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Milking him on the Couch 😈

Its late but I am always there for him, there is a connection with him I have never been able to explain. A raw, carnal energy that always has me engulfed in eroticism that normally I could abstain. He is different, something possessive always takes over my body every time I touch his skin with mine. Something warm inside every time I see that smile.

He wakes up to me on top of him, kissing him slowly sliding my cold hands inside his shirt to feel his toned chest. He is always warm, like a hot water bottle and my own personal hand warmer. I had missed the feeling of his thick hard cock pressed on my panties. I knew where I wanted him to be, and he knew where he belonged.

I could feel his heart beating on his neck as I gently kissed the side of his neck until he grabbed my face with his hands and kissed me passionately on the lips. The feeling of his warm, wet tongue interwinding with mine teasing me, making me think of how badly I wanted him inside. His hands feel strong and as he moves his hands down my body squeezing my full, swollen breasts. I felt so horny for him I could feel my wetness all over my panties as I started to rub my pussy on the outside of his pants, feeling his hard thick cock pressing just begging to be in my pussy.

He was encouraging my hips to move back and forwards with his directional hands, making me quiver with excitement. His dominating demeanour I liked, as he pulled my dress over my head. my nipples poking through the tops of my bra, erect and perky ready and fertile. He could sense it and so could I. I had missed him and my body even more as I felt myself craving every inch of him inside me.

My instincts begging for him to take control as he unhooked my bra letting my heavy breasts bounce freely as he still instructs my hips up and down. My wetness coming through my panties as he grabbed onto my breasts and sucked them firmly I couldn't help but moan. The sensation of having my beasts massaged and sucked felt so good. I bent down and kissed him and felt him sliding his hand underneath my thigh moving towards my wet spot, he rubbed my clit through my panties and slid his thick cock from his pants, teasing and rubbing his cock all over my wet panties.

There was no control tonight just passion, and instincts taking over the passion was so heavy as I felt him sliding his finger into my panties feeling just how wet my pussy really was. How much it was begging him to slide inside. He rubbed my clit with my wetness making my body move up and down uncontrollably like a magnet my pussy looking for his cock.

I slid off my panties as he removed his pants and saddled him on the couch, his cock pressed between my pussy lips as I slide my wet juices all over it massaging his shaft. His hands still controlling the rhythm of my hips as I bent down and kissed him, the tip of his cock gently pressing to the opening of my wet pussy I felt it as he pushed down on my hips pressing him deep inside me. My pussy contracting with full satisfaction of his thick cock stretching out my pussy. We kiss and the rhythm of his thrusts are slow to start letting my pussy contract and squeeze his cock trying to milk him, my pussy begging for his cum.

He starts to speed up as I feel his warm breath on my skin his hands controlling my hips making them move faster and more intensely. I could feel my pussy contracting and I moaned softly feeling his thick cock stretching my pussy as he took control thrusting, I came and he felt my creamy pussy all over his cock.

I bent down as he kissed me and pressed my hips down firmly making my hips move involuntarily, my body being able to feel the cum starting to move up his shaft, begging for him to cum inside. His instincts took over and he succumbed to my pussys yearning, he lifted my hips and thrusted then pulled me down making my pussy lips squeeze his cock so tight as he filled me with his warm cum, I came again with the sensation and satisfaction that he filled me completely making me a nice cream pie.

His warm cum was still dripping from my pussy as he got hard again and got me to bend over the couch pressing his thick hard cock back into my creamy pussy, he kissed my neck as he moved in full strokes slowly letting my pussy enjoy the sensation of our bodies & fluids moving as one. I could feel my pussy squeeze with delight and he quickened pace, making my toes start to curl again and cramps shoot through my feet as he parted my cheeks further and pushed me forward onto the couch. My pussy squeezing his amazing thick cock begging it to drench it in more of his warm sticky cum. Just the thought of him cumming in my tight wet pussy made me cum all over his cock again, my pussy quivering and shaking. He was moaning so loud as he could feel my body trying to milk him.

I pushed my hips back faster and faster as I reached down rubbing my swollen wet clit. His cock pulsating inside me and he pushed faster and faster making me cum again as he filled my pussy with even more of his warm thick cum. Still moving his cock in and out of me slowly as my pussy contracted and quivered all over his cock. I love the feeling of him inside me, filling me completely. His cum was dripping out of my pussy as I showered and in honesty I wish he could have gone again and again and filled me all day.

It is rare I get these fantasies & let them cum true, here is a sneak peak into a man who slid into my personal life for you xo.

Hope you enjoyed. If you read my naughty blogs & enjoy make sure you hit the heart button xo

Armarni Bulkani

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I loved the article. And I can see you describe what happened in detail.. from your lover that you describe and like your long dress S

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