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My OnlyFans Journey so Far!

OnlyFans and content creation, most people see this and think its easy money but let me tell you it is the most time consuming & for those with a limited social media following tedious in the pay off for efforts when starting out. So if you are reading this and think its a get rich scheme, no its not for most everyday people. As an escort I am lucky as I do have some what of a following that isn't my high school facebook, but due to my own internalised 'shame' of my job I dealt with for years I only recently came face out so am basically starting most social medias from scratch, which anyone who has tried to go from zero to hero on instagram etc would know its Hard.. Now add censoring of adult industry content into that mix and wow do you have your work cut out for you. lol.

But I love a challenge and this is totally what it is, I am low-key trying to understand social medias, marketing and also at the same time being comfortable with my goofy orgasm faces and comfortable with the world seeing me put things in my butt hole lol.

Anyone who knows me prior this journey is aware how big of a journey this has been for me and how much realisation and self acceptance has had to come for this too happen. I have realised quiet a lot about myself, 1 I do pull crazy faces, 2 I wear lingerie solely for clients I love just being naked, I prefer taking naked pics and its a struggle for me to do it in lingerie or any form of clothing, If I could post nudes on insta it would be full of pics but yea haha censorship. 3 I need a heap more toys & have been scrolling the web since lock down started, there are so many different types of toys and to be honest I am not sure which one I would Prefer did you know there are tenticle dildo's?

OnlyFans is a bit of a balancing act I think. For me right now where my content lands because ti is all uncensored on my feed I charge what I charge, currently I am not really doing pay per-views I probably will more as I start to work with other content creators or upload things from my personal life involving others & specialties. So realistically considering I have had my account for about 2 weeks and already have 61 photos and 9 videos with more encoding as I type with only like 4 of those pics with panties on I think its fairly well priced.

I personally have been enjoying recording because I have always had a bit of a thing with being watched when playing with myself so I guess in ways its been a real turn on knowing people are watching. The feed back I have been getting from my subscribers is great. But it is a lot of work and I think its something you need to be consistent with and keep pushing with consistently.

So the orgasms side of things has been great, and to be honest the need to learn new skills and the need for me to become more Social media engaged & learn more marketing skills is great because ultimately it is helping my Escorting business too and as the world grows into more of a virtual normality it is good to have a source of online only income. I'm now doing X-rated Skype bookings too xx.

The funny things there has been a few times where I have orgasmed & shot the toy out accoss the room & nocked the camera over in the process. I have also been recording and then a fire drill alarm went off as-well so its been an eventful 3 weeks or so glad the drill announcement came before I tried to leave my place with a butt plug still in and lipstick smeared across my face haha.

So there are somethings I really need to work on, definitely things Like taking more PG & M rated pics Lately they are all X-rated & I mean my ankles up around my head haha- Go hard or go home seems to be my current mantra lol. I think its more a phase of acceptance for me & just embracing my sexuality & body personally its been quite liberating to no longer give a F...

Connecting with peers I have found the most challenging even in escorting it can be a delicate thing to accomplish industry friends, as sadly in my experience things can go south quickly and there can also be a lot of competitiveness which honestly I am not for, I am me and there is no other me. Someone may think they are like me, but if they met me they would soon realise they are not- I am extremely different & even trip myself out haha.

But in OnlyFans your basically reaching out and being like "hey do you want to take naked pics together & also maybe go down on each other on camera?" Haha, it's just such a different dynamic and people think their business meetings are full of anxiety- jump on your zoom conference tomorrow and ask who would like to film some porn together haha or email a few of your colleagues or slide in their DMs and ask if they would be interested in doing some kinky content lol. (don't actually do this you may get taken to court lol)..

So it has been interesting, I don't regret it and I don't regret showing my face infact I think it has helped me accept things I had internalised within myself & its truly helped me start to accept and also got rid of the thought of I wonder if they recognise me when people say stuff in public- Now I know they probably do and I really couldn't careless, I am quiet happy that I do what I do and look after myself the way I do.

People may see my job as just having sex etc but to be honest it is so much more than that, I am a lot of peoples outlets, people tell me things that half the time they won't even admit about themselves to themselves. Some of my clients I truly care for so deeply and have such a strong connection too. But importantly I am happy and I am free to be myself.

I am excited to see where this journey goes for me, I am hoping it continues to go well & I have a few new content Ideas I am coming up with. So if your a subscriber of mine stay tuned & make sure your re-bill is on or I don't send you my cute video messages of my butt & if your not my feed is full of pussy & butt plugs nearly every pic is nude (promise Ill start doing more lingerie) Ill also be putting feet content on feed also DM's I send out xxx videos to those who show love & interact so come play if you like thick curvy girls with big booties 😜🍑🍦

Hugs & Kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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