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Erotically satisfied

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I think the more you see someone the more you get to know them & the more they become intune to your body & how to pleasure you in the most satisfying ways.

Scenery always helps the mood, full moon reflecting on the sea, the smell of the ocean blowing in the breeze firm strong hands pressed upon me. Moving his hands up and down feeling all of me on the outside of my clothing. Undressing me with his eyes, embracing me with passionate kisses as his grip becomes firmer and I could feel his large firm penis pressing through his pants rubbing firmly on the outside of my jeans. Teasing me.

I could feel my Pussy throbbing begging for him too take off my clothes & ravish me. His accent & cologne is something that has become so arousing, the familiarity because I know what that means, passionate & deeply intimate sex for me.

We removed our clothes slowly as he sat in the arm chair & I moved towards him on my knees. His thick, strong cock all for me. I kissed up his thighs as I watched him smile a cheeky grin as I move closer & closer kissing the tip of his penis. Using my tounge too tease him and treat him with the most moist & passionate kiss before taking him slowly inside my mouth sucking firmly on the tip like a lolly pop, then taking it deep all way down too the back of my throat. Making me gag just a little too make it nice & sloppy so I can take him deeper & show him with my mouth all the things I want to do with my Pussy.

His cock was so hard and I could feel him holing back his Cum as he was biting his lip in pleasure telling me he needed a break & gesturing me towards the bed.

My Pussy was dripping begging for his cock as he rubbed my clit & held my legs apart making me Cum and beg for him to put his cock inside me. He wanted too tease me and wouldn't let me touch his cock as he teased my Pussy more and more making my clit so swollen as I kept having orgasm after orgasm. My legs were shaking and my Pussy was so wet as we moved to the balcony overlooking the sea & moon.

I rested my knees on pillows on the ground as a rubbed his beautiful thick cock and ran my lips while sucking from the bottom of the shaft to the top a few times then when I reached the top sucked so hard and took him all the way down the back of my throat imagining it was in my Pussy.

I made his cock so sloppy and wet while I ran my tounge around the tip of his penis in a tounge kissing motion making his eyes roll back as he bit his lip. I started to suck so hard & fast while rubbing my clit with one hand I could feel how wet my Pussy was and knew I was in trouble I was way too horny. He knew it too.

He loves it when I'm horny and my Pussy is begging for every inch of his cock and telling him not to Cum and keep going.

He told me too sit on his cock, we were on the balcony although over looking the sea I felt naughty as I was certain some people could see. I felt his cock slide inside and my Pussy contract & quiver with delight begging as I moved slowly up and down trembling in the legs wanting to go faster as he told me to go slow.

My hips started to rock uncontrollably as my Pussy started to grip and massage his cock.

The feeling of his hands sensually touching the skin on my back as he kissed my neck and whispered to go slower so he doesn't Cum. I felt my Pussy begging for him deeper, faster, stronger as he told me to go to the bed.

He laid me down and grabbed my massage wand and pressed it too my clit the vibration was so powerful making me shake & beg for him to put his cock inside my Pussy. I felt him rubbing the tip of his cock on my tight butt pressing lightly as I came and bucked wishing I would let him inside my ass.

My Pussy was so wet it was dripping all over his cock as I came multiple times over and over again moaning as he slid my g spot toy inside me and got me to use it to make me squirt. You could hear the liquid building up as I climaxed over and over again squirting for him making my Pussy contract with such force each time. All I wanted was his penis deep, all the way inside me.

I felt his eagerness as I got him to lie on his back and I sucked on his always hard cock. It was begging to Cum so close just Edging, I had been teasing him and passionately kissing his cock with my lips and my Pussy for hours. I didn't want him to Cum and he didn't want to yet either.

I took his beautiful thick cock in between my lips and teased him by sucking him side ways sliding up and down, sucking hard and deep as I used my tounge too pleasure the tip of his penis in circular motion. He pulled me on top of him as I slid his cock into my Pussy the sensation of his cock pressing into my swollen gspot made me orgasm with delight and quiver uncontrollably almost instantly. My hips and Pussy had a mind of their own as I kissed him and my body began trying to milk his penis. Just when I thought I couldn't take him deeper I got even more aroused and I felt like we were joined deeper. Our kisses were even more passionate I didn't know that was possibl as we always are so deeply connected.

I felt my toes curl as my back arched and my head went backward and hips flexed orgasming on his penis. His penis reacting I could feel the Cum edging closer up his shaft. He gestured me off to stop himself from cumming.

My body was still shaking it was so Intense as he pressed his chest to my back & interwinded his hand in mine. He kissed my neck and back so gently I was so aroused I could feel my hips rocking backward and forwards my Pussy trying to find his penis. As he kissed me sensually & just held me for sometime. His beard tickling the back of my neck as our grip on each others hands became tighter and I rolled over to face him.

He kissed me and we made out while he slowly slid his thick cock into my tight wet Pussy. I could feel. Him completely filling my Pussy as he pushed in slowly and deep.

I shook inside with every stroke of his penis and felt my Pussy gripping and grabbing his cock massaging it begging for all of him. He pressed my calves up on to the top his shoulders as we watched his cock going in and out of my wet Pussy. He went harder and faster as I came again with him inside me. He had to stop as he was so close to cumming & wanted to eat my Pussy.

I laid on my back and inserted his penis into my mouth as he rubbed my clit and kissed my thighs teasing me as I kept arching my back and sucking his penis harder and deeper. Making out with his penis using my tounge to edge him to The brink of exploding before baking off. I felt him kiss my clit and suck it gently as he used his tounge to tease me and inserted his finger into my Pussy and rubbed my ass lightly I went harder and faster sucking his cock and my body stated too move uncontrollably until we both couldn't hold anymore. I felt his body jolt as I felt his Cum move up his shaft as he came and my body shudder as I came so hard my legs straightening as they tensed & my body quivering.

Our sex is always so satisfying but all the time and orgasms in the world is never enough. No matter how erotically satisfied I am my Pussy still craves his cock. Just writing this makes my legs move and I can feel my Pussy becoming wetter and wetter, getting excited for the next time I am in his embrace.

Thanks for reading about a night I shared with a very close gentleman of mine.

This is an erotic tale


Armarni Bulkani

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