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Real Talk

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

There is alot happening right now, for me personally nothing is worse than incalls when i have 50 million thoughts in my head. See i do not have or want guests in my home as this is my personal space, my happy place. So I get accommodation and drive 2 or more hours to my location and then back and repeat. Outside of holiday season it can make sense to do incalls and sit and wait but in honesty i do not know how people do it.

For years I was outcall and prebookings only, sometimes it would frustrate me but with the ease of Beem it for deposit it has become very easy. The act of waiting annoys me when id prefer to be at home or on the beach not in Brisbane... I can deal with this most days but recently there has been many situations around the globe and in honesty I need to be at home at times outside of bookings. Sitting around waiting is just not for me even with prebookings i just honestly need to remain busy. If a gentlemen cannot prebook and book a long enough session or host from accommodation (aka get a hotel if you cannot have guests) I dont feel as though the emphasis is on wanting to see me. I have many clients that organise our times together in advance and are more than generous. I feel right now spending time with them or like minded gentlemen only is what is needed.

So for the next while I am thinking of switching to outcall, FM2Y or incall extended date bookings (4+hrs) only all needing prebooking and deposits. I just feel right now I have other priorities to focus on & sitting in apartments dealing with men who dont read sms me 'hi' etc or calling (i don't accept calls without SMS first, have had many creepers wanting free phone services calling me before). Its just frustrating and in honesty i think i will primarily be focusing on my regulars who do interstate FM2Y and outcalls between Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. If someone books longer bookings and prepay i am happy to book accommodation but I cannot stand waste, waste of my time or waste of a apartment for a few hours.

Right now i am stressed and worried over situations occuring I am concidering removing upcoming tours aswell and catering only to requests mentioned above. I enjoy hosting i just dont enjoy sitting in an apartment when i would rather be at my home i like to go for my walks on the beach, spend time with my friends and just enjoy cooking in my kitchen and being in my own space or i like to be entertained...

Anyways there is so many more problems than Armarni being sick of parts of the lifestyle lol. I really hope everyone is safe and i hope rainfalls soon.

Be safe all,

Armarni B


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