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Dear diary it's 2020

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Dear diary

what can I say, it's another year and I figured I'd start it fresh.

This year is my last year as an escort... I have stayed longer than intended because I have been taking vacations and time off like I'm the queen lol. But jokes aside I have many financial goals in the next few months and also want some new experiences in that time. I have a new job and career on the other side of the world I start soon and still have a few financial ties I need to cut to this country.

I have changed things up for the last time my rates and services will stay pretty much the same until I retire... I promise.

So what's new? I've introduced a service that is borderline pornstar. Many men have requested this from me, it's more steep but you get what you pay for. I require deposit as it is more preparation for me and well as I have heard my butt is to die for so worth the hassles 100%.

I am open to Fly me to you of 4hrs+ flights & accom or transfers to your accommodation.

Internationally I am available for Overnights or longer, happy to join you on holidays or business trips or even come enjoy home with you (screening & flights, transfers, meals expense and fees).

Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand just to name a few. Need a passionate or pornstar booty call? I am here for you. NOTE international phone numbers MUST use whatsapp message to contact- clearly we use prepaid phones amazes me how many international sms I get.

I'm prioritizing my bookings over means of contact- if you contact me politely, introduce yourself and provide necessary information you will be responded to first and get first preference. Men who don't generally get ignored or I say unpleasant things to my phone when responding to you.

I'm focusing my energy these few months on making men who deserve it explode and to give you a permanent thought of me pleasuring you.

Lots has changed this year and you will like it i ensure you.

Let my sexy Russian accent with hints of the Middle East drive you wild like never before. Juicy hips and thighs a big round booty great for sliding and large naturally gifted breasts.

Green sultry eyes and pornstar lips and skills.

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Sydney- let's play I want to make your year not just your day.

Hugs and kisses

Armarni B xx

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