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The night I got all oiled up

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I'm going to tell you about one of the most Erotically pleasing bookings I've had. One that had my pussy throbbing and dripping wet just begging for his cock.

The night I got all oiled Up. ..

He was welcoming and his thick accent was surrounded by a smell of exotic cologne his smile was enough too inform me we would have an excellent night.

Before long I found myself embraced in his strong arms as his hands were stroking my tight clothing. Men like him enjoy unwrapping their presents and his caressing of my body through my clothing was making me moan softly as I felt my pussy becoming wetter with each caress.

His lips were pressed too mine as his tongue passionately connected with mine his grip on my breasts became stronger and caressing became more fast paced and aggressive. His cock firmly pressing against me through his pants rubbing until he couldn't resist anymore.

My clothes began falling too the floor as his lips made their way down My neck to my chest. My nipples hard with excitement as he firmly sucked on my natural large breasts while rubbing them. I love the feeling of my breasts being rubbed and sucked so passionately.

I turned around as I slid down My panties and bent over for him as he rubbed the wetness between my thighs. Getting wetter and more excited each time.. I felt him remove his pants and was delighted to see his thick cock hard and ready for me.

"I have an oil fetish do you mind if I cover you in Baby oil? I have more funds on the bedside" he said with his hands firmly gripping my big peachy bum. 'No problem at all I love oil play too' I didn't think I could get any wetter but I could feel myself so wet I was wet all down my thighs with excitement as the oil was poured over my naked body as I laid on my stomach. I could feel his hard cock running over my body that's drenched in oil as I was turning my head too kiss his lips and express with my tongue how badly I couldn't wait too please and tease his cock with my mouth.

As he massaged my body and poured the remainder of the whole bottle of oil on my Ass he slowly reached under my stomach and rubbed my clit as he was sliding his thick cock between my checks. I was so wet and horny and moaning with delight as he kissed my neck and I started to move my body as I came, my legs were shaking. I couldn't wait too pleasure him any longer.

He rolled me over onto my back and we kissed with so much passion I was shaking and couldn't help but grab his big beautiful thick cock and caress it firmly in my hands still covered in oil and stroke it. He told me to stop and lay still as he poured another bottle of oil over the front of my bodyrubbing his cock against my thighs, while he was kissing me.

He grabbed my hands and got me to press my breasts together as he started to rub his cock between my large oiled breasts, pouring more oil making my breasts make a squelching sound as he fucked them hard and fast. I always get so wet when my breasts are fucked by a large hard cock it excites me so much.

I kissed the head of his cock as I just couldn't resist the urge to suck it.

I got him to lay on his back as I moved towards him and licked from the shaft of his cock all the way to the tip slowly and passionately. Using the my mouth I sucked his cock sideways a side at a time teasing him making the suction harder as I moved faster. Once I reached the tip I pashed it and made my mouth wet as I took his cock slowly half way into my mouth then paused before I took him all the way and sucked with so much suction. Stopping at the base and sucked hard making myself lightly gag so I made his dick nice and sloppy. I sucked him so hard and fast then slowed down and moved my tongue in a circular motion while sucking him. I watched his facial expressions expressing his amazement at my skills. I enjoy giving head more than anything it gets me so excited.

He stopped me and pulled me on top of him sliding my wet pussy all over his oiled abs, moving me backwards and forwards faster and faster until we both couldn't stand the temptation. My pussy was throbbing and lip was trembling as i felt his thick cock slide inside me slowly as he pushed my hips down deep. My body shuddered with delight as I lent forward and kissed him deeply while using my hips to ride his dick fast and with so much passion, I could feel my pussy contracting making him moan with delight while my pussy was trying to milk his cock.

He kissed me and rolled me onto my back pouring more oil over my breasts and stomach oiling me as he slid his cock in hard and fast positioning my legs over his shoulders so he could go extra deep while pushing my breasts together and squeezing them firm making me cum and body move uncontrollably. I got onto my knees as he rubbed oil all over my firm big round ass and smacked it lightly getting me to make them clap as he slid his cock into my tight wet pussy and moved in and out deeply and slowly rubbing my oiled ass as he poured more oil on my ass and moved faster and faster pulling me up by my hair making me arch my back as we went so deep. I could feel I was going to cum as he poured more oil onto my back and rubbed my clit making me throw it back faster and faster. I felt myself quivering and contracting as he told me he was going to cum. Simultaneously we orgasmed, my pussy contracting and throbbing on his thick cock draining him completely.

We were both covered in oil and I was extremely glad it was an outcall and I didn't have to clean up the multiple bottles of oil he poured all over me but it was definitely one of many hot nights we shared together.

A Erotic Tale By Armarni Bulkani xx

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