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Let's Get up Close & Personal

have a busy end of week planned and just wanted to take a moment to thank my lovely regulars for their generosity and reliability over the past few months, thanks so much I seriously appreciate you all.

Also thanks to the few new gentlemen I have connected with over the last few weeks they are booking a breeze and me feel safe and comfortable.

I honestly have enjoyed being more choosing in who I spend my time with because I enjoy my time with each and everyone of you immensely. Being able to block numbers who call instead of text, ignore 'hi avail' and similar is such a great feeling.

Courteous gentlemen who read, prebook and pay deposits are the gentlemen I can thank for being at a position to only see gentlemen who contact correctly and secure their time appropriately making me feel more safe and secure.

Gentlemen that do this honestly have more appreciation from us professionals more than you would ever know.

Over the past few weeks I've re-commenced some of my studies so have been emerged in books. It saddens me I have to bring this up again but please gentlemen if you see me in public just let it be. Don't message me telling me you've seen me (particularly when I don't know you) I blur my face and although I may stand out like a 'high lighter in a draw of pencils' (my former nail technician used that reference a few years ago) please don't make me feel like it.

I am a cultured person I don't look like many people around me and try to practice camouflaging by wearing gym clothes and not dressing up.

I have Russian

background, (if you've been there you will know) I see beauty like being a peacock lol, the need to stand out is there for women. I don't dress in fashion or like other women because I want to be different from them. I might look weird but I'm different from them lol.

Being in Sunshine Coast in particular I live like a recluse... because on so many occasions I've been approached. I get anxious to go to the gym as well I had to go through and change my name on sign ins due to someone trying to stalk my life because I had refused to continue seeing them and weirdos trying to pry into my personal life with the whole I know your real name. Honestly.

Over the next few weeks I have a goal to get back to the things I love and care a little less about standing out so much. I've been dealing with this for months, it makes me depressed constantly being gawked and stared at. Don't stare and gawk at women, 98% of us don't like it and get it too often. This is something I really dislike about the West and honestly cannot wait for it to be in the rear view and I can enjoy not being propositioned in public when I don't even show my ankles or wrists.

Yes you heard it right~ I am modest in my real life and in public life. Even if i wasnt its not a invitation for your comment. My images are advertisement and I see as tasteful nudes.

So please guys honestly if you see a SW at the gym, beach, pool, shops, park, grocery store or even at the front of your neighbours house. Shut up. Leave them alone. If I had my face out I would some what expect it but I don't..It's blurred like mad. But I am a real person and have a real life I do like to live in privacy. I do not invite people to my home for this reason. Friends don't even know where I live in super private.

For those who do respect my privacy thank you and for all my lovely regulars who have been trying to convince me to stop caring about being so well, unique. Thankyou honestly Queensland is not really my place, or Australia for that matter it's beautiful but I honestly do stand out way too much!

About my move...

I still have quiet a few things I need to be able to pay for upfront if I seek to retire on moving. I don't think my sad face emoji will work but it's here in the volumes.

Working wasn't something I was wanting to do after moving to my new country so I am really trying to save enough money to make that possible. I'm sure clientele would be lovely where I am headed but in honesty I am becoming fond of the idea of having a completely different life.

I have been in the industry for nearing 4 years. I have worked hard (last few months I've been sulking/ lazy) but I've seriously worked hard and this career has majorly impacted family areas of my life. That statement is true but also this career helped me through some really hard times, it also enabled me to stand on my own 2 feet, have savings for the first time and live more comfortable than what I would have dreamed of 5 years ago.

So yes I am leaving, when is still in the air.... those that know me know why or parts of it at least. But I have furry dependants too and their wellbeing I always put before my own so I am being strategic with when I move and ensuring I have enough money aside for what seems to be growing emergency situations in the world.

I'm sort of researching my options and trying to not make any rational decisions that are hard to take back when already made.

So right now...

I'm outcalls Brisbane and where I am truly based the Sunshine Coast.

I ALSO and pleased to inform I have incall availability in Fortitude Valley in the PM via Pre booking 7 days a week 7pm-11pm.. also most Saturday's and Sundays via Pre booking 9am-11pm. Again I don't live their and don't drive from SC to BNE for fun. Prebooking and a small deposit off the booking total via Beem it or smart atm deposit.

I do also have free off street guest parking in a secure, luxury apartment.

Erotic Relaxation is also available again and I have introduced some add ons for Gentlemen who really like to be pampered.

I don't offer incalls in SC unless pre-booked 2+ hours with deposit and a additional fee. I don't welcome guests to my home so can book accommodation for next day appointments I don't like or use cheap hotels so charge accordingly. Over nights are inclusive of incall fee.

My website is looking amazing despite a few auto corrected typos having me saying I do Hakkunah (like off the lion king) instead of kahuna the Hawaiian wave relaxation technique. (Complying with QLD law not using the big M word. Haha) but I have promised myself no more edits for at least a month. You guys have no idea how many hours admin takes on this... originally I did all the update using the big M word then had to re program, redo graphics content and upload again then republish so we are doing the Hakkunah Matudah until further notice.

Queensland is a funny place I am just glad I do have some gentlemen in my contacts lists with the same views and who respect me that i can share laughs with. Ohh and i have new social rates as some of my clients love to talk to me long after the fun stuff and comment how they could all day lol you crazy guys. So now I'm putting you to it now you can 😋. So that's what's going on.

What's going on with you?

I have published this on platforms but if you want to be interactive head over to my website to view my latest blogs and topics. You can comment and I can reply.

Hugs and kisses

Armarni B

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