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The Outcall- A Guide on Hosting the Perfect Outcall

Firstly why an outcall? From a provider point of view it is often more convenient than trying to organise a location to host (i dont work from home).

What Im super interested in doing is providing you the client as to why it in alot of cases is better for you.

Over my years in the industry i have met a vast range of men all with different circumstances but many gentlemen love creating memories in their home or their hotel for their stay. I have heard for them it feels more date like and authentic me arriving in full dress and us conversing before i de-robe. But the part i hear they are the most fond particularly in home scenarios is the memories they after get to reflect upon.

Lonely nights in bed become more 'interesting' as such.

Although these memories are great there are things you can do that will make your time with your provider flow more smooth, of course making memories even better for you.

The Space

  • Tidy up a bit, make sure your bedroom is prepared.​ (bed prepared)

  • A huge one i actually check before I leave and many bachelors shock me with this one~ have a clean towel for your provider. (What do you guys do when your towel is in the wash? Lol you need to own more than one towel) just like most men like to shower before they leave we like a shower after too.

  • Check your bathroom gentlemen.. ladies do like to freshen up and well there are somethings better left unseen or experienced lol. I'm not going to say it I'm assuming you know what i mean.

  • Have some music or background noise on your TV going if your nervous about neighbors etc..

  • For me I'm a lover of minimal over head lighting (i get major migraines and don't like squinting ... trust me you will prefer me non squinty too haha)

  • If your after any toys or special requests let your provider know in advance as generally lighter packing is preferred and we cannot bring our whole wardrobe.

  • All in all please remember ultimately this is your experience and here you are the host.

  • You can pretty much go straight to sleep after a awesome night full of pleasure no need to drive.

During a outcall i like to advise also if your wanting a spa bath, a back rub, to watch a movie or have a shower for two... we can always suggest but sometimes its hard to read minds. All clients have different preferences of how we spend time, so let us know what works best for you.

but please remember with escorts ultimately you are paying just for that. Time. Whether sexual or not the payment is for time so enjoy it and use it wise, extend if your wishing to prolong time. Never expect your companion to stay for free over time. Many companions have dates and also companionship packages too. Where if your wanting to have dinner, watch movies and converse its not as high expense to you.

You will find in this business many women are very compassionate, generous and giving, but as a gentleman please don't take advantage of that and understand the value of her time show your generosity and appreciation.

I have been blessed over the years with many great outcalls, here is to a few more months of making some great memories I can leave with my regulars and yet to be known clients.

Remember the better you treat someone generally the better they will treat and look after you. Show your companion you value her and she will be even more grateful for you.

Hugs and Kisses

Armarni B


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