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Reasons I no longer Date.

Being an escort I learnt quite a few things, some the easy way, some the hard way. One thing I have learned is men and women in I would say 98% of relationships have unspoken expectations for the other party involved. Most men in relationships complain they do not get enough sex or as many sexual adventures they would like. Most women complain they are not spoiled enough, don't have enough communication, affection, romance and love. Men want to get hard and conventionally speaking women want to feel adored.

I have been a 'normal' woman, with those emotionally attached expectations, and well I was a little different to most, I was a bit of a sex crazed freak you could say lol. My x used to have no testosterone left in his body at the end of a long day and would constantly be woken to the sound of vibration or his penis in my mouth, but that's a story for another day. You see we were in a longer relationship he was providing me with the comfort, emotional and friendship support I needed, at that needy phase of my life.

In todays modern world of dating and quiet westernised approach people swipe right, pay for a dinner and are given free sex. Most women do this in hopes of a phone call back, relationship or at least an orgasm and well most women are disappointed in all or at least one of those aspects lol. This makes no sense for me, I am a complex creature, in all I love my own company I relish in it. I don't need phone calls to check up on me, I don't need men supporting me emotionally. I do that for myself and I also have girlfriends that are my friendship and they understand me miles more than what most men would.

I have clients that I have great sex with, talk to & have fun with. I even go on holidays with some, have slumber parties (just the other night I was in a face mask with a client while playing COD zombies (its old but I always scream I love it haha)).

Also there is the biggest elephant in the room hiding in the corner. I love money, and money loves me. They say money doesn't buy happiness, well it doesn't but sad days are definitely better when the bills are paid & ice cream in the freezer (joking or am I ? :P).. But I do have a money fetish. I don't think I could have sex for free again, it just makes no sense to me, sex for money is so sexy, so naughty. Also, sex is a risk to all physical, lifestyle, health & emotional aspects of life- why would I risk my life's well being. I am a confusing mix, but the way I see it is no sex before marriage was created to ensure women get some form of compensation (do not say orgasms lol) and protection financially if they fall pregnant. People have their own choices in life, but for me unless I am being paid or they are someone I am madly in love with and I marry them there is zero point in free sex to me.

Why would I take all these risks for a phone call and DMS asking for nudes? Normal girls may say I am 'gross' or what ever for being paid to have sex, well news flash is I've probably had less unprotected sex in my whole life compared to what some 'civilian women' have had in the past week or two. I get tested all the time (every 2-3 months), I've met 'civilian women' who are out having a blast every weekend and have never had a pap or swabs, at the age of 35- that to me is scary. Reliying on others to know your status is scary too, regardless of your relationship status or your gender you should be getting tested regularly. Faithful relationships are very rarely as monogamous as they may seem.

So back to my absurdness of declaring no free sex, no free dinner dates, no free nudes, no free phone calls & no free nothing. Lets be blunt men want sex, even if they enjoy a woman company intimately in the back of their minds their other head is talking. I know it and so do you. To me I think its easier and safer for all parties involved (especially those who actually have money, assets etc) to either have paid by the hour or arrangements. The thing is most women giving out the cookie for free are not actually intending to give out the cookie for free. She is trying to get her claws in you (especially if you have money). A lot of women are doing it for the phone call tomorrow, the relationship hope, or maybe she's planning on you being a lucky daddy or husband to be. Haha, that one night stand may not be such a one night stand after all. hahah.

Either way, that girl is not me. I don't want to marry you, I don't want your kids, I don't want a phone call tomorrow (unless your paying me), I am not going to nag at you for hanging out with your friends on the weekend (unless you pay me to). I am honestly the perfect Girlfriend, I love sex, I can cook, clean and suck under water (not sure about talking I haven't tried). The best part is I am there when you want me (when you pay me) and not when you don't. No crazy woman screaming at your tinder date as she leaves your house in the morning. No secretary dropping hints to your wife on the phone. A completely different affair. Even if I do fall for you (you lucky boy, men pay me for that haha) I maintain professionalism. Seriously some of the men I see I enjoy so much I often want to message them and say 'pay me' and well we both know what that means ;) .

The difference of course between the by the hour girlfriend or the arrangement is how the relationship feels. I have some men that literally have given me a key to their house so I can let myself in when they are half asleep after a long day at work and relieve their worries. Things are paid in advance so moneys not really talked about. We have a billing system and well some even pay me as staff. What a naughty boss he is huh? :P . But essentially I am more available, I have a seperate number for these gentlemen. They pay me extremely well, and get a more premium experience, that men who Im not in arrangement with do not get. It is a commitment, it feels like a relationship, just one with more precise boundaries and set expectations from both parties. He wants a little more? He gives a little more and he receives.

Unlike conventional relationships where a man really wants to try anal, he asks his girlfriend she says no and he sulks away. A woman really wants one romantic dinner once a month, her bills paid and a new designer bag she wouldn't ask for any of these things in most circumstances, but will be looking after a mans desires. That may be for some. but I have been there and it isn't for me. I know how to use my body very well. I can factually lie on my belly not touch or move anything and have a full orgasm just from contracting my pussy. Impressive huh?

I love sex don't get me wrong but I love being taken care of, I love not having to ask, I love that he knows I Like money and gifts, that he knows by being generous so will I. I find it so arousing being paid for sex, tippers & those who know how to treat a lady more so. Why would I want something stingy & under appreciated when I can have a great experience with someone who appreciates my value? Paid sex is uncomplicated sex, arrangements have rules, retainers & understandings. They feel as described by some of my lovers 'more authentic', relationship without mess/stress. We are pretty much like couples (depending on their ability to go out) but dinner dates, movies, walks, quiet nights in & with the most kinky, wet and fun sex lives.

Hourly is just that, simple. I am not available around the clock, I require notice & things are paid per visit. Less incentives but its good for men who are not ready or sure they want a commitment. Like an arrangement, The passion is there, but of course its something that grows with more meets & in-depth engagement.

Somethings work better for some than others. But for me right now in my life either Arrangments or by the Hour is the only way I have sex. I am against free sex, lol. You can all do what you like as women but I prefer at least one of my needs and desires being fulfilled on a guarantee. If that gets me shunned and shammed by women waiting for that text back as I sleep with men for money well so be it and I know who looks sad to me. Not me.

Hugs and Kisses

Armarni B

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