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What's in a Name.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Here's a little bit of truth for you all, a little bit of information too get your minds ticking.

I have been in the industry now for roughly 5 years as a private provider.

When I, Armarni Bulkani first came onto the scene I was fresh, I didn't have that much of an idea of where I was going or how too portray myself in a way that conceals but also reveals me. I struggled.

When I first started I didn't know how to screen, I didn't know how to ask for deposits or how to collect them. I was frightened of the law & had many bad experiences from meeting the wrong people.

I made a lot of money but as someone who doesn't drink, gamble or party & one of the only women in the world who cannot stand shopping I didn't know what to do with my money. I lived every day like it was my last &

So when I first started I had alot of 'nerves, anxiety & negative experiences' combined with great money in a town renown for water front dining & more ice-cream shops than you could imagine. What does a stress head girl do, eat.

When I first started work I was a little bigger than I am now (10 AUS) maybe size 12-14. But after a few months of the lifestyle & trying to navigate my way through landmines I was 14-16 & at some stages possibly beyond that. I was struggling, I had regulars trying to take advantage of me that was making me feel bad about myself, had some bizarre scenarios in my work life that now I can see I could have avoided. 'Friends' in the industry who were financially using me, family problems due to being exposed. Gaslighting from an industry peer & I was struggling with my own morals. I was down.

When I relocated back from interstate & restarted business I did contemplate once I was in a better mind state & physically me again completely re-branding. Still now I wonder if I should do that.

Why? Well Im not just back too myself I'm now better than I have ever been. I'm healthy, thriving & satisfied within myself & my social circles in my life. I'm now a size 10, vegetarian, academic with a brighter view towards the future. And like most good things in life I have become better with age.

I always have had my shape regardless of what size I am but considering I'm down over 58kg from my heaviest I am very different to what some would remember... My own family that hadn't seen me in 6 months had no idea who I was when I came up to them & they were expecting me to be at the event.

Police always think my ID is fake because over the years my "Russian Jawline & face shape" has come into place, obviously more enhanced when I loose weight.

So now I'm feeling good, literally brand new & as most are aware I run a extremely strict business in the way of policies now and have for the past few years. I protect my safety & my right to feel safe at work more than most could imagine.

I turn away alot of clients but that suits my business plan well. Because unlike all those years ago I know who I am now and value my safety & mental health more than money. I focus on Return Of gentlemen opposed to 'new clientele'all of the time. I have high return rates & that is because I only invest my time in gentlemen who have spent time reading & actually want to meet me, not just have sex with someone. I feel more validated this way & have meaningful connections & the sex is more mutually enjoyable.

I sleep soundly at night.

The issue that I face is I am my name, I actually am Armarni Bulkani. She is everything I really am. As in its not just a brand name too me the personality, morals & the way I come across is how I actually am.

I couldn't imagine being 'someone else', it took me years too let this show out of some what fear of judgement & worrying too many people will connect real world me with adult world me. The truth is they do that anyway, I stand out. People will always talk so may as well give them something to talk about. I used to be somewhat embarrassed by what I do, but now when I get beauty treatments etc I just be honest.

Because truly, if I wanted a customer service role or wanted too work as a beauty therapist again or something I could but the truth is I don't. I make extremely good money, meet incredible men & have great experiences. The way I run my business now has actually been so effective that I don't have bad experiences anymore.

So sometimes I do think it would be beneficial as I am so different to how I was when I first began. I've always been ever evolving but I do believe because Armarni Bulkani is technically me, not just a brand name, I cannot just walk away from it. In the real world people change all the time. I've seen guys I went to highschool with and they nearly died I look so different. People change and I Armarni Bulkani change too, I feel like that is reflected in my website, writings & images.

But this is a struggle I face...

Thanks for reading

Armarni Bulkani

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