• Armarni Bulkani

What is a Low Volume Escort?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

There is no right or wrong way too do escorting, something that works well for me, may not work for others. Vice versa.

My method has taken time too get me where I want to be in my career and currently I am quiet happy with my progress but what does low volume escorting mean ?

For me low volume escorting is about establishing long lasting meaningful connections, with the gentlemen I interact with. For me personally if I don't believe someone will be a long term connection, I prefer to decline meeting.

I tend to reserve my energy physical, mental, sexual and emotional for the gentlemen who clearly wish to meet me as a person, have read about me and not only viewed my pictures.

I want to meet with people I enjoy my time with, feel safe and enjoy their company.

When I first started, I was told by other peers this way I sought too run my business wasn't feisable, I wasn't in the right area for my target audience etc.

After navigating my own way, I learnt this is the only way it works for me. I feel content, safe, happy and have a good planned out schedule.

This also means I see a limited amount of men, I personally don't really enjoy seeing more than one man a day, this is why standard touring does not work well for me. I much prefer overnights, dinner dates, weekend get aways and even week long holidays with a well mannered gentleman who I can laugh with and have a good time.

I have been in the industry for quiet a few years now, low volume is what works for me.

Being able to be selective with who I see and when is a joy of being 100% independent.

A negative of doing all of the business yourself, is dealing with those who don't read.

It actually amazes me how many men don't read.

Then you get those who do, who go above and beyond too make you happy and feel safe. They are the reason my phone is still intact, above sea level and I'm not currently, hunting down men with flame throwers and pitch forks. Thank you.

In honesty without the good guys, I wouldn't be in this business anymore. I cannot be bothered pleasing and entertaining men who mentally I'm on different wave lengths too. I am so grateful I am attracting like minded individuals.

So too be low volume, I cut out those who don't read. I turn away more than 90% of Enquirer's.

Seems crazy I know and maybe it is. Keep in mind 70-80% don't read are probably messaging from WA wanting now when in in QLD. Sending nothing more but something along the lines of 'hey you available', some even insert a bogus name here. My name is John, all our names are john. 😂

I also get people messaging me calling me the name of the website I advertise on. 'Hi Scarlet, I would like to see Armarni'... Lol you clearly didn't read, I'm not an agency, your messaging me and if your not good I just leave you on 'read'.

Another 5% maybe serious but have no idea that I'm a human being and should be addressed like such. Or maybe something really scary might happen... 😇

Maybe after digging through inboxes like your trying to get out the finest, invisible, splinter in the world, eventually you might get it. Converting someone who, comes across as a time waster into a worth while client.

But is someone who didn't respect rules in the beginning, going to be a good long term client in the long run? Some yes, but alot of those converted, no.

I've sacked many, that don't ever seem to grasp the concept of pre-booking, having no consideration of me or my time. Some who think boundary pushing is a sport. Some who become obsessive & stalker like messaging of 5+ different numbers... They are not worth the stress or worth the risk i danger it may cause me, or my business so I tell them I won't see them again.