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Updates & TV antennas

Covid, it really has put the pressure on everyone right? As you would probably assume, Sex Work is one of the first industries to be shut down in-person. You have probably seen some of your favourite escorts starting online services, such as onlyFans, Skype video calls & even sexting & phone sex.. To be honest I felt the pressure, it seems like everyone has been doing some form of content creation, porn creation or online side hustle.

I have always been a blurred face & blurred tattoo's girl, because in honesty this isn't something I intend on doing forever and while it may be legal in this country, facial recognition is a thing and well where I want to spend a lot of my life traveling this is highly illegal. Things like the laws in America being changed and sex workers being viewed as international criminals on their system & the possibility of being detained for trying to enter the country. For some SWers this wouldn't be a problem, but I have never been in an airport in Australia without being bomb tested & as you can imagine I have been to the airport a lot, even to meet someone on stop overs etc, random my 🍑. These things although I have zero intentions of going to the US unless absolutely necessary, it will have ripple effects on more stricter countries in the world and well, I love the ME & want to travel all over without issues (if we are ever allowed to again).

Anyways I had put so much pressure on myself to do something that deep in my heart I just didn't want to do. I am creative & I am sure if it was something I felt comfortable doing I would do fairly well at it (but dam its a lot of work!). But for me to say goodbye to all my dreams, as well as having deeper personal desires in my life that just completely contraindicate that path (my current also but its easier to make that go away), is just not worth it for me. For me the stress, pressure & the impact on my personal life is just not worth the money or additional verification that the online content provides.

I like being an escort, when I first started I wouldn't say that because I wasn't as skilled in keeping myself safe from those with bad intentions, screening & only accepting bookings that feel safe to me. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started and no, I didn't feel safe and boy do I have some bizarre stories & moments from that time in my life. But now, I know how to spot someone shady, I know how too keep myself safe. I am happy to ignore enquiries from people I haven't met past 10pm. I'm financially okay to turn away every request that enters my phone or email. Although that is not ideal in any business, but I worked hard to be able to get to that point of being selective in my encounters. It never used to be like that, the way I used to feel & the anxiety that came with that I never want to feel again, so I am strict & picky, yes and that does come at a cost.

But now I can comfortably say that 99% of the men I meet are men I would happily see again. I am actually happy, the men I see regularly are men I actually enjoy being with. I have some that honestly blow me away by how amazing they are & I miss them! legit miss them. I am grateful for that, because this wasn't always the case for me. There hasn't been a name change or a re-brand between my phases, this has all been combined. I started as an independent escort at 22, I just turned 27. Yes my real age, I have always put my real age, now I'm starting to think I shouldn't have lol. But I did the journey all on my lonesome for most of it. There were lows & highs, and figuring things out the hard way.

I'm now comfortable to say, I am content within myself and my business being blurred, at peace not having online services. I am an escort, also a companion but I am not a Pornstar. I also don't want to be one, its just not for me. For example, I would hate to be famous I know some people would like that but if I had one superhero wish it would be to be invisible when I choose, and I think I would be all the time except in bookings, I like solitude & peace and quiet. I like space.

It may mean I won't ever be High profile, well known and booked off the charts as an escort, but then again I also don't want to. I'm actually quiet happy as it is, I work via appointment these days, I don't book hotels & wait around for available now or sit ready for bookings, yes I miss out on some work, but how many of those men truly read & wanted to see me? From my experience none, as they would also see advance appointments are necessary & that I don't drink or 'party', don't offer 30 mins & don't see men who think they don't need to tell an escort their name, I am also not a flesh light or a mcdonalds drive through where you can customise your burger or ask for fries with that lol- If I want to offer you fries I will 😅.

These days I see time as investment, something you cannot get back, if I invest my time in someone its because I believe they will be someone I see again, I don't really find once-off bookings appealing. Its the same as my personal life, I won't spend time with someone for free if I don't believe it will be a worth while connection, male or female. Im very much content on my own opposed to having company that is not enriching my life. I have what I need, and I have some great gentlemen in my life that have all came into my life while being my weird self. I won't ever try to push myself into something I don't want to do again, because that feeling was not worth it, and those who do know me well, know it was something way out of character for me for me to say let's do content creation & porn.

2021 has been the worst year for me so far, I am having flight withdrawals, I love being on a plane its the best feeling for me- especially if there is turbulence (sorry people but I get so excited when I hear that seatbelt ding lol). But I love my pets the thought of being away from them for two weeks or longer due to quarantine freaks me out so I have pretty much been in Sunshine Coast all year. 😑.. I have been separated since before covid from the people in my personal life I am closest too, I have been stupidly angry at them for being far away & angry at me for being far away. And well, I just threw a bit of a life tantrum lol, like I can't be where I want to be & doing what I want to be doing so I may as well through all my life plans out the window. Lol legit, it was a tad pathetic but Like everyone I am just so over it. I cut my TV antenna chord thing, so I can no longer watch free tv, I cannot watch the news and can only watch funny things on Prime, Netflix or some other streaming service. Because I couldn't take all the Covid adds anymore. The other night a covid add came on Prime, I went off at the tv & wrote them a complaint haha... Like the money being spent on them, honestly. Lol pretty sure everyone knows about this invisible demon sneaking into & ruining everyones lives world wide since Jan 2020. But yes I am over it and I threw a grown up tantrum. lol.

Someone told me recently they booked me because they read all my website & I seemed confusing and very interesting haha, he hit the nail on the head. I am so different to anyone I know and I do not have much of a filter at times, so yes I am aware mentioning I threw a grown up tantrum is something that is 'off brand' but honestly if you want someone who blends in, who will sit there and not speak their opinion and be a plane Jane I am so not for you lol. I tell people what I really think, that's also something I love about this job- ask me about some of the times I've had 'normal jobs' lol. I told a co-worker her pussy isn't golden so withholding sex from her partner to put together furniture won't do anything, he could just stop at a brothel on the way home, haha. I cannot do 'normal' life, I am way too honest. There is nothing subtle about me at all. I am an odd specimen and I am glad I am. Just hide your TV antenna chords hahah (joking).

So anyway if you want to see my face, my 🌸 and everything between my 🍑 the only way to do so is in person. Online stuff isn't for me, I won't force it again & I won't mention it again. I already hate taking selfies, it's a massive chore for me. Id prefer just to get another photo shoot so I don't have to think how to stand & lighting etc.

Also I won't be touring for a while every time I try to there is problems, crazy rains, cyclones in the north, 100 year floods and of course my arch nemesis Covid... Maybe when things have calmed down I might do FM2Y for overnights only. But I think I will be needing to stick to QLD until the governments get their heads together. I just cannot stand the thought of a hotel room for 2 weeks without my fur babies ... I loose it being in one without a nature view for even one day. I even cry everynight on overseas trips that I want to be on without my Fur children too sleep next too, tours also lol I get lonely without them.

I have not been to Brisbane since well before I did my Gold Coast tour on the 18th of February, lately all Brisbane enquiries have been for me are last minute seekers, time wasters or low ballers lol. I don't even bother advertising there anymore.. They just don't seem to understand I have no desire to go to the city other than work & unless there is enough prebooking it seems silly to me to pay for hotel fees etc. I am in the Sunshine Coast, for outcalls only or I can book & organise a hotel for our meeting for additional funds & ample notice.

Hopefully all of this Covid stuff goes away soon, Im so over it... I applaud all of those who are not nervous nellys and can actually still travel in these times without going insane with anxiety as borders switch at the drop of a hat. I just don't have the stomach for it.

Hope you all have a great week, I'm just going to keep being my weird self.

Armarni Bulkani


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