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Erotic Spa Day... Continued

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

My legs were shaking with the intensity of the orgasm as we both relaxed in our floatation pool, knowing soon enough we would be back in our room. He stood infront of me as he kissed me and rubbed my clit making me start too move my hips as though I am riding with him deep inside, he whisphered in my ear

"Once we get back too the room, all the things I am going to do to you, i want to make you squirt and cum over and over again until your begging me to put my cock inside you" .

In honesty I always like it when he slightly dominates me, his dark features and cheeky smirk bring out a different side too me. I was ready again I wanted it again already and he knew it, we had done this tango many times before and he knew the expression I give when I am ready to pull him on top of me. 

"I love how you can just keep cumming and cumming and it always feels so good when you cum and I am inside", I stepped out of the water as the and started to dry my body as I bent to dry my feet I felt his hands grasp my cheeks. firmly parting them and kissing up my thighs kissing and making love to my pussy from behind, teasing me making me shake at the legs until i got to my knees, once again he was behind me hard pressing firmly against me, teasing as he rubbed against my wet pussy and kissed my neck. The knock on the door signaling it was time for a shower and too leave the spa. He spanked my bottom as he moved  to the shower.

The water was warm as he used his firm hands too push me too the wall, soaping up my breasts as he kissed me over and over again. I lifted my leg to my shoulder as he braced up against it and i felt his large hard cock pressing against  me. He squeezed my breasts harder as and kissed me with more moaning as he pushed deep inside my pussy slowly moving in and out all the way deep and strong each time. I felt myself quivering inside, my pussy massaging his cock as he moved in and out each time. He whispered in my ear he was going to cum as he went harder and faster pressing on my leg enabling him to go deeper again. His arms wrapped around my shoulders and pulled me in closer strongly as he came and my body shook inside with delight, "we better finish this shower" I joked as I washed the suds from my breasts and lathered his back. We rinsed and dried then slipped into our robes like nothing had occurred and went to the change room. Although his smile and facial expression could be deemed suspicious too say the least, I imagine getting dressed was much easier for me than him. 

As too my surprise in the lift he was hard again as he pressed against me- I laughed and said "not here".

A short walk and we were back in our room. "Now we are here get all those clothes off you", he said too me putting the key on the table. I stripped and stood bare once again, hiding as our room service and platter arrived. Naked dinning seems to be a specialty of mine. Sitting at the table not across from but next to each other he gently pressed a grape between my lips and pushed apart my thighs with his other hand- " I like my lunch with a view" he laughed as he lent in and kissed my cheek. It had been a fun and incredibly erotic Day to say the least but it was not over yet. No where near over, The best thing about overnights is they can seem never ending, and my favorite teasing in the morning pressing my preach against his  cock until it wakes him and he is ready to go again. Morning sex is the best sex. Sex until you fall asleep is good too. 

Our time together flows so well as we dine and he cheekily kisses down my curvaceous body, he bites his lip, and with that expression I knew it was time- he was ready to really dine.

I moved over to the bed and pulled out an assortment of toys that I like to use or as he refers to them ' the squirting tools' after flotation I do not know why I can cum and squirt for hours not just multiple times. My curve and wand are my favorite and he loves the diamond butt plug as he so badly wants me to let him penetrate my ass. The diamond is a tease and hope for him that one day I will let him. 

" Before we do me, I want to suck you", for me nothing gets me wetter than giving head and his cock is so beautiful the right thickness and length and I love watching his facial expression as I teasingly kiss up and down his shaft making my kisses wetter and more passionate as i lick and suck his balls, kissing all the way up again until I reach the top and suck on the very top of his head, I watch him bite his lip as I take him deep into my throat and hold it tight and deep slowly moving back up as i use my tongue in a spiral motion while sucking his cock.

Teasingly smacking his hard cock on my tongue as he gave me the look of its getting to much for him too hold on, I put his cock back in my mouth as my big lips grip around the base of his cock and I take him deeper and faster using my whole body to suck his cock hard until he was moaning in delight. I move to the side and suck him side ways with my lips going from the underside of his shaft moving to the tip. It's an art form and I enjoy making him feel so much pleasure and like he wants to explode.

​ I press my hands to his thighs and ride him with my mouth gagging I can feel how wet my pussy is as he rubs my clit teasing me because he knows i want him too put something inside. as I went harder and faster he said "stop or I'm going too cum" I didn't listen and kept going until he moaned in pleasure and his body contracted as he came. He was exhausted as he laid there. I was personally shocked that he even had more left in his body after our spa date, 

I laid beside him and put his leg between my thighs as he rested- He looked at me and said "Right now it's time for you" I was already so wet as he got the diamond plug and gently slid it inside, rubbing on it he whispered "someday soon you will let me put my dick inside I know it" the feeling got me so wet and made my hips move uncontrollably as he pushed the wand to my clit, the vibration as he licked all around my pussy and and the  sides my thighs were shaking "stop teasing and put something inside" my clit was swelling so much and was so sensitive cumming easier and easier each time becoming so wet and begging him repeatedly to put something inside. He loves teasing me until I am literally begging and moving uncontrollably for something in my pussy.

He rolled me onto my belly and put pillows under my stomach and got me to hold the wand as he slowly slid my C curve vibrator inside wiggling the plug and moving the curve in and out getting faster each time, you could hear the squirt gushing inside my wet pussy as I was moaning and legs shaking out of control, "Squirt for me baby let it go" he pulled it out and I squirted and shook uncontrollably. I kept holding the wand as he got behind me hard and pushed in side me again, I was bucking and fucked him harder and faster as I kept cumming and squirted all over his cock, he pushed deeper again and took the plug from my tight little ass and rubbed the wettness off my pussy over my hole as he put a small vibrator inside while he was pumping my pussy with his thick cock. my clit was so swollen and G spot was being hit each time he thrusted inside, Cumming from the clit, G spot and arse all at the same time. my thighs were shaking and i was moaning out of control. He thrusted and thrusted and  I came again. He kissed my neck as his weight pressed against me and got me to lay on my stomach.

To be Continued.

​Armarni B

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