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Thank-you Again! Updates & PhotoShoots

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Honestly the last few weeks has been amazing, catching up with so many familiar faces who I had been truly missing, meeting some wonderful Gentlemen who honestly restored my faith in humanity. I am honestly so grateful for having each of you in my life thank you so much for being such courteous Gentlemen with my best interest at heart.

I have honestly had a great time :) . Ive been back on planes a love of mine, the views, the sensation of turbulence, landing and take off.

I am so excited about all of my new big changes coming, also for my photoshoot too come back and for me too release, I am hoping you all like... I wasn't planning another shoot but I am looking too schedule a mini shoot to go in accordance with some new packages I am releasing in the coming weeks.

Have you got your Holiday vibes on? So do I, well at least in my down time lol. I am really looking forward to having some great times away with my gentlemen xo.

I had missed being on a plane, I absolutely love the feeling of take of and landing, Its almost like when your on the Giant Drop and they trick your stomach too thinking it will fall when there is turbulence and I enjoy that feeling oddly enough lol.

From establishing how much I enjoyed this I have decided I am going to Jump out of a plane in the next few weeks because well I can and I want to lol, so if your wanting to do a Skydive but needed a buddy I am totally open to these applications :D lol .

Away from my random thoughts free falling through your mobile screen I would like to Draw your attention too the fact that after the last week of stresses we should all be celebrating. Things are looking up for the world and I believe soon the economy will be stronger than ever. I am ready, are you?

Shall we fasten our seatbelts and make sure our trays are in the Upright position and get started on a weekend or even a week away?

I've got my overnight bag ready, bikini packed & am looking forward to wearing you out and relaxing you at the same time lol.

Stay Tuned for in the next few weeks I will be unravelling some surprises that are coming your way.

Before I sign off I just would like to point out too, all mistakes are an opportunity to learn, develop and grow- the only true mistake you can make is not learning from them.

Have a great Thursday evening, I will be around the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane over the next week as well as Drive/Fly me to you is still an option. Pre-booking is a must as I have other Business endeavours in different fields and studies.

Hugs and Kisses

Armarni Bulkani

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