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Seeking an Arrangment?

Something I am asked about frequently is arrangements. At times men feel our relationship goes beyond the scope of client/ provider relationships, and well sometimes it does. Although plenty suggest a romantic relationship. Here is the thing though, I love being paid for sex. I cannot imagine having sex without being paid. It's sexy, I feel appreciated in ways that I could never feel without money being exchanged. But that feeling of the exchange can be made more comfortable and arrangements are generally the way.

The year of 2020, several of my long term suitors who I have been in arrangements with have moved away. Some interstate, some back home overseas. They were amazing men and I will miss them deeply. I cannot see in current situations, a time where travelling interstate will be easy. Not for sometime. So keeping that in mind I will be offering arrangements for Queensland only.

So you're wanting to know what is in an arrangement and what makes it different to a normal encounter with me? For starters the best thing about arrangements is everything is already laid out, we know what we are expecting, each arrangement is tailored. The more I commit, the more you commit. The amount of meets, the depth of intimacy is what equates to your financial contribution. As well as vice versa. Before I will agree to an arrangement I will need to see a man is fit for such things. He has the ability to provide such commitments and that I will trust him into my private places. I am a very private person, I do not just allow men I am not well connected with into my life.

Why get a professional?

Anyone can cut your hair if you give them a pair of scissors, but a hair dresser will do better. Think of me like a celebrity stylist when I engage in fellatio, I am good at it, I enjoy it and well you will too. So much it will be hard for you to hold on, but don't worry I will be cranky if you don't sex me before you cum. I like sex and I love giving pleasure. It's like a mission to me to make your eyes roll back and your body quake. Arrangements have a level of connection, a commitment that enables me to delve deeper into your desires and help turn them into a reality. A commitment of time lets me know your worth the effort and time it will take to make your most intimate, erotic fantasies come to life.

See the thing with 'sugar' relationships possibly you will give so much and never receive a thing, or if you do it will probably not be the mind blowing sex and oral you dreamt of. My relationships are not like sugar, they are arrangements. It's not for men who cannot afford my time. Its for men who want a more personable connection. Want it to feel 'real' without a nagging person to deal with (unless your into that I can totally accomodate lol).

I do prefer retainers with arrangements as it helps you feel as though it is natural. Retainers are worked out and provided monthly, or 3 monthly if you prefer. I am more generous in arrangements because I am provided for and given security.

I tailor each arrangement, I also offer social dates in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane so if your seeking to get to know me prior too making a commitment to an arrangement let me know. I do not give my time for free though. I know what men want, I can feel the desire running through their bodies, but I also know what men are like. Arrangements are for me, relationships that are free are not. In arrangements I can host, with ample notice for Brisbane as I take forever to organise myself to go to the city. Or if you are able to come to the Sunshine Coast a little sooner depending on our connection.

Arrangements receive a different phone number that is not on the internet. We have a set agreement in place including texting, calls, pic/video exchange as well as a pre-signed NDA so both parties are protected. We have set dinner dates, overnights, or shorter hourly engagements all prearranged. The more you care for me the more I give to you, simple really. We can do all the things a normal couple would do, movies, beach, holidays you name it, it's real. I am just compensated for and you are guaranteed amazing, ample amounts of sex and pleasure. Unlike most relationships where sex fades out I have an never ending hunger for sex.

If you're a current, or previous client or someone who is seeking something more like a relationship please fill out the contact form, select arrangement and we will organise a social date or a normal appointment to see how we connect. Sexual and communicative connection is very important to me in an arrangement as I only take on a limited number of arrangements and having trust is very important with this level of engagement. I need to get to know you before I will agree to too much and delve into your deepest sexual desires and fantasies. I find out the most about a man by the way he contacts, it tells me even more than what the screening does. If you do not put in effort when contacting and introduce yourself like a gentleman, why would I put in the effort to create a bond with you?

Even in my escorting life, if you're someone just seeking a quick sexual release, I am not for you. I am in a position where I seek deeper connections, ones where I too can really open up sexually and I cannot do that with men who do not have good manners and communicative skills. For example in the tell me about you I am asking more along the lines what you do for work, your hobbies & what your seeking intimately. If you leave it blank it tells me you're pretty boring. Or that you think I don't select who I see.

Arrangements even more so, I need to know you so much deeper. Because it is so much more than an escort relationship. It is deeper, and I need to ensure that you can respect boundaries, follow set rules and be honest. I also need to see you respect your health and have respect for yourself.

Why I offer these?

I like having deep connections, but I do not have free sex. Makes no sense to me and I have a money fetish. I am not joking when someone pays me more, tips, gifts me, extends and makes me feel special- I get so much more wet. Honestly when I am given more than what I ask, my pussy wetter and wetter. I don't know why it's just how it is. When you have been paid for sex I guess there is a sense of appreciation that you usually do not receive lol. Even if I ever married or that I would need to be given an allowance, because I think being paid for sex & being paid extra for more is the sexiest thing.. My pussy is getting wet just writing this. But my favourite men do not need to be told- they pay more, gift more and they get a alot more. They are not bargain shoppers they know if they want it all they need to show appreciation & generosity.

I want to slow down on tours and things this year, I want to be able to have some deeper relationships and explore more sexually, that can only be done when there is a certain level of trust. I am already very low volume, but I would prefer to start working towards more exclusivity to a few generous gentlemen who know what they want and don't mind paying correctly for such level of intimacy.

Whether your single and wanting someone on your arm for dinners and to go out with, or if your not so single and need to keep things low key. If your in the position to be generous and want to be naughty, possibly there can be a time and a place for you and me.

Hugs and Kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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