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To the incompetent Enquirers

To all of those whom have no etiquette or sense of how to speak professionally to women in this industry. enquirers with are you available now and hey. Etc.

I've made it pretty clear all over my website I don't condone this behavior & will not encourage or entertain it by supplying it ever!.

Im not really sure why this has become such a common culture of men in Queensland, but I'd prefer to stare at a wall then spend my time with men who lack the manners to read, introduce themselves and follow booking protocols.

I have no problem turning away every request as I just do not have paitence for little boys anymore and only entertain gentlemen. (definitely not an ageist thing as I have more young 20 something yr olds with manners & respect than 50+yr olds in my work phone) .

I am extremely greatful for all the young men I spend time with whom respect me and provide me with all the information necessary when enquiring. Whom comply with the booking procedures. Honestly some of the manners some of the younger men have blow me away. It puts many 'mature gentlemen' to shame.

I also appreciate those who realise things have changed and escorts have a right to feel safe at work and select whom they are intimate with and also have the right to job security by obtaining deposits. I appreciate you for learning to support and comply with these requests. Those whom cannot learn to respect people in this industry, just don't have a place anywhere near my body or anywhere in my inbox.

I understand there are many people who facilitate your last minute requests or incompetent enquiries that think you don't need to supply a bit about yourself. I am not one of them. That life is not for me, I like to only see a few select gentlemen.

I will also be removing hour bookings all together for Brisbane in the next few weeks. Brisbane has become littered with men whom lack basic respect for women and expect SWers to sit around ready waiting for them. The audacity of some requests make me sick.

I will only be entertaining lengthier arrangements with those whom I see the potential of a long term professional bond. I'm just not interested in the culture that is cultivating here. I understand it is being encouraged by those facilitating it. But men there need to Learn to read & understand some people run successful businesses based on return, long term arrangements opposed to constant supplies of last minute bookings.

I am at the point in my career where I just don't have the patience for games. I have another business and another project I'm launching and it honestly is not worth the headache coming to Brisbane when I can see the culture for the area is that girls should sit around ready for you. Lol not me.

I'm not really a take away vibe I'm more of a resteraunt that you need to pre-book a table at. An experience not just a feed. I'm bot Interedted in one off engagements so if your messaging everyone hey and asking if they are available I just leave you on read. If your lucky my auto responder will send you a robotic response. That's as far as that attitude will get.

So if your in Brisbane and ever wish to see me 2+hours and a minimum of 8 hours notice is required. A deposit via beem it. Incalls cost more than outcalls. I have a specific Brisbane page on my website

I am 100% private and indipendant I don't have a phone minder, agency or pimp so I have zero tolerance for those who do not comply with booking protocols & dont have respect and common manners.

Ciao Brisbane pretty sure your tours are cancelled. I'll be via advance appointment only as usual. Let's hope the border reopens again soon as honestly I was looking forward too meeting some of my Sydney enquiters and catching up with a few NSW regs.

Armarni Bulkani

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