• Armarni Bulkani

So you Want to Be an Escort?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

 Firstly Welcome to my blog, I wont be liked by many for this blog but hey, I have never really 'fitted in'  in this industry anyway. I could just paint you pictures of a lot of money,  and not working very often for that. But I will go through somethings people will not go through with you. Each person is a individual in their lives, and just as so are individuals in this industry. Some people love the industry, some wish they never started and some have a love hate relationship with it.

I'll start off by saying I believe at some point or another all 'civilian' women have probably or will probably think about joining the sex industry in some way. Nearly every 'civillian' woman i have told what I do for a living asks me either how they can get started or proclaim they wish they had done the same... Who could blame them I guess in a society where it is actually quite hard to obtain a secure full-time job in order to live independently as a woman. Do not get me wrong there are some powerhouse women out there who work in trades, or who have good educational backgrounds where they have more opportunities to succeed in the world. Others may not have had that educational opportunity, or simply enjoyed youth too much and now as adults either face the reality of working pay check to pay check or trying to study without any idea of how to pay for studies and support themselves. Welcome too life as a marginalized woman I guess. (again for all those who go on about people making presumptions this is my opinion and statistically speaking) 

Now let's start with the good things about being a sex worker for me personally and a lot of  those I know- each person is different.

  • Freedom- once you have worked a while, learn to trust your self and develop your self in your business you will discover you probably love your freedom. I work when I like to work. Personally I am a person who is quiet smart with my money and only work low volume. By working this way I don't tend to weekly turn over the big profit margins- but I do have a  lifestyle where I do not meet more than 3 people in a week generally as I have my 'Niche' and the gentlemen I do see are always very generous, and nearly all see me again. It took me time to develop that though and I worked extremely hard and went through a lot to get where I am (i will discuss this stuff later)

  • Good Clients- with developing my niche I do not have one client i do not like. I tend to connect well with them, most of us even have great sex, not only for them but for me. In all of my clients I can find something good, something that makes me greatful that I am the lady they chose and most of their biggest regrets was not finding me sooner (and I wish they had). I have some Clients for 4 years now. I've gone away traveled, retired and returned (a lot more common than you think- coming later). I actually look forward to seeing them some of us have the best conversations and they genuinely care for me-Example- In recent times of lockdown with virus I was so lucky to have several regular gentlemen offer to care for me in that time with no expectations in return- Simply I look after them so if I need any help financially they would be happy to do so. Luckily I am a planner and had plenty of savings and seen this coming when it was still confined to China. So I did not have too accept their generous offers. But the caring nature of all of my clients actually stuns me sometimes. Again I am extremely particular of the dates I will accept and turn away a lot of those who contact me in order to have all 'good clients'.

  • I have met not only amazing men who I would never have met out side of my job from all over the world and all walks of life. I have also met and interacted with so many wonderful women in my industry- admittedly like all situations you need to be careful because I have definitely been used, put in unimaginable situations and completely mislead by some 'friends' I made early on in this industry. It is wise to keep somewhat of a professional distance I find in most scenarios and be a lot more cautious than you would in a mainstream job. But again the diverse personalities, backgrounds and stories are ones i will always hold dear. The bad experiences some I have still not fully dealt with but I know I learnt from them and one day I will look back to how it made me so much wiser.

  • Now you can make extremely good money- but does money make you happy? (more on this later) you also need to work for that money and most of the time unless your mentored or have  been bestowed with the secret networks and ways too ensure your safety- sadly more times then not when starting private on your own unless your already heavily involved in the industry you will probably have limited knowledge on how to stay safe- and the bad guys see new girls as a big red target. Anytime I had a break and returned you would see the trolls climbing out from under the bridge trying to trick you. These days I am very diligent (too cautious most would say) and I never have the displeasure of entertaining these men now but that took work, practice and the ability to turn away thousands of dollars every week. You have to be at a point where you look at money and see it as somewhat worthless to that feeling of unease when you meet someone you wish you hadn't. It takes time for most to do that, mistakes and familiarity with that uneasy feeling, also a financial backing- if your unfortunate and living week to week or even day to day like some in this business(money does not always come easy- there are quiet times) you would find it extremely hard to walk away from the money.

  • Some people love travel, Love their individualism and enjoy how this industry enables them to be who ever they desire- if you want to be a punk rocker you just work your marketing to that, if your a shy girl next door type you work it too that, pornstar in the making etc; etc. You dress how you want (most of the time- I despise the colour red and still have requests of wearing red, it looks great on but to me (i'm a weirdo) red is a angry colour, I do not like it lol- I'm bright, colourful, mysterious and extremely unique to the point it took me 8 days to find something i liked for my photo shoot. I am the worst shopper). But anyway you can be who ever you desire and it will be someone's thing- someone will love it. It doesn't matter your shape or size it is someones preference to someone out there you are perfect. Travel (normally) in this job is something most girls do- you can make a bit being at home but personally going on holiday bookings and weekend getaways is where not only thee 'money' comes from but that bond with your gentlemen is really formed. Touring suits some- for me 'Mrs I want to sleep in my own bed' Touring is not for me- overnight, weekends away and FM2Y are because they are  longer duration bookings without the sitting around in apartments alone feeling- I like being home but I do not like being in empty apartments alone, yes even luxury ones. So its really an individual thing.  

The stuff no one will outright tell you- why? because people in the industry are so set on de-stigmatizing the industry they do not want to talk about the negatives- From someone who read many blogs about the great lifestyle,the money and seen all the instagram stories I know how important it is too give a clear and authentic view of each side of the business. Sadly over the years I have met many young girls who read books, seen interviews or followed instagram models and thought it was a good idea without any knowledge of the ugly truths within the nooks and crannies in the business. For some these 'negatives' will not be negatives. Just like this industry will be great for some and not for others. Some will make it, Some will not.

  This industry has tiers, it has levels and for many the starting level is a place your given the idea of 'sisterhood' and safety. Many girls start in parlors or the very un-glamorous word predominately used in Australia Brothels. Others may start for agencies, pimps, madams. Some may be smart and pay a experienced private worker  too mentor them. Others are quiet brave navigate the industry on their own. There are many different parts of the industry- it is then tiered- high end, mid end, low end (and then those who are forced or trafficked).

(now this part of things (trafficking) I feel is completely different so it is not something I will not talk about in this blog as I feel this industry is when you make the decision to start this work or be in the industry. Trafficking is too me one of the worse crimes of the world and those who support it are demons. How you can try to prevent supporting those businesses as a client- I will write a separate blog and link later- the ladies, men and others that are suppressed through crimes of trafficking and exploitation have nothing but my heart felt sympathies and wishes for freedom and justice. I could never imagine their pain and would make the things we whinge about seem pitiful, as it is completely different scenarios and industries. As sex workers we make the choice to be  in the industry, as victims they have no choice) 

Now I have addressed that I will take you through some negatives I have encountered personally or from those I have met and corresponded with over the years. Again you may love this work, for others though you may find some of these things incredibly difficult.

  • The starting point- We probably all did it when we started, googled agencies or parlors near us and thought it would be the best place to start. We seen the rates men pay and calculate how much we would earn in a 8 hour shift and think wow ill have enough for that "car" in no time. What you probably did not realize when you first did that calculation ( all states are different) but in QLD 40-50% of that money you will never see it will go to the house, so your half an hour rate would end up being $70-$80 for full sex for 30 mins. Yes your expected to not just provide company or a body rub- full sex for that rate- the 'extra's' they are referring to is kissing, touching, different positions or experiences. Too me I find that outrageous and I do not think anywhere should be able to say an amount a woman will receive for having sex, I believe in an ideal world a woman would set her own price and at least pick whom they see but parlors as much as they will tell you other wise in most places in QLD it is not that way. Now if that already doesn't sound like a good deal some men think they are '