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What my passionate moments are about.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Constantly I am asked for inclusions & menus...

Years into this industry the amount of times I've heard men state they have had 'clinical' moments in the past, they want something authentic & that feels legitimately reciprocated. In order for that too occur, besides the boundaries already outlined in my website and profiles safe services no backdoor etc I prefer too let the moment flow. Just like a normal date if there's something you want too do ask... Each person is different & If your wanting to venture into some more adventures like toys on me or porn star quality oral etc we can talk about this in person. I find most men are truly after passion and connection with that authentic lust and desire coming across in the way they are teased and pleased. Not a menu. I also find those seeking a menu are more interested in what they are getting opposed to with whom they are having it with. I'm interested in seeing men who want to see me.

I do like to inform I do not provide domination services like whipping, pegging etc. Why? Early on I did, I felt it detracted from who I really am. It confused my braanding & drew away from experiences I enjoy creating.. I'm very sensual, feminine & enjoy bringing out the inner man instincts in men... Lol legitimately some men growl in bed with me lol... Like a bear... 😂.

I've also found many men who usually indulge in situations where they are more submissive are able to sexually open up with me and can actually enjoy the sensuality I project. This doesn't mean I don't go on top. I really enjoy taking charge sexually! I ride extremely well & enjoy pleasing a man on more than just the physical level. Felacio is like an art form too me, I take pride in my skill set & enjoy using them. I prefer longer dates and my rates reflect that. Personally I'd prefer to be rid of hour bookings as well as I do prefer dinner, overnight & extended dates.

My advice read what she doesn't do, understand some things are only at discretion and only offered too those we choose at additional. This can come down to many things manners, hygiene, trust, connection and feeling comfortable....

For the best experience I recommend looking at it like a date establishing boundaries like you would during a first time with a lady in normal life.. Don't just put your finger in.. Ask, move slowly & enjoy the moment dont rush into it as sometimes it's better to have time to enjoy... I personally find giving a list too provide a brothel like feel... I don't work in parlours for a reason, I prefer quality to quantity and want to see gentlemen whom have read about me & want a authentic girl friend experience filled with passion. If your just seeking the best value for your $ I don't want to see you as I put true effort into my meets & want to spend time with men who do too.

If your wanting to get together and see if I can make you discover your mating call get in touch via my Contact form. Over nights are available in all QLD major cities via advance booking. Check my tour schedule first :) x

His & kisses

Armarni B

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