedicated room for this now, I also will be aiming for a shoot around September. I had been dealing with a lot of things in my personal life this year & I do think moving is something I needed in order to move forward and get my mind back into work. I have also missed all my Brisbane gentlemen but its just been too hard to align everyones different schedules and that highway is insane at night time- It took me 2 hours and 43 minutes to get home from South Brisbane the other night. 80-60km p/hr signs most of the way heaps of speed cameras in unmarked cars but zero changes to the road in the area or workers there. I just wish they took signs down when not working at least or finished one section before pulling up the whole road.

I know so many of my gentlemen are quite surprising and read all of my blogs and enjoy reading my writings. However I am shifting somethings over into my blog to simplify my website a little bit as I will be adding new packages with my move.

Sorry I have been quiet guys, I just needed to find the perfect place (which I did) and organise my life. I do need to write some more erotic writings, maybe I need a little bit more inspiration first xo

Shoot Rundowns

2019 Flash back-

December 2020

Shoot was taken on the 15th of December 2020, 3 photo shoots for the year despite the pandemic, I have been a busy bee & so has my photographer.

My next professional shoot will not probably be until around September this year (2021) as I have a lot of other projects I am working on.

Imperfections are left for authenticity- as all my shoots hair & make up done by me how I do any day so I am how I will be on our date.

November 2020

Shoot was taken on the 3rd of November 2020, Images are back! Excuse my Blurring, I did a quick blur as I have been busy with my other businesses. Thanks again to Morgan Ellem Photography for putting up with my Booty & jokes- view all of the images in my gallery.

There is over 200 photos on there now & more coming also check out my Twitter @ArmarniBulkani & Selfie Gallery. I was laughing so much in all this shoot honestly some of the faces I was pulling haha.

June 2020

Shoot was taken 25th June 2020, Images have face and tattoo's blurred for privacy, no body changes or photo shop other than facial and tattoo blurring have occurred. Images are 100% Armarni. I love the shower shoots in these Although you wouldn't know I am not really in a shower :P

Please remember Images are under strict copyrights- I do follow up any use of my images without written consent via lawsuit.

Images have face and tattoo's blurred for privacy, no body changes or photo shop other than facial and tattoo blurring have occurred. Images are 100% Armarni. Warning all Images, write ups, Graphics, Blogs and intellectual property are all under copy right. Copying, Distributing and use of any of this information and or images is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action.

Hugs and Kisses

Armarni Bulkani

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