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The Face Debate

Being a face hidden escort has its pros and cons. My life usually favours being face hidden. However, I have been starting to ponder if I will become a face shown escort in the new year.

The reasons why is, my face is my best feature along with my eyes & lips. Although my body is adored by my gentlemen, my face is something that gets alot of praise & what people generally like the most about me physically.

Also because I have started thinking about expanding my business & my reach on more international scopes.

I know being face out will equate to more suitors (but as usual only those worthy will get a response), it will also remove the annoyance & stress in blurring everything.

But being a debate there are some negative factors.

I already get too much unwanted stares in public, snide comments from women in particular etc. I could imagine being face out in such a small little community like the Sunshine Coast would cause me problems.

Landlords & hotel owners... QLD can be a bit of an annoyance, the laws here are pretty backwards. Being so low volume currently I can stay where ever I like without any problems, as well I don't have heaps of people coming to my room & saying anything is nothing more than judgement based on my appearance. Being face out my landlords would know 100% , although I don't welcome guests to my home would they freak out? Hotels could easily refuse me and state it's because I'm an escort (legal to discriminate in QLD) and I will loose all privacy.

Also a common thing I think is do I always want to be Armarni? Recently that was a certain no. Now I'm sort of pondering as I realise now that I'm running business this way, I actually like being Armarni.

I sit and think if I didn't get married and I ended up with a few million dollars would I continue to work as Armarni? Recently I've discovered that yes I would.. I cannot do free sex, unless I'm planning on marrying someone no way what so ever lol. It makes no sense to me.. Why would I when I can get paid to?

Obviously we all need sex & affection, I get that from my job that is why my connections are so authentic. Money is also a major turn on for me... Even if I get married & stop working I will need to be given my allowance ,haha because honestly knowing I'm getting paid for it is so sexy, I don't know why ask a psychologist or something lol.

Admittedly I am 27 in March, yes it's scaring me... For me this year has gone so fast, so much was meant to happen this year. I always thought I would have been married & had children by now. Due to covid I'm still in AUS & well who knows what's happening.. I know I don't know at all...

Something that drives me crazy is being 2 different people. So much that sometimes I think of just changing my name to my work name lol. I am her and it's become something that is hard to deal with for me. I sometimes forget my real name as I rarely use it.

Another advantage of having my face blurred as horrible as it is too blur my pictures is, when I'm on dates or holidays with gentlemen we just look like a real couple. Maybe someone may think I'm a little odd, but they don't go wait she's the girl from that website & know definitely I am escorting. I know alot of Gentlemen prefer this with me also we just look like we are on a real life date.

In honesty there is so many pros and cons, there is also my other business but recently I've started not to care what people think. Like yes this is my job, but I'd much prefer too do what I do, live a chilled comfortable life & see men I enjoy seeing a few times a week, fly away for sexy holidays & have a good time. I'd much prefer to do my job than any other job. You couldn't pay me enough to do something 'normal'.. I also don't think I can, I know too much & have seen too much. I'm so observant and can see through most scenarios in ways 'normal people' can't. I could also not be that fake retail nice 😂 I speak my mind, it's like that filter is gone.

But I am going to deeply think about this before making any decisions & align things in my personal life. Ensure I'm making the right decision for my long term goals. Things in life constantly change, life is a variable. We need to adjust accordingly. But so you know currently I am going through the face debate. Maybe eventually that blur will come down. Maybe it will stay up. Right now I don't really know.

Stigma in this industry is huge, but what I worry about the most is loosing my privacy (already feels limited I'm pretty unique in Sunshine Coast to say the least). Then I also worry about limiting my earning potential and letting the years roll by.

2021, who knows what is to come.

Armarni Bulkani

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