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Make Your Escort 'In the Mood'

Do you want to know how too make an escort extra excited? This blog is a MUST READ for you.

What turns on a Escort?

  • I am speaking for myself but I know many escorts who are the same- I have a bit of a fetish for being paid for sex, I actually don't think outside of a relationship I would have sex without payment. The thought of being paid and being paid 'more' really excites me- Personally a man 'tipping me' or giving me extra money oddly makes me more excited. I thought it was only me but had the conversation with several of my work colleges and also with some civillian friends and they agree- it's a turn on. Even before I started escortorting I had fantasized about being paid for sex.This is also another reason choose too offer my passion GFE as a default and if a man is wanting things a little more xxx I discuss this in person only I find it more let's say stimulating lol - So have extra funds available and the more you reward me the more I will reward you. Its not a generalized thing but tips and additional funds make me feel naughtier lol.

  • Good hygiene...No none likes the smell of stale sweat- wear fresh clothes and be freshly showered- If its an incall- do not be offended have a shower, its like a wind up time for your escort- we usually have things like music, condoms, lighting,removing bedding decor etc that needs to be done first anyway. it helps keep our bodys clean and infection free- you have been in a car, elevator likely touched money and door handles. Especially in times of COVID it's important. If an outcall do not put back on dirty underwear you have been wearing all day. Put on fresh underwear, pants and shirt- BO sticks to clothing also.. after your shower ensure Put on deodorant you do need deodorant trust me that smell is not sexy, wash with soap and put deodorant. (If you don't want to wear deodorant & prefer natural scent kindly do not book me please).

  • Dental hygine- Brush, Floss & Mouth wash- do not skip the first two. I reccomened actually keeping a tooth brush & tooth paste & floss stick on your person at all times- I know men don't have hand bags but even those finger tooth brush puppets (lack of better description) they are sealed, flavoured & take up less room than a condom in your wallet. Your welcome :) . Moat ladies provide shot glasses with mouth wash at incalls & I'm hoping when you travel you pack mouth wash and most have it at home.. personally I am a non smoker and cigarette breath makes me not want too kiss in honesty. It's not a nice smell or taste so try to avoid smoking after preparing for the date until after xx

  • If it's an outcall provide precise instructions on how top get to your room if your not meeting her directly. The sunshine Coast is notorious for carded gates and being unable to access rooms with ease they are generally poorly lit resort villages that are incredibly difficult too navigate especially in heels and late at night. Best too get your lady too message when parked and meet her at the front too ensure she arrives too your room easily and safely.

  • Women generally love nice and exotic smells for me good cologne and well groomed facial hair makes my panties wet.

  • Atmosphere I primarily offer outcalls and I am all about mood lighting, I love dim lighting, music in the background and a well ventilated clean environment. I cannot stand mess it makes me feel like cleaning.

  • Reading I love it when a man takes the time too read about me. You may also end up more educated about my fantasies too I recommend reading my erotic writings too get an idea of naughtiness that gets my pussy throbbing.

  • Escorts like to be prepared and habe enough time to be prepared. Looking good and giving great experiences takes more than a few minutes of prep time. Most escorts who work via appointment require at least 2-3 hrs notice. Plan for a better experience.

  • Follow all the pre booking requirements & put effort into making the experience sexually

pleasing for her also you will find your experience will be more pleasing.

Hugs and kisses

Armarni B xx

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