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Erotic Tales- A Day at the Spa

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

His cologne lingered in my hair as I went to the dressing room to de-robe. Unaware as to how I could hide my anticipation for him inside while in a day spa we would lay side by side.

The room was dim with candle light as I entered, but he was already there laying face down, de-robed prepared. Nothing but his breath and soft music in the air. He looked up as I drop my robe to the ground, I stood bare.

He could see I wanted him already and his eagerness on display too. He whispered "I cannot wait to be alone in this room with you" , knowing it was not long before the workers of the spa would be knocking on the door as I climbed too the table, completely naked leaving a gap in between my thighs. He said " I just need to touch you I cannot wait anymore", the feeling of his breath on the back of my neck as he moved his hands up between the wetness of my thighs he kissed me softly looking in my eyes and rubbed my clit teasing me not putting his fingers inside. I bit his lip gently "I already want you inside".

Foot steps approached as he covered me with my towel, trying to lay on his stomach overly aroused. The sensation of the warm scrub being applied over our bodies as they were cleansed clean was almost torturous as how badly I wanted them gone and him inside me.

The anticipation was building up so bad I was almost feigning for his touch as they instructed us too shower and enjoy our float in the private pool. Finally at last it was us alone in the room.

I moved to the the shower giving him a glance with a subtle smile bending down as i tie my hair the warm water cascading down my body mixing with the remains of the scrub as he moves near.

His hands are strong and in control behind me he stood grasping me by the waist pulling me close, his hardness pressed between my large wet cheeks as he kissed my neck moving his hands up to my breasts. Rubbing them and squeezing my nipples gently as he slowly moves me backwards and forwards stroking his hardened cock teasingly between my cheeks. All of my body now longing for him. My hips with a mind of their owm move in a dance teasing him for what is in store.

His strong hands move me around to face him both being drenched by the shower, his cock firm against me he could sense my wetness as he pulled me close and ever so passionately kissed me. The water running down his face and cascading from his facial hair as I kissed him gently on his chest and went to go to my knees- He stopped me and turned off the shower the look in my eyes showed how badly I longed to please him.

"hop in the spa" he directed, I submerged into the salt water floating as he smiled at me while sitting on the edge waiting eagerly. I move over to the side of the pool and work my hands up his legs, kissing his thighs and firmly grasping him with my hands.

He tried to contain his moans of excitement as he looked into my eyes as i licked his cock, ever so passionately moving closer to the head and ever so slowly closer and closer each time. Teasing him. Once at the top I kissed it so passionately before slowly taking it so deep with such passion he could barely remain contained, using my tongue to pleasure him all at the same time up and down faster, then slower teasing more and more each time. Getting wetter and wetter as I took his cock deeper and faster each time, imagining how good it will feel inside. I looked at him as he said, 'slow down, I don't want to come yet'. Pleased with my attentiveness he climbed inside the pool, sliding a floating noodle under my back and kissing me on the forehead as he got me to lie back. I was so wet and yearning for him too be inside, he kissed me passionately between my thighs. Knowing exactly what to do to make me yearn more it was so hard to remain almost silent as my body started to shake and my pussy was contracting strongly inside coming for him not only once but several times. Telling him over and over that i need him inside. I looked him in the eyes as he said 'I need you I cannot wait anymore' pulling me closer kissing and running his hands between my thighs openimg them wide.

I sat on his lap allowing him to rub on the outside of my pussy with his large strong cock. The teasing sensation was becoming too much too bare as my body was shaking needing him there.

Our kissing grew more passionate and the rubbing becoming more strong as the thrusting began, he paused and he kissed me as he laid me on our towel beside the pool, our wet bodies connecting rubbing together before he finally slid only the tip of his head inside, my body contracring in anticipation, shock and pleasure at the same time, kissing me making my body move uncontrollably longing for move as he finally slid all of him inside me filling all of me. My pussy pulsating and contracting with pleasure as i felt all of his inches inside.

I could feel my toes curling and back arching with delight as he moved slowly with long strokes deep inside. His sweet words rang in my ears as he started to go faster and faster, my body starting to come as I could anticipate his explode, his breathing became more heavy as he said he was going to cum and my pussy gripped him tighter with delight, he gave another deep push as we both came at the same time as my pussy kept contacting with him inside he kissed me, breathing heavily and hugging me tight.

My legs were shaking with the intensity of the orgasm as we both relaxed in our floatation pool, knowing soon enough we would be back in our room. He stood infront of me as he kissed me and rubbed my clit making me start too move my hips as though I am riding with him deep inside, he whisphered in my ear

"Once we get back too the room, all the things I am going to do to you, i want to make you squirt and cum over and over again until your begging me to put my cock inside" .

Too find out what happeded when we got back too the room and about all the naughty fun we had. Check my blog next week when the Erotic Spa Day will continue.

Erotic Tales~ A Day at the Spa.

tale by

Armarni Bulkani

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Aug 28, 2020

So hot and naughty... lucky guy. Would love to take you to the spa sometime.

Armarni Bulkani
Armarni Bulkani
Mar 25, 2022
Replying to

Thank-you 😘

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