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Stay Safe Everyone- This is just so Sad :(

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Situation & Availability Update. Warning this may be a little heavy in some Parts.

First and foremost the situation of the world is bringing me to tears. Knowing how many people I know personally and professionally who are facing illness of loved ones or significant employment issues. It's no secret this situation unfolding globally is and will impact our careers. Over the last week I have been choosing to be socially distant and stay home. In the year of 2020 things have so far not been kind, world situations constantly unfolding and enough stress to send our eyes blind to the beauty in life. I too hope drastically things will change, that maybe we could hit reset and start the year again. But would we know then what we know now? Or maybe will a lesson or a global solution resolve all of this some how? I don't really know but I'm hoping we all wake up to a decline in virus linear growth tomorrow. Availability I would like to thank all suitors who have inquired correctly but also inform that obviously planned tours are essentially almost I hope I can at that time and I cannot really guarantee anything until closer to the end of the year. I have been feeling as though accepting bookings from those I'm unfamiliar with is not worth the risk for short duration bookings with a lower income. During this time I would prefer to limit myself to 1 or possible 2 suitors a week. As much as I am grateful for the shorter bookings of an hour , 30 minutes or 45 in normal settings. During this time in finding myself wishing to keep myself more healthy and available for my well acquainted gentlemen and also suitors seeking longer prebooked appointments as it will decrease my exposure. Soon I believe I will be ceasing applications from new suitors completely until there has been a proper isolation period and flattening of the curve. Regulars and known suitors I am still happy to see you for an hour but if your seeking a incall a small extra fee may apply if you do not give enough notice as I will be attending the private incall only too see you. Reminder I also have Netflix and chill packages starting from $600 2 hours. I am also offering phone services phone sex, sexting and possibly feet fetish video calls soon. As my privacy is super important to me I do not have a only fans. in my personal life I am extremely modest so foot fetish videos, sexting and voice calls are all that's available in the online scenario.

So here is what's changing. ♡My well Acquainted Gentlemen: Outcalls- rates stay the same for your area, pre-booking is recommended but there are a few I'll climb out of my bed and into yours for and you know who you are. A last minute incall fee of $50 May apply for same day incalls. FV. ♧Gentlemen I am yet to be Acquainted with: Minimum booking fee equivalent of $600, Netflix & Chill 2 hour, 1.5 hour booking, erotic relax & passion combo. I know this is a stretch for some in current circumstances but I need to limit my booking numbers and this measure will assist with that. Deposit and PRE booking required. ◇ Gentlemens Spa services are currently unavailable as all bookings with new suitors require a $600 minimum fee- I can still provide erotic relax but my minimum fee stays in place and I also require Prebooking. ☆please remember a COVID19 questionare will be required to fill out. This is to ask about your exposure and also helps me determine if you are a career of someone who is high risk or are yourself as for the safety of those you care for and yourself I will be putting first and declining your booking. This survey is sent via link ( I made the survey it has 8 questions should take less than 4 mins to complete. Requires no name or personal details it just saves me testing it and asks in a consistent manner to all gentlemen and limits the chances of me forgetting to ask something you simply fill it out and the answers and submission time is in my application- no downloads required just fill and hit complete.) I have a 0 symptoms policy as I always have for any flu like symptoms and also any std or Sti symptoms. Just don't be the guy thinking it's okay to show up with a fever,sniffles or cough. Not happening. ALL bookings require deposit please don't even contact me if you think for some reason you will be the exception. I will not risk loosing money and I will not put myself in dangerous situations. Deposits make me feel safer so I require them. Thankyou x. I know this is a super hard time for all of us. I know literally everyone reading this is somewhat affected by this and like me is probably hoping to wake up from this bad dream as we see the plot thickening. To those who are currently unwell I wish you a speedy recovery. For those with loved ones currently unwell I wish you strength to help them through this time and that maybe just being emotionally strong for them. For those who mentally are struggling with this doom of the pandemic I wish you peace and some calm to ease through this situation. For those in financial hardship i hope soon it is eased and soon you hesr news of relief and positivity. For all of those who have lost someone they know or someone they love my deepest sympathies and condolences. I am sorry for such an emotional post I just know how many of the gentlemen I have met through the years probably have gone home to their countries to help their families or are sitting here in dismay looking at the television screens. I too wish it wasn't real and know I am thinking of you and hoping you, your family, friends and loved ones are safe. To my dear regulars who have been still supporting me over the last few weeks and ensured me as long as your healthy I will still be your booty call and date night in call, thank you I am so greatful for you all and how well I actually get on with you it's nice to actually really enjoy and look forward to our times together. Health and safety to you all Blowing you kisses and hugging you from afar. Armarni Bulkani Xoxo

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