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Island Sex Holiday

I recently just got back from a holiday with a gentleman I've seen for an overnight session before. I know what I am in for with him, he is one of the most well mannered gentleman I have ever met also young, fit, beyond well endowed and has the most stamina I have ever seen in the bedroom.

I knew what I was in for & my Pussy did too. In honesty I hadn't orgasmed like I did on this holiday in a long time. But I guess that's why holiday sex is the best.

The scenery, you cannot get more ocean front than our views, before he arrived I organized our apartment, did the groceries all of the little boring chores., had a shower as I could feel how wet my Pussy was with anticipation. I could feel my clit swelling and throbbing through the whole flight thinking about how much sex we were going to have that night.

Fragrant bubble baths & candle lit dinner for two I wanted to seduce him knowing all the hard work he was going to do.

When I picked him up I was a little shy although I could feel my Pussy throbbing with excitement between my thighs.

As soon as we got into the apartment our lips collide, soon enough I'm leading him to the shower with me where we derobbe. His large hard penis so happy to see me again pressing up to my thigh. I tease him in the shower until I can no longer contain myself and lead him to the room.

Blinds open we have those sailing by a view. I sat on top of him as I kissed him so passionately & deeply, feeling his hands caressing all of my body moving his hands up and down my skin. Teasing each others tounges as I teased his penis grinding on his body.

I couldn't wait to suck his big beautiful cock any longer. I move down teasing him with my tounge, licking from the base of the shaft all the way to the tip and swirling my tounge around the tip. Then applying the pressure sucking, then slowing lowering and trying to take him all the way to the back of my throat. Enjoying every inch of him, making it wet and sloppy as my Pussy was so jealous begging for him to be inside.

He loves eating my Pussy and does it so well as he gets me to hop into 69, my body cannot help but shudder and shake, enticipating his penis being pushed inside me with every flick his tounge makes. I orgasmed and moaned so loud as I rode his face. Sucking him harder and faster rewarding him for each shudder of my body.

I sat on top of him and slowly slid his thick, long cock inside my dripping wet Pussy. Making me pulsate with every inch as it went deeper inside my Pussy. His penis is so thick it makes my body shudder with each movement as he pushes on my gspot each time.

I rode him orgasming again making my legs shake uncontrollably. I hover as he pushes in and out of me fast and hard making me Cum over and over, I could feel the juices coming as he went faster and faster. My Pussy gripping wanting to milk him so badly.

He rolled me onto my back and put my ankles too his shoulders. I love watching his cock go in and out of my Pussy each time. My Pussy making gushing noises as I was orgasming again and again making my gspot more swollen.

My thighs were shaking and feet twisting and cramping as I continued to orgasm over and over. He pumped harder and faster with long deep strokes as I came all over his cock again.

We gave my Pussy a break while I went and sucked all my juices of his strong penis still shaking from my orgasm as he pulled me on top for 69, he sucked my clit and teased it with his tounge as I came again. Once I have cummed I just keep cumming and cumming. I love sucking his cock taking it as deep as I can, imagining it inside my Pussy as she gets so wet and jealous of my throat.

It had already been an hour but I lost track of how many times I came.

My Pussy was begging for his cock inside again, pulsating and contracting thinking about him filling her completely up.

My favorite position is doggy, the way it feels when his cock pushes into my Pussy as I feel her being stretched open to make room for his cock is so satisfying. My Pussy becomes crazy massaging his cock with each stroke begging for him to Cum and make his penis shudder inside my Pussy.

I could feel every inch of his perfect penis as I turned around and kissed him. He pumped so hard and fast making my booty clap as he fucked me hard and fast.

I couldn't control myself I came and straightened my legs as I came laying on my belly he slid back inside me and continued to fill my Pussy. I just kept cuming and contracting my Pussy it was so wet. I reached around and played with my clit as he kept sliding in and out of my Pussy I started dirty talking to him telling him how much I like it as I kept reaching around to kiss his lips.

Moving me side ways with my leg on his shoulder allowing him too get even deeper in my Pussy making me Cum again and again all over his cock.

Waiting for his thick cock.

The way he kissed me so passionately I knew it was nearly time. He rolled me too my back and kissed me as our hands interwinded. He started slow and long letting my Pussy try to milk his cock as he then started going harder and faster. His breathing intensified. I could feel the Cum moving towards the tip of his shaft as he came his penis moved inside me making my Pussy contract and me Cum again. His moan is so sexy when he cums it's so satisfying.

Our sex is always great but this was just the first time of many erotic times of our time away.

Personally me and my Pussy cannot wait until our next sexy escape. Mr Stamina 😂 hopefully we see you again soon.


Possibly I will share more erotic tales in regards to this trip away. Hope you enjoyed I'm off to go play with myself in my room.

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