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Why I don't offer short appointments

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I am frequently asked about why I do not offer a 45-30 minute or shorter bookings.

I don't offer this because I am more limited in how many appointments I conduct in one day now in particular with covid as it takes more time too prepare for appointments.

Too comply with legalisation & also too do my best too keep myself & those I engage with safe. While infection control is something in this industry we practice highly it's not usually something we run through so openly with clients.

Since the coronavirus laws have been placed upon all industries, the sex industry is a industry already under high amounts of scrutiny in the community hence singling out the industry a little further.

We all have our methods/ laws in each state but you will notice now QLD most ladies will be going through a cv19 checklist with you-know-what I do this & store it electronically as those whom have seen me since are aware. This is too confirm & recent travels, quarantine notices etc.

So paperwork you would be surprised how much admin & paperwork this job entails.

Sanitization down too the door handles, light switches, shower nobs, bed heads etc all these little areas you wouldn't usually think about in a day to day life before covid on top of the laundry, bathroom & general Sanitization we undertake.

Me- I like too look & feel my best... If I do not have enough time between bookings I would feel horrible so I do not book back too back. I also take my time getting read I just cannot show up without looking & feeling my best, the time and effort that goes into that is too much too me too accept less than my hourly rate.

If you wish too see me only for 30-45 mins or similar your welcome to pay the hourly fee & we be finished once you are.

However I find, Gentlemen I accept bookings from tend too like to extend as we have great conversation & great sex.

Spending time with me is more than a way bam thank you mam, it's about making connection & enjoying each others sexual energy by prolonging the 'erotic eruption' as long as possible through foreplay. Or better yet round 2 or an all night affair, sometimes longer.

Even prior to coronavirus I found half hours and similar were not worth my time, as most who tend too book these times try to stay longer than they have paid & treat the time like its literally all sex time.

I am interested in mutually enjoyable experiences. That is why I only offer a girlfriend type of experience with affection & passion opposed to offering a standard service as I do not enjoy it.

In short plenty of ladies offer those service times. I choose not to if I was offering it, it would be listed.

What impresses me most about a man is his ability to read, manners, communicate & express their emotions calmly & effectively. As well as the traits that equate to a honest, reliable & hard working gentleman including respecting women & sexworkers & their rights to safety. Your appearance, bank statement, car & possessions mean very little without those things.

The best way you can show respect in this business is by reading prior to contacting. Everything.

Thanks for reading

Armarni Bulkani


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