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Thoughts... Where is my head at??

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Where is my head at? A question that has been running fluently in my mind the full length of 2020. I cannot go into depths in regards to my personal life but I can go into depth about where Armarni's head is at... Have you ever felt like your direction has some what changed but it is not possible for you too drift in that Direction in your Current location?  Maybe there is a wall or the angle is just not correct... That is where I am at, I feel recently I have been enjoying the companion side of the business, I really enjoy connecting with like minded Gentlemen and enjoy our conversations and intimate time immensely. But in Honesty- I don't enjoy the usual 1 hour booking in the Same way because Dates and over nights just have more flow, more sensuality & things feel more natural.

Queensland, its a funny place, most of my lovely regular gentlemen are from different countries, different states or were brought up extremely well with amazing mannerism. I'm honestly blessed.However I find myself too be a woman of little patience for the lack etiquette of a lot of men in this state possess, the inability to make polite contact and treat escorts like humans. It saddens me a bit as clearly they have had reinforced that their behavior is acceptable. 

I guess what I am getting at is I've been playing with the idea of changing the way I work completely. The border closures though do have an impact upon that.. I have been feeling like removing hourly rates, moving to date in or out options. Very few men actually have sex for the whole hour and they are paying for time directly not necessarily sex, well that's how I see it. Men that seriously only want 'sex' for the time that they have booked and actually have the hide too ask if they can 'cum twice in 45' are a absolute joke too me. I guess I'm at the point where I feel like focusing on companionship opposed to 'sex'. Men whom actually want things too feel more natural by booking dates are more the type of guys I get along with, and by having it marketed as 1 hour Girlfriend Experience I feel as though I am saying okay for this hour we will kiss, sex etc and providing a 'menu' ... Just not what I am about, but then again I like too be selective on whom I engage in some scenarios with, So do not discuss further options prior too meeting. 

I have been pondering on it, In Melbourne and Sydney I know this would be no problem, but Queensland, I hate too say it some people up here still think they can pay after a service and or don't need to do deposits. That too me is just comical. I pay for all my beauty appointments in advance before I even get there- In order too book a spa day at decent spa's you pay the full amount on the time of booking, I don't complain, I just pay because I'm definitely going to go. The way of thinking by a majority in this state is what I would refer too as 'brothel mentality' they think they pay for a menu and the whole time until a buzzer is sex. I'm legit rolling my eyes at this, but honestly I ignore not even kidding (87%) of enquirers. This used too annoy me but in honesty just seeing men that I enjoy enables me too live comfortably and have more happiness in my life. I don't feel as 'objectified' as what I did in previous years. These days as I am coming across as my true self, I am attracting people I enjoy and creating moments that are not forced, they come easily.

But my phone still 'Tings' with idiots who think I'm an agency they can order a pack of girls through, those who haven't read, those who expect me too sit around all day waiting for the 'ding' on my phone. They don't get the meaning of appointment only. I know I could be making more money sitting around apartments waiting on those dings all day and night. I know I could be rolling in cash- I've had cash. Jeeze there was a point early in my career I wouldn't travel further than 20 mins of my home and would make $7k on a average week. I used to get out of  bed 2am and do short notice appointments ( I was outcall only) and man I was hella un happy inside though. I didn't ever feel safe at work, I had no sleep routine, I had no personal life because I was always apprehending that ding and money really meant something too me. Now I am about saving, I am about experiences, about enjoying my life. I'm a fur mum so my babies are the world too me and I like being home with them, I like gym, being near the water, seeing greenery and hearing birds far away from traffic. i'm about sleeping &eating right, learning and reading- meditation, relaxation and caring for my body & mind.

Im thinking of really trying too embrace work how I like it, Its not about it being lavish dinners out or anything, its about connecting as humans before we connect sexually. It's about having that level of trust and ease of nerve that is needed in initially meeting. its not about the price-tag of it, its about what is expected of that time. I don't work for brothels/ agencies or do back to back bookings for a reason, not only do i feel its not good for my body, I feel its no good for the soul or mind. Some people have different views but that is my very personal one. I prefer too have bookings where I can be aroused as opposed too reaching for lube constantly and force my brain too co-operate ... (lube is still necessary,latex without lube is no go, you get the point though).

Men are aroused generally by what they see with their eyes, women are aroused generally more by intellect and personality in combination with other personal factors.. A huge thing for women is the need too be able too relax in their surroundings in order too engage vaginal muscles in a way that can be stimulating for the gentleman and also be able too achieve orgasm. if a woman feels uneasy, sex isn't going to be great. 

Most actual Gentlemen would hate feeling as though a woman having sex with them feels apprehensive, nervous, afraid or uncertain of them. I'm sure they would want her too feel comfortable. For me that social time is crucial, that is also why I ensure I get your name, age and a bit about you first- like hello, you expect a girl too go meet you a complete stranger in your home or even let you to her apartment and you don't even say who you are? Are you training too be an axe murderer? That's what runs through my head when guys get all defensive on asking for an introduction.

Again everyone works differently. When someone books a Date with me I know straight away that they are also expecting and anticipating social time, time for a lead up-- whether we are out for dinner of having some nibblies and watching netflix- I know they are wanting to have an actual interaction because they too don't want too feel like they are just paying for sex. When a guy just books an hour etc, I feel like a lot see it as a timer and how much sex can be had in that time. Maybe it's just my way of thinking but even that has me in a timer mind set too. where as when someone books a date- I don't feel as under time pressure. I feel like things flow better etc and it results in better sex. 

These days Im going to be honest with you I don't want too see more than 1 man a day, Most guys I meet want too extend anyway, I prefer too have an open schedule so I can extend if they are seeking that. I understand why some men are nervous too book longer dates straight up simply because there sadly are some agencies and things around and there has been issues with people not meeting who they are expecting. I get people's concern. That is why I put so much time into my website and online presence, I have been around for years under the same name- yes I have lost a heap of weight from earlier years but Like any other person/business in the real world over the years my body has changed (got way better ;) ), my services changed, my personality grew and I became wiser and stronger  but my name stayed the same.

Soooo what is coming? I am going too be changing how I run things- Gradually but surely. Why do something one way if your unhappy doing it that way? Its not hard its not about having 4 hours of time, its about making it more natural in how it flows opposed to money, shower and service. I'm ditching the word 'service' all together it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Deluxe and additional things will always only be discussed upon meeting as I may not want too offer them too some. Its simply a thing I gauge on how well I enjoy a persons company & whether I feel like offering those things. 

Pre-booking as always will be vital, and I am thinking of changing and removing my number from sites... this is too help stop the annoying 'dings' and install a little more calm into my life. By doing this I will be Contact form/ Online booking system only then I reach out via email or via sms (depending on preference) and actually go through with contacting you. Currently I operate an auto sms service and if you don't supply the information asked for I simply ignore it. but still then it frustrates me 100% of those whom use my contact form/ online booking system have been legitimate bookings and I have met. sms probably not even 1% I end up meeting. Again it comes down to quality over quantity. When a man replies almost robotic-ally like john , 29,  1 hour asap- I just ignore it too- like really???? I feel like making a course on how too approach women. Some may complain about a long intro message but I will not I love literature and a man who actually introduces themselves.  It's nice too know who I am expecting.

All in all soon you will only be able too book Dates with me whether it is brief or lengthy it will be a date not just sex. If your after just sex get a flashlight. Stay tuned, Stay Safe & stay Healthy.

thinking of all of my dear gentlemen that live in Melbourne- Hope your back in your holiday houses in QLD with me soon ;) xoxo seriously though stay safe x

Hugs and Kisses 

​Armarni B xoxo

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