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Passionate Girlfriend

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

-Hi Gentlemen my June 25th shoot is uploaded for viewing. I am really happy with how they turned out especially the shower ones, absolutely love them. I feel like this shoot really captured parts of my personality and once again draped in silk as a sign of femininity. My photographer Morgan Ellem  is so good to any industry peers reading this, her shoots are great fun, she's adult workers friendly and is easy to work with in North Brisbane, her rates are extremely good and there is no 'Escort surcharge' like many others out there, highly recommend.

I am already starting to work on my booty for the next photo shoot probably on the cusp of September/ October depending on this virus situation (fingers crossed we are seeing the end of it by then), and then finally by late December/ January you should be rid of me and my visa for my destination be re-approved. Submit your vote at the bottom of my Gallery page to let me know what you wish to see in my next photo shoot- personally I think I look better naked :) .

I have some time scheduled off due to my elective surgery moving up after many had cancelled surgeries (I have too much wisdom, so I'm getting it removed  lol ;) ). I'm off from Monday the 13th,  I will update on my next availability after I asses the damage. 

Upon my return I will be focusing business in the Sunshine Coast  with day time rates as I have been enjoying waking with the birds and ocean and sleeping soundly at night. Sorry Brisbane I do not miss hearing all your noise ( I really dislike the city and all noisy people) so I am trying to be home as early as possible to enjoy the waves on my door step and view of the night sky from my bed.

I am more particular in current times with inquiries, I have no interest in engaging in meetings I feel will be a one time thing, so introductions are necessary and I would prefer to turn away bookings from those who i don't feel are interested in knowing me as a companion or I feel  I will mesh well with. Men with out names have absolutely no place in my schedule sorry. I really care for the men I see and wish to keep it this way, my rates are structured this way because I'm not just about sex but about the chemistry, connection and interest I show in the men I engage with's lives. If your just after an orgasm maybe I'm not the companion for you.

Ensuring your relaxation, comfort and also being that ear that many men feel they do not get particularly in a world with increasing isolation.

In times of this virus I have been trying to limit the amount of gentlemen I engage with and I am grateful as all of those I do choose to meet are very generous, wonderful men whom I enjoy's company. I am much more carefree and have found each date I have had over the past two weeks with the use of my contact form has been great as all the information I require is on there and it is really helpful to have all information I need to answer any questions of availability.

So far it has been a crazy year, I am grateful for the wonderful Gentlemen I have spent time with over this year so far as I know they will be Gentlemen that I will see again many times and that level of connection is very special and well the passion that can be achieved from knowing someone only grows.

This year I also have lost so many of my wonderful regulars as they have had to return to their countries of origin, been trapped interstate in lock downs, and some have got themselves cosy relationships in the lockdown. Although I miss those who have gotten a cosy relationship and chosen to settle down, I am so happy for them. 

I am looking forward to introducing day dates as I have so many gentlemen who enjoy spending social time with me not only the bedroom time and for a modest woman in public it's perfect weather out. 

I am hoping everyone is safe and well and that your enjoying your freedom here again. Too all my international friends I hope your all well and safe and hopefully I will be seeing you again soon. And my Melbourne Gentlemen I have not forgotten you, please take care and wear a mask- it's airborne a mask is necessary in stopping the spread (google it WHO changed recommendations it's common sense anyway as droplets stay suspended in the air for up to 15 minutes before landing on surfaces so walking through breathing it in obviously would be the same as touching your face with un-sanitized hands or worse as your directly breathing it in) Please stay safe and masks are the new sexy.

Missing many of you,

And been so good to catch up with my regulars and meet some of the amazing men I have already had the pleasure of meeting. Thankyou all for being understanding and filling in my electronic CV19 form as its so much more secure too keep your information than on pieces of paper.

Hugs and Kisses

Armarni B


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