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Reasons I may Ghost you

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I find it some what amusing that so many men are shocked when told I'm not interested in meeting them. I wish I could say this is a rare occurrence however I ignore or reject more meet requests than I accept.

Are you one of the men left on 'read' by myself or another escort? Are you someone I or possibly another escort told you they don't want to see? Do you want to avoid being a man who is turned away?

If you answered yes too any of those keep reading...

Escorting like many jobs attracts all different types of people. It's a large industry with a diverse market. Each business is ran differently and every private worker works differently. I am 100% independent meaning, I have no master. 😂

Having no master is fantastic 😂 who doesn't like working for themselves right? I make my hours, I choose who I engage with and what I will or won't do. I decide my rates, where I tour, where I stay & how I portray myself or brand publicly.

While all of these things are great it also means a tone of overheads (like you have no idea how much!). I also live in a backwards state where it is illegal for me to hire anyone! Even hiring a PA, website maintanence, driver you name it technically it's illegal for me to do. (stupid particularly at present with so many needing jobs & many escorts in the position wishing too out source some admin).

I spend a lot of time doing paperwork & have another business + start up and design in progress 😰. Plus I'm studying grammar in 3 different languages. I don't have time as it is & well time is what I sell.

Too many men think they are paying for sex, what you are paying for is my time. I put countless hours and effort ensuring all my online profiles are updated (not to mention the advert fees) the hours writing, editing & ensuring I get the message across about who I am and the type of experience I provide & the type of people I am interested in engaging in business with. All for I'd say about 97% of men not too read it.

We're you left on read? Here's probably the reason why...

  1. A high percentage of men msg.'are you available' 'hello (insert annoying pet name you shouldn't call a woman you haven't met here)' . You obviously don't read or know how to contact a professional working woman, or just have poor social skills. If you don't introduce yourself & I have too ask you too I already feel disrespected (I am a human, I have no idea who you are & I deserve a level of respect before I will agree to let you near me little own touch me) if you don't display it and I feel like it would take about 30 mins of SMS for me too get the info I need, I just mute you straight out. Stress is not good for you, it makes you age & angry I don't let people stress me anymore hence why I'm getting prettier 😂.

  2. You message at an hour that is past business contact hours. I do not sit around 24hours a day waiting for some man's penis to decide they want me now. 😂 most Gentlemen pre-book, before its 6pm my nights usually planned. Also if I'm in my pjs your out of luck unless you want to put $2k in my bank prior to me getting changed to getting me out of my pjs. That's my after hours call out fee 😂.

  3. If someone contacts me & I have been in an overnight or long booking or just didn't check my phone, I don't respond unless asked too. Why? Because I have better things too do than deal with the wife or girlfriend calling nagging at me after they google my number messaging your phone. (at least that's what I would have done 😊). This is why I encourage my contact form because men do not think of including when is safe to contact Eg. weekdays 8am-5pm is safe too message or including a email address in enquiry if that's better contact.

  4. You seem like an avail now guy. These guys peeve me off. I am not avail now. Now is not a concept of time too me. If available is on a profile that means simply I am taking appointments. Even if I'm on tour I'm in my comfy clothes doing studies or exercising when no ones there now sitting waiting for my phone too ring dolled up in my lingerie. 😂 if your an avail now guy I've seen in the past when I had more paitence high chances are if I repeatedly told you 'you need to book in advance & pay a deposit' and you kept insisting on short notice appointments I've probably muted you.

  5. You have no showed in the past. I'm 100% deposit only for a reason. Too many men think their work is more important, than SWers, we are small businesses & turn away other potential meetings too keep your allocated time. If you cancel or no show on a provider chances are they won't put time aside for you anymore.

Did I or another provider tell you that we're not interested in meeting you?

  1. You came across rude: asked for a discount, a time that's not offered (ask me for 15-20-30 mins and I'll mute you) *because if I offered it I would advertise it*.

  2. You used bad language, I appreciate being spoken too politely and will not see anyone who comes across as not respecting me.

  3. You ask for my rates, pictures or illegal services. My rates & images are all on my website. So is how to contact me & if your asking for these things you have not read that part either. I'm in QLD I do not list service inclusions,as it is against the law & I also do not like to feel like a human blow up doll. I provide companionship similar too what you would get with a very sexually advanced girlfriend. Deluxe options are only discussed at my discretion with whom I wish to offer.

  4. If I have asked for your name, age & location and you keep asking me if I am available. It depends on all of those things. These guys are usually not even in the same town at the time & haven't read the tour dates arrrg.

Guess what! Escorts can & actually do select who they want to have sex with, and if you seem like your only interested in meeting who ever is available opposed too actually wanting to meet me chances are I'll choose not to see you.

Here is how I treat this business, time is an investment, I don't like to invest in one time opportunities unless it's very worth while profit wise. I prefer too meet people I believe I will see again. I like too keep my circle small & familiar. While it may impact profitability slightly (reasons I prefer not to tour because I don't bend my rules or standards ever.) it does lessen some risks & makes my business more enjoyable for me. I have a high return rate & I like it that way opposed to constant turn over. I like getting to know my gentlemen well & making those bonds the sex gets better & so do our conversations.

But if a man cannot make effort to introduce himself & doesn't respect my need for safety enough to do a deposit I will not meet with him.

If you want to be responded too think about what your saying your messaging a woman for the first time ever, you have read her profile & seen her pics (or you should have read) but she doesn't know one thing about you. Introduce yourself, plan ahead & schedule a time.

The best way too make me feel comfortable is.

  1. Introduce yourself (use your real first name if you use a fake one *i know* it makes me suspicious there are so many people with your same first name) include your age (confirms your of legal age)

  2. Deposit I prefer Beem it as it keeps both our details secure & fraudsters cannot use it. Set up the app ran by commbank, nab & westpac. it operates on handles@ similar to instagram so our name, bank acc is secure & importantly all that shows on statements is 'beem it credit/debit'. No booking is secure or confirmed without deposit.

If you do all those things for me or any escort you see thankyou. You help make our jobs safer and more secure & our appreciation generally shows.

Hugs & kisses

Armarni Bulkani

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